Investigation Log of Hereford Shire Hall Friday 7th February 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  wet and windy

Before the night had even begun, Rob was in the man corridor by the crossroads and saw a male stood watching everyone. He gave the name of John. He was wearing a suit of 1920/30s style. Aged in his 50s and around 5ft6 tall.


We went into t Court 1 for the first investigation. Lorraine felt the feeling of pressure on her throat and we could all hear shuffling in the public gallery. I asked if it was spirit to tap on the wood and they did. There was lots of movement in the public gallery. The light box and the geophone which were both set up in there were both going off. When we tried to make the lights go off ourselves, Darran had to really stamp on the floor to make them go off. You would know if it was any of us causing it. One guest could feel a presence behind them. Spirit then began to answer our questions via the geophone. Paul picked up on another John and there was someone else up there with him. Darran picked up on a Margaret who was in the court with her children. Other guests felt freezing cold and Darran had a heat source next to them on the thermal. Both Lorraine's who were sat in the dock felt someone coming up the steps into the dock and that it's a female energy. Lol was picking up that her name was Sue and she was making her feel light headed. Darran picked up on a young boy called Michael. Myself and Rob could hear knocking coming from the court back corridor but when I went to investigate, no one was there. We then tried to communicate via the spirit box.

Darran asks their name - reply "WOMEN"

What did you do? - "RAPE THEM "

What was your victim's name? "- JILL "(a female voice said this)

On trying to communicate with the geophone asking them for one flash for no and two for yes, we had a spirit inform us that they were innocent. Darran picked up on a male called Steven. Although and adult, he was very childlike. He was accused of murdering his mother. However, halfway through his trial, someone came forward and they realised that she had actually died in an accident.

Everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In the kitchen, Rob and Emma did a pendulum session and picked up on a male energy. His name was Thomas. He was sent to the court for a serious crime. He murdered someone deliberately. He was hung for his crime. He's aged 53. It was in the mid 18th century. He was alone in the dock. He knew the person he killed. He stabbed him. He doesn't believe he deserved to die. He's not happy talking to Rob. He began to get angry answering questions.

Behind the stage they picked up again on spirits one of a female energy who didn't work in the building called Mary. She was put up before the judge for her crimes and was found guilty.  She states that she was innocent. She didn't die in prison. She was executed by hanging. She was tried as a witch. She states that she wasn't. It wasn't a fair trial. She didn't have any children but was married to William. He didn't think that she was a witch. He's with her now.Shes English. She died in the 1700s. She was 19 yrs old. She's happy talking to them.

In court room 2, a male spirit was picked up and was standing behind them but they shouldn't be scared of him. He was tried in that court and found guilty. He wouldn't answer to the question of whether he WAS guilty or not. He was sent to prison for a long time is angry about it. He was 30 when convicted. There were then two knocks and Rob asked if it was him knocking, again there was a knock and the pendulum answered yes. He stated that he was getting annoyed with Rob bringing up the past. He didn't have any children but had a wife who knew what he did however he's still trying to say he's innocent despite this. He won't tell them what his crime was.


For the second investigation, we started off in the grand Jury Room. The torch turned on by itself within a couple of minutes of us being in there and ended up doing it around 4 times. Rob and Paul both had the feeling of being panicky and their hearts were quickening and breathing quickening. The torch turned on in reply when asked if they had to make decisions on people's lives. Darran picked up on a Judge with the first name of Samuel. The torch flicked on in confirmation. His surname was Francis. There was a loud knock on the table near the window. I was sat next to Dave and at the same time I felt very cold to the right side of my body, he felt someone touch the back of his head. We then sent Rob down to the men's loos where the condemned cells used to be. I asked spirit to touch him or do something obvious so that he would know that they were there. When he came back in, he stated that he had had his trouser leg tugged. (That was good enough for me). Darran kept picking up on a workhouse being on the land prior to a court.

On trying the spirit box we had a Sam. Darran asked what he was being tried for, it replied "POACHING "

Who's Jack? "A FRIEND "

Dee was getting pains in her chest and Paul asked out if they were tortured. The box answered "IN THE HEART".

We tried a planchette which started to move but didn't give any information, just moved across the board.

We then all went into the men's loos. Lol was touched on the leg and a male voice on the spirit box asked "WHOS THAT? "We asked if they wanted us to leave and we got a "YEEEAHHH "In reply. The teddy K2 started to light up when we asked questions. We asked if it was their condemned cell and a distraught voice said "NOOOOOOO ".

Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In court room 2, Paul and Lorraine went in there and heard a loud bang from the back corner like someone dropping a ball and it bouncing. (Others heard the same thing when they went in too)

In the grand jury room, the feeling of torture could be felt almost to the point of people being hung drawn and quartered.


Next we went into court 2

Rob was picking up on a male spirit who had been tried for a crime that he didn't commit. Darran felt someone on the stairs leading to the cells. He also picked up on a male called Henry who was very angry and shouting. A couple of knocks were then heard when he said this. As we were all in here, the knocking block which had been set up in the corridor opposite the grand jury room, went off. I ran out but there was no one around. No one physical had set it off and you have to touch it for it to actually go off. Rob was picking up on a William who was known as Billy who is a young teenager.  He was always in court for fighting. He would get drunk pretty much every weekend and then end up in the court. Henry was constantly shouting meanwhile but Darran couldn't make out what he was saying. He was standing at the back of the court shouting and balling. Justice hadn't been done. He's a family member of the victim. It was the victim's dad, the victim was Annie. Lol was picking up on the smell of cigars and then so could Dave. Paul and Darran were both picking up that it was quite a big case at the time. It was in the 1930s and publicised in the Herald. Annie's house had been burgled. The person doing it had then attempted to kill her by strangling her and leaving her for dead but they were only tried for the burglary and not the attempt murder.

Paul then got up from where he had been sat and as he walked across to the other side of the room, there was a loud knock behind him. We wondered if it was the seat settling or the floorboards and so we got him to repeat it a couple of times but couldn't recreate it. This was the same corner where the knock had been heard earlier on during the lone vigils.

Again, everyone went off to do their lone vigils,

We then all went down to the cells and the K2s all began to go off simultaneously. A voice was then heard coming from within the cell that Dee and Lorraine were sat in. They heard it too but they were the only ones in there. Rob picked up on the name of Henry. We asked if he was in the cell with Rob and Emma and the K2 lit up in response. Also the name Smith was picked up. The K2 lit up when we said the name Henry Smith. It was then asked if he was in there for Poaching and a K2s all lit up to red. Lorraine (guest) was then startled as she realised that it was the same name as her husband's uncle who died only 6-7 yrs ago. He was always in Hereford court for poaching. We kept asking a series of questions and the K2 would light up to red again in response to her voice and questions, some of them personal to the family. All in all, it turned out to be a really good K2 session. One of the best we've had.


Finally, we went into the main theatre. However by then it was pretty much flat. Darran picked up on a Mary who was a nurse. The geophone went off only once and a female energy was picked up in there but other than that, not a lot.


EVPS picked up-

Main Theatre- a few knocks and taps. Some of the knocks were quite loud and sounded almost like it was the metal chairs being touched or knocked.

In court 2- the two knocks were picked up which were heard by Rob and Emma as well as Paul and Lorraine


Video footage

We had a few orbs around the theatre and court 1 but not a lot apart from that