hellfire caves

 Investigation Log Hellfire Caves and George and

                          Dragon Hotel West Wycombe Saturday  9th June 2012


Weather:  Dry and mild

Vigil times: 630 - 1130pm Hellfire Caves

0000 - 0200 George and Dragon


Once the guests arrived, they were split up into two groups so that we could investigate different parts of the tunnels and cover as many of the cave areas as we could. Due to the length of the tunnels and the depths we had to go to, we did things differently whereby we took all the kit with us and only had one break throughout the evening so that we could spend as much time as we could in the dark!!

For the first vigil, myself and Darran initially took our group to Franklin cave where we picked up on a Paul. This was not Paul Whitehead but another Paul who had been working on the caves and believed to have died in there. Karen also picked up another male energy who refused point blank to give his name but gave the energy of being completely arrogant. She felt arms around her and felt the feeling of constantly being pulled or dragged along the caves in order to try and get her to go deeper into them. We also
could hear murmurs and the sound of humming to a tune. We could also feel temperature fluctuations and when asked to take the temperature up from 48 up to 54 degrees, spirit did, and then immediately, dropped it back down again. Growls could also be heard. A male presence named Cecil was picked up by Darran.  We moved down a bit further then to the children's cave and had two guests stay up at Franklin. Two more then went down to the
banqueting hall. Between the three separate small groups, we could hear footsteps, voices and saw lights. It was a game of cat and mouse as we seemed to be chasing them in circles around the two areas of the caves. Henry Morgan was also picked up and the smell of tobacco and Pipe smoke. Darran and I also smelt a floral smell almost like violets. The two guests by Franklin cave heard footsteps and whistling and when they commented on it, heard a low chuckle. The two that went into the banqueting hall, saw light anomalies even though the place was pitch black. They could see flashing lights.

Paul and Lorraine meanwhile took their group to the Paul Whitehead cave. Here they saw a few flashing lights and were being rocked back and fore. They had the feelings of coldness and shadows and heard loud bangs. A little girl was picked up that had short hair and was very scruffy and wearing rags. Although she wanted to play with a ball she was very frightened. One guest had feelings of his stomach being twisted as well as his nostrils

The guests then all went off to do lone vigils in the caves where in the banqueting hall; guests used the planchette during which an important male came onto the table. He informed them that he would meet there and was a duke. He gave the name of Henry. He stated that it was a men only club however, women were allowed down there "for pleasure"

Another male then came onto the planchette who tried to play with the group. He wouldn't tell us his name but stated that he was in his 30s. At first he tried to tell us that he was Lord Dashwood and then changed it to Satan and then drew a figure 8. When we challenged him, finally he admitted that his name was Cecil (same male that Darran had picked up on earlier).
However, he wouldn't give us anything else.

Whilst on the planchette, tapping and footsteps could be heard.

Between the children's cave and the banqueting hall, two more guests using pendulums spoke to a boy who stated that he was 16. He died alone in the caves whilst they were being dug out. And had black hair. He stated that three other boys were with him, 2 aged 14 and the other 15. He had kept chickens and didn't like his parents. He liked the group being in the caves and wanted to play. He stated that at times, he would throw stones around which he knows scares people. He stated that he could make the pendulum move
but on being asked if he could move a planchette in order to communicate, he stated that he couldn't. He wouldn't give his name as he was illiterate. However it is around this time when out guest was communicating with him that the evp machine drained and switched off despite having a brand new battery and only been playing for 2 hrs.

Other guests using dowsing rods picked up a small boy who stated that he was happy being in the caves.

In the inner temple, using pendulums, two guests were able to communicate with a male who informed them that he was involved in the rituals that had taken place in the temple. To the church it would have been seen as being evil. He stated that the club was a type of Masonic order and he stated that there were arguments as to who should be leading the group. Some of their secrets were found out. Although women weren't allowed in the temple, they would take them in there to "have fun "with them. However women were shut
up before they could tell anyone about what went on. He had no regrets for any actions he may've carried out. He believed that women should be seen and not heard and wasn't happy that I was in there with the two guests (both males)

For the second vigil, myself and Darran took our group into the banqueting hall. We used our glass table in order to do a rising of hands. Spirit was able to lift everyone's hands off the table and place them down again. On attempting to contact them with the glass, we had the ion meter turn on and off as well as the camera set up in the corner. The camera had fully charged batteries and has to physically be turned off by pressing a button on the top. It switched off the camera as well as the light attached to it and therefore as soon as it happened, Darran had to switch it back on. It was unexplained. Low growls could also be heard around the room. Darran picked up on the surname of Wilkes. Possibly his first name was Jonathan. Wilkes had been in the club and a well known member. He recognised one of the male guests as being in the club before in a previous life. He stated that although weren't friends as such, they knew of each other and were more like acquaintances. Our
guest had also been in the inner circle of the club.

Meanwhile, Paul and Lorraine took their group even further down the caves towards the Inner temple. Just outside the temple, a rotund male was outside, wearing a tail coated and shiny shoes. He was smoking a cigar and gave the smell of whiskey. There were lots of taps heard and taps on the backs of the guests. There were also cold blasts of air being felt and stomach wrenching felt. A Mr. Potter or Porter came through to Paul and gave the images of rape, beatings of women. 4 other males were also picked up along with a Thomas. Although part of the group, he didn't like what was going on with sukie and had he and sukie had fight whereby she threw him over a table and grabbed him by the throat. Lights were seen around the K2 meter. A nun and a monk (both males but were dressed up in disguise so that they couldn't be recognised.) a huge feast was also picked up on as well as them all partying a chanting was heard. Talking was also heard and water splashed on Pauls face

Finally for the final vigil of the caves, everyone was taken to the inner temple whereby lots of banging and knocking was heard. Constant conversation and discussions were heard but not quite audibly enough to know what was being said. A woman's giggling could also be heard.

