Investigation log Hereford Shire Hall 17th Jan 2015


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: cold but just damp


For the first investigation, we took everyone into court 1. One guest picked up on a female who was very agitated. A low female voice said "oooo". Darran picked up on a Robert Price. Another guest sitting in the dock felt tight chested and nervous. The same female who had been picked up was in the dock and was very clothing from the turn of the century and was very anxious and wanted to leave. She wasn't calm at all. When asked what she was in there for, the reply was of "mind your own bloody business"

A male was then picked up who was wearing a type of tweed suit. He was sitting near darran in the judge's box. He was relaxed with his hands in his lap and legs crossed. Darran picked up the name of him being Henry Baxter. I picked up the name of Matilda

Lorraine was seeing lights shooting across the public gallery and others could see shadows up there as well.

Kev was standing at the top of the steps in the dock leading down to the cells and had the feeling of someone stood at the   bottom of the stairs looking up at him

Dave could see just the head of a small child looking over the barrier in the public gallery and another guest had her hand touched by someone walking past her as if material had brushed her hand.

I then came to sit near the front next to one of the guests and Dave could see a female sat behind us dressed in black.

Darran then picked up another female with the name of Margaret who had killed her child. This child was female. The mother had wanted to be with another man who wasn't interested in the child and so the mother smothered her. This was the Matilda.

There were big temperature fluctuations around the front near the judge's box. There weren't any draughts coming from outside in the corridors and it would fluctuate between 18 degrees and went down to 13 and back up. The changes were instant and at points, people felt as though the spirits were either sat on them or next to then when it happened.

One guest kept feeling drawn to the back doors of the public gallery.

A couple of the guests went down with Kev towards the cells. Jamie kept getting the name of Sarah over and over again. Lauren meanwhile picked up on the name of Barry who was 24. He kept telling her that he had 3 days to prove his innocence and was saying to her "SHHH don't tell them I'm here. "As she was walking back up to the dock. He was on about another 2 males called George and Albert who were being sentence with him. As they came out of the cells, Jamie heard a loud male growl behind them.



We then went into court 2 where Amy walked in and instantly broke down. She felt very distressed and couldn't go to the back of the room. She had a very overwhelming feeling of distress as if this person couldn't do anything to help what was going on and was feeling helpless. She had to leave the room

Other guests felt the presence of a lady who was pacing and was lovely natured. Two guests picked up on her. She was very professional. Lauren picked up on her name being Mary Michelle Roberts.  Kev picked up that someone had suffered a great injustice and was hung for something that they hadn't actually done.

Darran put the spirit box on and a female voice came over and said something about a question but we can't work out the whole sentence. Meanwhile, Amy who was still outside was pushed out in the corridor. She tried to come back into the court but again, as soon as she went into the middle of the room, broke down again and had to leave again. Another guest who was sat near the judges box throughout the whole vigil felt her arms tingling and had the name of david Spencer.


Everyone then went off to do their own vigils.

In court one, one guest picked up on a john Webber. And someone else had the name of Lizzy . Jamie heard what sounded like to him a little girl sobbing and had the thought of " my dad didn't do it " as well as gut wrenching sadness.

In court 2 there were lots of taps heard. Guests using the planchette had two separate spirits come through. The first being an Oscar who was 20 and an Andy who was 30. Oscar was responsible for his crime which he stated wasn't serious.  Mary Michelle also then came through giving the number 12-3. She was part of the jury and was there for justice as whatever case she was hearing, she had suffered as a victim in her life previously also.

In the cells, in the first cell, guest picked up on an angry, moody man and Amy picked up on a child with blonde curly hair.  This child was also picked up on by another guest. The male wants to shout at you that you can't stay in there

 In the second cell, a male was pacing the room and tried to push Amy out of it. She also picked up on a female in this cell who was wearing a shawl and another guest picked up on a little boy in short trousers. The young boy was calling for his mummy

In cell four, again there was another male aged between 26 and 30 with the name of Michael or Mick. He again was pacing the floor and was distressed. Also in this cell a boy was picked up with a dirty face as if he was either a farm boy or gypsy.


For the 2nd vigil, we firstly went to the theatre and stood up on the stage to do a circle séance. The knocking block which was out of the way on the benches, went off. Again, a female wearing a shawl was picked up and her name being Sheila. She was walking around the circle looking at all the males in the group and causing a draft. She worked backstage in the dressing room and was an attractive lady

Dave and Lorraine went to sit at the top of the benches and could hear talking. Lorraine also picked up on a "Mr. Finnegan". They also picked up on a male stood on the stairs outside the theatre looking in at us all with is arms folded. He wouldn't come into the room. They could also hear footsteps near them.

One guest picked up on the name of Benedict and i had the name of peter. Darran then had a name of Charles or Mr Charles.

One guest in the circle picked up on a Springer spaniel. Others in the circle were having their hands raised. Darran picked up on the name of Metcalfe and one guest had her head touched whilst another had the date of 1906. 3 batteries drained on the Evps as well as the video cameras even though they were new at the start of the night.

A guest sat next to me had the image of a small boy no older than 3 sitting on a small rocking horse with curved rockers on hit.

Lorraine and Dave suddenly felt very nauseous where they were sat and had to come down from where they were.


We then went down stairs to the council offices which used to be the library previously. A spirit came through on the knock off torches which were set up and on using one for yes and the other for no, gave us the following information. They wouldn't confirm their name, age or sex. However, this person wasn't a patient when the area was used as a military hospital but was a surgeon of sorts. On being asked if it was used as a field hospital, they said yes and know. It wasn't a sad time in their life and there were other spirits down in that area. They didn't mind us being there and talking to them and stated that they would communicate with the guests on their lone vigils.

Guests sat in meeting room 1 were hearing scratches in the room and one was still picking up on the name of Benedict as well as a young boy being in the room. One described the actual corridor as being " very busy" with energy.

When darran put the spirit box on and we asked them to say hello through it, they said no. They would only communicate through the torches. Colin asked if they were using one or both of the torches and both lit up. They stated then that they had had enough of talking to us.


Again everyone went off to conduct their lone vigils.

Myself, Dave and Lorraine went to the cells to do a board and had a robert price come through who was a poacher in the 1960s. He then stated that he had a sister called Ana. He got off with it after persuading the magistrates of his innocence. A mark Davies aged 10 then came through. It was 1910 and he was in court for bullying a girl. He was sent to a borstal in Manchester for 12 months for his crime. He stated that he never committed a crime after that. He died at the age of 36 from meningitis.

Other guests went to cell 2 and picked up on a priest with one of the prisoners who was wearing handcuffs. They walked down the corridor and into cell 3.

Guests in meeting room 1, saw the cat ball move slightly outside the door in the corridor. They didn't feel that there was anything in the room and stated so out loud. However as they went to leave the room, their K2 shot up to 200. This was about the only k2 hit we had of the whole night.


For the last vigil, everyone went down to the cells.


EVPs picked up :

In the cells, there is a loud bang in the corridor when no ones down there and as we are conducting our board session in cell 3 on the second lones, there is a low male groan which none of us heard as no one commented on it at the time.

In court room 1 theres a noise like something heavy is being dropped. Also, a strange sound like ripping paper and female humming.

In court 2, theres a male that says "MM" and later on when the room is empty, it sounds like someone sits in one of the wooden chairs near the judges chair as its definitely like creaky leather on wood


As for video footage, we have some strange light anomalies in court 1 when we are all in court 2. Also a fantastic orb which moves right along the corridor when we are getting answers on the torches downstairs.


A really interesting night with plenty of guest interaction which we like as it raises the energy and makes for good communication. One of the best nights we've had here so far.