Investigation log of Hereford Shire Hall 26th April  2013  

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  cold/ windy

For the first investigation, we took the guests into court room 1 where we had had quite a lot of activity the first time we visited. A Robert and Joseph were picked up. Joseph was large build and muscular. He was tried for murder. Also tom was picked up and the year 1867. He had a wife called Betty and a daughter there were cold drafts felt and the torch switched itself on twice. A few taps were also heard and footsteps up on the public gallery.
Lorraine had a burning sensation on her head and neck which could be felt by guests near her. Shadows and orbs were also seen.  On using the spirit box, a Henry and Thomas
were also picked up. On the group asking questions, they had the following conversation

"tell us your name" …………. "GIL"

What was your crime? " ………… " RAPE "

"How many years did you get? " …………….. " 2"

They then continued and spoke to Thomas  however kept saying TOM on the spirit box.

They ascertained that he had a wife called Betty or "BET
On asking " when did you die? "    ………… "1867" .

Darran could see shadows in the public gallery. When the team mentioned the name Alison to Robert, the torch switched on and Lorraine felt something go through her. Loraine was sat in the dock and was getting the feelings os nervousness and having sweaty palms. She picked up on a Henry who was condemned in that courtroom. He was a big man.

The guests all then went off to conduct their own lone vigils.

In the library a young boy was seen by Paul whilst he was in there with 2 of the guests. He states that he was around 14-15yrs old and approx 5ft 5 tall. As Paul had turned around, the boy was directly in front of him looking straight at him. It took a couple of seconds for Paul to register that it wasn't one of the guests before the boy ran off into one of the side
alcoves where all the bookshelves are. Paul chased after him but there was no one there. Only the three of them were in the library. Meanwhile, backstage, a female named Gwen was picked up who was aged 73. She had a brother called Bill. Coldness was felt on their legs.

In the court room one of the guests on walking in heard shuffling of papers.

For the second vigil, the guests were taken down to the library. Here again a shadow figure was seen by a guest and cold draughts felt. Some felt sick and dizzy. One of the team picked up that one spirit had an injury to the stomach (building has been used previously for treating wounded soldiers) shadows and lights were seen. Darran picked up on a Charlie and a William. Charlie is 8 yrs old. People began to feel sick and dizzy and unsteady on their feet. Darrans battery drained. On using the spirit box, they asked

"Did you attend to the wounded? "  Answer "….."YES"    "HAPPY NOW "

Are there any Germans here? ………….. "CHRISTIAN"

Darran then picked up on a polish male. A face was then seen in the doorway by one of the guests. There was also a strong smell of antiseptic.

 On the guests going off to conduct their own vigils, in the committee room a strong smell of cigar smoke could be smelt. Other guests in the theatre head a female voice

The team then took everyone into the main theatre to conduct a séance. A female voice was heard and Darran picked up on a male standing just inside the door to the right. He also picked up on a Margaret who was standing at the top of the steps outside the room. She worked within the building. They were both of different time periods.

For the last vigil, we conducted an investigation of the cell block. Darran was given the impression that this wasn't the original area of the cells and that they were somewhere else within the building.  Paul was asking out and on him asking if prisoners were held in the building before being taken off somewhere to be hung, the K2 went off. Darran and Paul could both hear footsteps further up the corridor. Darran could then pick up a male energy who was crouched down with his arms wrapped around his knees and he was rocking to and fro. There was then a loud tap on the cell door to cell 3. Paul heard it from the outside and it was picked up on the evp and it was heard by the guest in cell 3.  Then a loud tap on the cell door to cell 3.
Paul heard it from the outside and it was picked up on the evp and it was heard by the guest in cell 3. An Alfie was picked up who was showing lights on the wall. He was crouching in the corner. Lorraine could see him in the cell she was sat in. There were several taps heard. He was only young around 13yrs old but looked older. Just then one of the guests sitting next to Lorraine had his head touched. At this point the batteries drained on the evp (despite them being new ones)

EVPs picked up were:

Library: odd knocks and bangs like someone banging about when no one's down there.

Main theatre: every now and again, you would hear taps like footsteps across the wooden floor even though no one was in the room.

Court room 1 again there seemed to be lots of movement and knocks and taps. Sounds of shuffling as well when no one was in the room.

As for video footage:  down in the cells, it kept going lighter and darker and the camera down by the actual cells themselves started to move up and down.

In the theatre, when the team are conducting the second vigil, a huge orb is seen to come away from Lorraine near her head, come across the room and then change direction to come in front of the camera and to the left of the screen.

till next time