Investigation log of George and Pilgrims Glastonbury. Saturday 28th March 2015


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  damp


Prior to the guests arriving, mark and Emma were in the confessional. They were on the board and picked up on a female called Amy who was from the 15th century

Lorraine felt a heavy presence in the Nuns cell and it made her feel really uneasy.

Karin was picking up on a male in the monk's room

Myself and darran were in our room, the abbot selwood. Twice id shut the wardrobe door. Id shut it tight until it clicked. Twice when we weren't looking, we then looked over to see that the door was wide open. Funnily enough, on our last visit last year, the same happened when i was in the room on my own taking photos, it opened behind me. I tried this time to knock the wardrobe and jump up and down in front of it to see if it would open easily or with a bit of vibration but it wouldn't do it.

Once everyone arrived, we took everyone into the Tudor end onto the top floor starting with the Abbot Whiting room.   -   In here a female energy was picked up and a female moan was heard by a number of guests. We had the K2s flickering. A Katherine was picked up by darran who was around 19-20yrs old and worked in the hotel. Crystal's legs were going cold and she could see a white mist in front of her. We were asking questions of Katherine to see if it was her by Crystal. She confirmed yes and gave the information that she recognised crystal. Katherine had been her mother in a former life in the 1700s and was glad to see her. Crystal kept feeling as though her face was being touched and then her legs went numb. Darran put the temperature gauge on them and there was a difference in temperature between her left and right leg. We had a lot of the K2s going off up to red simultaneously despite the scanner being next to them and not picking up any wifi interference etc. Colin was picking up on a grey Irish wolf hound in the room.


We then moved along the corridor to the Abbot Dunston room   - In this room, young male named Richard was picked up. The name Thomas was also picked up. Everyone was in a circle. Me and mark both went really hot and picked up on there possibly being a fire. We then had pains in our chest and mark picked up that this male had been crushed. Another male was picked up as hiding in the bathroom although in his own time period, it wasn't a bathroom, possibly a cupboard or due to the narrowness of the doorway, could it have been a former priest hole??  Michelle who was standing in front of this doorway felt as though she wanted to cry but within minutes felt so ill, she had to leave the room.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations

In the abbot dunston room, guests were receiving personal messages from family members

In the Abbot De bere, guests had the K2s going up to red. A spirit in the room, liked the lights that were flashing and was playful. Guests picked up that this spirit was an adolescent male.

In the Abbot Selwood, Alan and hazel were on a spirit box and had the following

"Is your name Trevor "?  "NO"   .................. then "IM DEAD".

"What's your name?"  "ROGER "..................."LEO"............

Again they asked "What's your name? "...... "PAUL" ......"PAUL PAUL"........"PAUL PAUL PAUL".............."PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL ". He went on repeating this name over the course of two minutes

In the monk's cell, Karin picked up on a male who was a monk who was at Rheims abbey in France in the 13th century. He was described as a scribe. His name is Edmund and although he survived the Black Death, he was badly disfigured. He only survived due to the solitude of the monastery. He was here on loan from the French abbey. Some of his calligraphy and works are still around to this day.  Another group using the board, Male spirit. Young male child. Around in the 1600s. Edward. He was connected to the building. Someone chased him and he's scare. They're still after him and he still hides. He was falsely accused of doing something bad. He's not alone, there's another male with hi. This male doesn't protect him; it's the same male that made Michelle feel sick earlier in abbot dunston. Edward didn't work her. He has family members with him. He was blinded in the right eye by this other male. He would get Edward to commit crimes on his behalf and for this other male's profit. The name "Nigel "was spelt out. Edward was a pick pocket and could fit through small spaces. Mark was also picking up on a little girl. Shes happy and it's his sister shed called Florence but is called flo. Shes younger than him and is only 8.

The atmosphere changed and someone else came onto the board. This male is jimmy, its Edwards father. He doesn't like the group being in the room. He's in his 40s and committed crime. He's in his 40s. Bessie was picked up but this male didn't want to talk about her. Jimmy keeps guard over Edward. He belongs to him. He "bought him". It turns out that Bessie was a lady of the night. Jimmy likes them and paid for women at the hotel. Bessie was his favourite. They fathered a child together. This child is Edward. He took Edward away from his mother. The year is 1668. He would send the boy in in front of him. Jimmy was never caught however Edward was. However, Edward was then caught, and shipped out from Southampton to Australia. He never made it. He passed away en route of a chest problem. Jimmy however, doesn't realise that he himself has passed. He still believes that it's the 1600s.

Jimmy then spelt out "good gal" on the board.  A female energy then came through with the name of Elizabeth but was known as Izzy. Shes a barmaid and from the 1700s.


In the nun's cell, a group could smell a musty smell in the room as well as having a heavy feeling. White shadows could be seen in the corner of the room and a male oppressive energy was felt. The chair in the corner of the room started to creak.


We then all reconverged and moved down a floor and started investigating the Abbot Selwood room - In here, Lorraine had her face touched. We had the on / off torches going on in answer to questions. The Teddy K2 was also lighting up at the same time. We seemed to have a spirit in the room who was a bit of a joker and the more laughter that occurred by the group, the more interaction with the lights / torches was occurring. Noises were coming from the bathroom so Lorraine went into the bathroom but there was nothing to report.

Darran picked up on a female spirit and the date of 1796. She was the wife of a Sir Edward. He was called a Sir more because he was believed to be a local magistrate or similar. She lived and worked at the building for some time.

We then moved down the corridor to the monk's room.

In here, the bedside table tapped as though someone moved it. There was a noise also like someone was clearing their throat


Again, everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the restaurant. In here, despite there being no draught, the kitchen door kept opening. The K2s kept going off and the torches were going on and off. We could hear knocking coming from the corner. Darran was near the men's loos and could hear whispers coming from the loos. There was no one in there.

Others in the side bar picked up on a male who is in his 70s. He is wearing a flat cap and a collar which didn't fit him properly. He always sits by the window.

In the nun's cell, a group did a planchette and picked up on a young female who died in the hotel. Shes happy. There was also another spirit in the room with her. This spirit seemed to be messing the guests around on the board and the possibility was that this wasn't a child


For the last vigil, we took everyone down to the restaurant.

Me and Kev sat out in the corridor. Kev was getting his hair touched. Again the kitchen door was opening. Taps were heard and darran and Claire both saw a woman standing at the top end of the restaurant. Lisa was constantly being touched on the neck and shoulders.


Things didn't seem to stop when we went to bed.

Colin was sleeping in the nun's cell. He was hearing tapping coming from the priest hole

Mark and Emma were in the confessional. Mark picked up on a female energy. He then had the feeling just as he was going off to sleep of someone tucking the sheets in around him which he said felt "strangely comfortable "


EVPs picked up

In the Abbot Selwood, the sound of something wooden banging in the room like possibly a cupboard door / drawer.

 In the abbot de bere. Strange knocks and pops and taps but like its on stone

In the confessional, again strange knocks and tops

As for video footage, we had a few interesting light anomalies going on in each of the rooms however apart from that, not a lot was captured