EVPs picked up in the caves were footsteps near the children's cave when no one was anywhere nearby which confirmed us hearing the same when we were in that area earlier in the night.

In the banqueting hall, a sniff and a cough can be heard.
However at this time, no one was anywhere near the banqueting hall. The whole group were up by the entrance of the caves and no staff were down there at all as the only two members of staff were in the café. A couple of taps and scrapes can also be heard. (Although there seem to be a lot of taps heard in the caves, a lot can be dismissed as water dripping. These sounded different and so I've dismissed those)

In the inner temple, after lone vigils, myself and our friend Chowny were just outside the temple at the start of the tunnels as I was showing him how to use the pendulum. You hear us walk off and hear our footsteps going off into the distance. Around 10 seconds after, another set of footsteps can be heard also going off into the distance from the inner temple. However, myself and Chowny were the last ones down there as everyone else had
gone off for a coffee. HOWEVER, this wasn't the only time this was heard as when id earlier gone down on my own to the inner temple to pick up a planchette table to take up to the children's cave area, on leaving and starting back up the tunnel, I had the distinct feeling of being followed. This doesn't tend to happen very often and I wasn't comfortable with it to say the least, but because I was carrying a table, with a planchette on top of it, a notebook
under one arm, holding a torch with two fingers as I held the table and was walking uphill at the time, I wasn't in a position to either turn around and run, I just had to walk a lot quicker. Paul later had the same thing happen to him in the same place. He also heard footsteps behind him but spun around only to find no one there and that he was "alone "in the tunnel.

Video footage caught a couple of strange lights in the caves where nobody was and so wasn't torch light. This was between Franklin cave and the Childrens cave.  In the inner temple during the vigil, a couple of orbs also flew past Chowney.one was as three or
four guests spun round including him as they heard something behind them. As they turn back, this is when it comes in front of him. Around 5 minutes later, theres another that comes back the other way however this time, theres more substance to it as its in two parts one above the other almost like the top being a head. This was slightly shorter than Chown so if it IS a spirit, they would be around 5ft 6 - 7 tall.

We then went back to the George and Dragon hotel, also reputed to have links with the hellfire club and where Sukie, was returned and died. To start, we did a vigil in room one which is reported to have been the room in which she died. On us asking various questions, Sukie was able to tell us that it was the blow to the head that killed her and that her real name was Susan. She didn't like living or working at the hotel as she wanted better for
herself. She stated that the hotel was now run down. She wasn't marrying for love, but her betrothed came from money and so she planned to leave with him as soon as they married. She's upset that she didn't get to do that. She isn't stuck but likes to still visit the hotel. On being asking whether room 1 was her room, she stated that it wasn't and that room was upstairs, however when brought up from the caves, hey brought her to room 1 via the back stairs.

There were lots of different energies in the room, around 6 in total.al 3 k2s were lighting up at the same time and giving the same responses. Whilst we were in the bedroom, we all heard a bump. The loo roll which had been sat quite happily on the shelf for the past few hours had flown off the shelf and across the room onto the floor.

On doing a planchette, a child came through called Sarah. She liked to play games and liked the lights on the K2. She was illiterate. Also a little boy also came through called Jonathan. The ghost meter also stated 6 people, and came up with "poet" (a famous poet at the time was associated with the caves)

Our faces also then felt hot.

A male energy also came through who worked at the hotel downstairs.

Paul then saw something flit past him, a shadow approx chest height however at the same time, one of the guests felt something past her as she felt the draught.

We then went into room 6 which had a different feel to it and felt extremely cold. Paul picked up a Joseph. Creaks and taps could be heard coming from the bathroom and then the bath tap started running. A Jane and a Richard were also picked up.

Both Darrans and then guest's mobile batteries then drained at exactly the same moment. However, both of them had been charging their phones in our room just before and so had full charge on them. We had only been in room 6 for around 10 minutes.

Two males were sensed in the room and I picked up on a male who was 1930s style, green tweeds, ¾ length britches, flat cap. He had a handlebar moustache and smoked a pipe which he held in his right hand. In his left, he had a cane myself and Lorraine had the feeling that originally, room 6 would've been a lounge rather than a bedroom. It would've been the type of smoking lounge where the men would have retired to after eating for a smoke and drink.

We finished up back in room 1 which by now was a lot quieter. By just after two, we called it a night

however on trying to go through the video of the hotel, weve experienced something that we cant explain. Darran recorded most of the vigils in the hotel and was recording the K2s etc. as he was recording , he was watching what was going on via the camera screen so he can state that the camera was on and recording. HOWEVER, on trying to play these 3 clips back, one states its 45 secs long, then the movie after ( no 2 which was 26 minutes long) apparently starts recording only 2 seconds into the 45 second recording but then the third
recording which according to the memory is 23hrs long ( which is impossible as we finished within 2 hrs) had started recording 3 seconds after the 2nd recording started ( keep up with me here ) so within 5 seconds, we apparently managed to record three separate recordings even though the first two would have been nearly 27 mins put together. !! then trying to play all three back, they all play the same footage which is around 20 seconds long and is the part where the loo roll flies off the shelf in the bathroom but on a loop. So therefore,
every 20 secs, you get the same piece playing again. We cant explain it but to cut a long story short ( not that I have) we got nowt from the hotel which is a shame.

A different and very interesting night