Investigation log of Hereford Shire Hall 25th January

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather:  slight sleet / drizzle.

As we were setting up the equipment we were starting to get strange things occurring. In court 1, myself and Paul could clearly hear footsteps on the wooden floor in the public gallery  and as Paul was pulling the cabling through from the cell block up the stairs to the dock, he saw a mist going past the doorway at the bottom of the stairwell. We could also hear footsteps of someone walking around down there but no one was in the cell block.  There was also a huge bang heard almost like a door being slammed down there however, at the time, the only person down there was Paul, sorting out the camera and no one else was in that part of the building. We can't explain it but it was to happen again later on in the night. Meanwhile, Lorraine didn't like the feeling she got when she went behind the
stage in the main hall. She couldn't explain why, but stated that it was a negative feeling.

Once the guests arrived, we decided to keep everyone together so that we could get the energy going easier with everyone in the room, plus it cuts down on noise contamination.

We all went into Court room 1. One of the guests stood in the dock and the rest of us
scattered out around the room. The female in the dock felt someone touch her neck and blow in her ear. She also then saw a mist coming up the steps towards the dock. She also had the feelings put onto her of guilt and that she wanted to stand up in the dock rather than sit and had a dry mouth.  We could hear footsteps walking around outside the room but the only person in the building apart from us was a worker at the hall who when I went out to check, was sat at his computer, door closed, in his office at the front of the building and nowhere near us. This happened frequently as we were in the court. We also heard a slight whistle and draughts were felt coming across our bodies and faces at certain times. One of the guests caught an orb going past him around 7 minutes into his recording. Other
guests in turn were feeling extremely hot / dizzy and sick. We asked spirit to pass the feelings around the room going from guest to guest which they did.

Lorraine picked up on a male named Charles who was in his 30s and had killed a small child who was around toddler age.

Another guest stated that she also felt the feeling of a child searching through her pocket as she could feel it tugging and had cold legs. Whilst she was talking about this and taking camera footage, we also asked the child if they wanted to play with the cat ball. At this point, she caught an orb coming past the ball and towards her. One of the EVPs also
drained despite me putting new batteries into it only 20 minutes before. I had the taste of blood in my mouth when I stood near the front of the room and one guest went freezing cold down one side and his right hand was like ice. He was also sitting in this area. The torch switched on by itself also.

We then let everyone go off and do their own lone vigils.

In the base room (labelled the library opposite enquiry office) Dave picked up on the spirit of a male called John who worked at the courts as an usher. He was friendly.

In the cellars, guests had the K2s going up to orange and the spirit of a little boy was answering questions and being playful.  A little boy Harry was picked up and when standing in a certain spot, people were feeling sick. There was the feeling of a possible burial ground underneath the area and feeling of bodies being under the building. Taps were heard and a strange white light was seen on the ceiling which looked like a torch being shone on it despite no torch being switched on.

Some guests went into the library downstairs based under the theatre where they spoke to a male who had worked in the library via their pendulum. He didn't mind them being down there and gave them a friendly feeling.

In the cells, other guests picked up on the energy of a male on the planchette who was in his 40s and tried at the court and convicted for theft. He was sentenced to 10yrs. He didn't die in prison. He shared his cell with other males. Guests sitting in other cells could smell cigarette smoke. In the end cell, guests picked up on a John who had a job of "importance" their camera kept switching itself off despite there being enough memory and brand new batteries in it.

For the second vigil, we went to the cells. We got the guests to split off and go into different cells whilst some of the team stayed in the corridor outside the cells and asked for various things to happen. In his cell, Paul had someone touch his ear and a guest had their hair touched. The name Manny was also picked up. The pendulum was swinging for a guest on command. The strong smell of excrement could also be smelt in the cells. Some guests felt hot and we think we also heard a moan which we couldn't explain. Others had the feelings of cobwebs going across their face.

We then went down into the library area the torch switched itself on again. One of the guests started to sway and her legs went numb. She had to be taken out of the building
as her legs actually went on her for no reason. (Fine after I should add) again the taste of blood was picked up. Lorraine for some reason picked up on feelings of a hospital and people being looked after almost as though soldiers were convalescing. Shadows were also seen moving in and out of the alcoves along the corridor.

Again the group all then split up to do their own lone vigils.

Paul nipped back down to the library to pick up his evp which he left down there and whilst in there, heard the sound of a library box being dragged across the floor. There was no one else down there.

People were also having strange experiences in the toilets as well. In the ladies, one of the guests had the feeling of someone being outside the cubicle whilst she was in there and in the males, Dave had one of the doors to a cubicle slam shut whilst he was in there alone and Paul felt the back of his jumper being pulled down whilst he was in there.

The last vigil we conducted in the main hall. A whistle was heard and again guest's legs
went. Loud bangs could be heard coming from below us in the library (again the worker was in his office and not moving around the building) as well as bangs coming from behind the stage area. Yet another guest then had to be removed from the circle as she was feeling dizzy and shaking. Paul picked up that the spirit was that of a female doing it to her. The stage area gave Lorraine the feeling of a struggle between a man and woman and the feeling of a possible rape.  People were feeling sick and dizzy as well as extreme cold. One guest had her arm go dead.


Main hall   strange bangs being heard when we were conducting vigils elsewhere for instance when we were all in court one doing the first vigil and the worker was in the office, bangs were coming from the theatre.  There were quite a few taps and bangs which I can't explain. During the last vigil, a whistle is heard by the group and is also picked up on the evp. Also, loud knocks are heard and a couple of times did it on request when asked.

Court room 1:  footsteps were picked up as well as the sound of sobbing. Also the sound of old fashioned music which sounded almost French like violin music (there was a bar nearby where you could sometimes hear music coming across as well as people talking however, the music hear was the up to date chart music and nothing like the sound that is picked up) lots of footsteps were picked up as though someone was coming up the steps to the dock
area. However once there, no one would actually walk into the dock or the court as you don't hear any footsteps on the wooden floor.

The best evp we've got though which is the best we've had in a long time was the voice picked up of a little girl who sounds around 3 - 4 yrs old. You clearly hear her say "look there's daddy" then a couple of minutes later, she says again "its daddy look its daddy". (We are going to try and get this onto the website.)

Cells:  the sound of a cell door being shut against its lock (the locks were all in a locked position so that the doors don't actually slam as such, they close against the lock mechanism) as well as footsteps. Also, when the whole group were further down the cells together and just as we were starting to walk back along the corridor, I was the first to
walk past, however, just before we drew close to the EVP machine, a female voice is heard to say "DAAAAAA" into the machine. However, I can guarantee that no one was in front of me.

In the cellar: there were noises of people moving around in the cellars although you can't
hear anyone walking down the stairs into the cellars beforehand.

As for Video footage, we have captured the best orb in the main room that we have EVER caught. It's solid and isn't half transparent as the usual orbs and is a perfect circular shape. As I say it's the best we've ever caught and quite amazing to see. Again, we will be putting it onto the website.