Investigation Log of Great Fulford Manor May 17th 2014


Investigation times - 10pm- 3am

Weather - warm and dry


Once the guests arrived we took everyone upstairs to the ballroom. Not long after starting a séance, the torch on the mantel turned on and the knocking block alarm went off which id left on the piano. A Charles, Anne and charlotte were picked up by the team. Paul picked up on a male who had had something wrong with the top of his head.  As well as a little girl. I believe that this is charlotte. A Mr Williams started to communicate with dowsing rods who stated that he was a butler / housekeeper looking after the house. Whispers were also heard in the far corner and one guest heard whistling. The team picked up on a spirit being stood near the fire and another one of a female in the far corner of the room. She worked in the house.  Husky breaths were also heard by a couple of the guests and Colin who were at the far end of the room. Again the torch lit up and the K2 went up to red at the same time. We asked if they could turn the torch off again which spirit did slowly. Some guests could see lights flashing in the centre of the room and then a lot of us heard a voice say "no way" from the far end of the room near Colin and one of the guests.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

In the back storage room where the trunks were, guests could hear groans from the far corner. Colin had also heard the same when in there on his own. Paul and Fiona then went into the room and heard a groan also followed by someone hiccupping.

In the kitchen, guests on the planchette and using a pendulum had the spirit of a little girl called Elizabeth make contact. She couldn't say how old she was. She didn't want to play with them either.

Others using the planchette picked up on the spirit of a male who gave his first initial as O .


For the second investigation we took everyone into the back "trunk "room initially. Thumps could be heard on the floor as well as tapping from the far corner. A lot of us then heard the sound of what sounded like furniture being dragged from outside the room. Paul decided to go and set up a torch at the end of the corridor and then it started to flash. Child energy was then picked up as being outside the room. Paul felt someone tickling his head. They then saw on the camera an orb go across the corridor and we then heard what sounded like little footsteps and little taps. A "no "was also heard when we asked questions. Dave and Lorraine were sat on a heavy lead lined chest. They both stated that it moved under them.

We then took them into the cellar. Darran and Lorraine both picked up that men were left down there to die. They both had the impression that civil war soldiers who had been badly injured were brought here and all laid out. A humble man was also picked up, a parson who felt helpless as there was nothing he could do to help them. Her hand was also being touched. Darran picked up on the name of Robert.

Everyone then went off again to conduct their own investigations.

In the back "trunk " room, Dave and Lorraine went in there and saw green lights move across the floor and up the wall. They were the only ones in the area and so we don't know where they came from.  She also picked up on a military man in the room who wasn't a particularly nice man

In the small lounge just off the great hall, Paul and Fiona picked up on a little boy called Peter Phillips. He was only 7 yrs old when he died. He was trampled by a horse. His father worked on the estate and looked after the horses and stables. However, whilst attaching a carriage to one of the horses, the horse got spooked and trampled little peter. There were taps on the window sill and reply to their questions.

In the great hall, Lorraine and Colin sat in the two arm chairs and picked up on a dog. They could hear noises like a dog pawing the arm of the chair and picked up on it being a hunting dog.

Kev went up to the ballroom and saw a green light flash by the fireplace. He was up there alone.

For the final vigils, we firstly took everyone into the great hall.

The torch placed onto a side table went off and then we heard a whistle. A man's voice was also heard. Paul and Darran picked up on a Mary who was a nursemaid / nanny. She protects the children from Mr. Williams. Darran picked up that Mr. Williams either used to walk around carrying a cane or a whip of some kind. He was very strict. They are from the Victorian era.

We then went into the middle room just next to the base room. However this room was very flat and we didn't pick anything up from it.


Evps picked up were,

From the staircase, a 2 toned whistle is heard when we are all in the ballroom however it's not any of us. Later on when we are all in another part of the building, threes the sound of either a heavy door latch, or something being dropped heard. Further on in the night, when we were all at the other end in the cellars, a male's voice can be heard saying something. However I can't work out what is being said and will have to get Darran to enhance it. It sounds like its either coming from the ballroom or the room at the bottom of the stairs.

In the wine cellar, a male voice can be heard humming which sounds like someone when they say "uh huh "but humming it.

In the kitchen there's a few knocks but I don't know if they are being caused by maybe a boiler or something. I'm not sure what electrical items were turned on in the room.  

In the main cellar, there's a big bang heard like someone stands or knocks against something. However no one is actually down there or near the entrance to it at the time. Later on, either a small child or female voice says "eeehhh???" again, no ones in the room.

In the great hall, there's the sound of something wooden either being tapped or someone tapping on wood with something else.

In the ballroom during the first investigation, the loud exhalation that the boys hear has been picked up. Also the "no way" that a few of us heard. However Darran then asks, "Did anyone say no way? "And a husky voice is heard to say "it was me ". We DID ask all the guests a good two or three times if they said it and they all shook their heads and denied it so I'm not sure on that one. Later on, when no one's upstairs, a male's voice saying "mmmm" has been picked up.

All in all, it was an interesting night. We would like to go again sometime to see who else would like to communicate. With 900 yrs worth of history, who knows?