Investigation log of Hereford Shire Hall Saturday 22nd September 2018


Investigation times: 9.30 - 2.30 am

Weather: wet


Once everyone was ready we went as a whole group tocourt 1.In here, we picked up on a couple of people. I picked up on an usher called Hillary. She had worked in the courts within the last 30 yrs. or so. She wasn't an old spirit. There was then a two toned whistle heard coming from the area of the small lobby entrance to the court room. We then asked for another whistle and another fainter whistle came back in response. The on off torches which were placed on the top gallery also turned on and off on request. Some guests were feeling very cold draughts coming along the front bench in front of the clerk's desk. Darran picked up on a soldier from WW1 era with the surname of Sullivan. . He had been court martialled at some point however not necessarily in this court. On asking him for his military serial number, again the torch came on. Another guest had the name of Matthew. Others were smelling a strong smell of ammonia which lasted a couple of minutes before dissipating.


We then moved ontocourt 2. In here, we had the on off torches on the bench in front of the judges chair. A jailer was picked up and was communicating his answers through the torches, either turning them on brightly or dimming them in response and as requested. He worked in the court between 1900-1910. He enjoyed his job. He had prisoner stood with him. Other guests could hear whispered conversation. Alex could smell cigarette smoke. Kev was picking up that some dodgy dealings and bribery were being used in the court.



Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In thetheatre,guests using the board had someone come through who said that they were 5 yrs. old and spelt out the word "SETTR". However, nothing else was given


In thecells, other guests on the board had someone who said that their first name was S and that they were in there on their own.  Fagin in the cells, a prisoner was picked up who gave the initials D P


Others in another cell had a prisoner called john. He was aged less than 16 yrs. old and he didn't go to school. Never had. K2 ted was touched.


Incourt 2, some guests felt that the judge's bench was freezing cold and heard a growl behind them.


Incourt 1, guests picked up on a Trevor and had a loud bang come from behind them



On reconvening, the whole group then went into themain theatre.In here the group went into a circle. The knocking block which had been placed on the stage itself went off twice. K2 ted was touched on the head. Darran then asked spirit to do something to show that they were in the room with us. Again, the knocking block went off.  Darran was picking up that the building or at least this part may have been used as a temporary mortuary at some point. On asking spirit to touch someone in the circle, Alex felt as though someone had karate chopped him in the throat.  Another was getting a bad headache. Darran was picking up on bodies and the flu epidemic. Bodies were being stored here. On him talking about this, one of the female guests started coughing and spluttering. There was no reason for it; she hadn't got a cold at all. She was coughing, trying to catch her breath and was getting very shay to the point that she couldn't hardly walk down the stairs in order to sit down. I asked spirit to raise the group's hands. After a couple of minutes, guest's arms were jointly starting to lift. A little girl called Katie approx. 4-5 yrs. old was also picked up. She lived between the 1930s - 1950s.

The trifield then started to go up.


On moving on to thecommittee room, K2 ted was touched a couple of times and a female on the spirit box informed us that her name was Linda. The K2 doll was also lighting up.

Alex again was getting either a Michael or Andrew. The spirit box however said that his name was "JOHN ". The rem pod which had be placed on the mantel piece, then set off. On asking it to move across to the other apparatus on the mate, it wouldn't. Abi, who was sitting under the rem pod, was getting sharp pains in her sinuses.  Darran asked spirit if they could do something and their reply was a "YES" on the evp. K2 ted again went up to red. Darran picked up on Robert and asked him if he would help to do something for the group. He stated "yes" and on being asked if he could bring other spirits through for us, he said, "OK". K2 ted also again went up to red.



Everyone again went off to conducttheir own investigations.   

In theholdingcells, footsteps could be heard in the corridor.


In thetheatre, a flash of light (like a light rod) appeared and travelled down the front of Emma. Debs camera also started to play up.


Court 1.Caroline's group were in there and on-going into the room, saw that they were being followed by two female guests and a male. They then saw the male go up towards the back gallery wall. They saw the two females leave and no female leave. However they could hear conversation. On turning around there was no one in the room at all apart from then. They then went outside the room and stopped two other guests who were outside the court room. On asking them if they saw a male go into the court with the females, they said that they didn't, and that they only saw 2 women come in and then leave. Deb and Emma were then in there and Emma heard heavy breaching coming from behind her



Finally everyone went down to thecells area. Footsteps could be heard in the main cell corridor leading down to the custody office. Guests were spread out among the cells and were picking up on various persons. In one cell, a prisoner was responding to the women asking questions. He stated that he was Private Sullivan that Darran picked up earlier. He is English.  He stated that he hadn't actually done anything but took the blame for a friend. He then turned the guest's camera on and stated that he wanted his "mug Shot "taken. Other guests the saw a shadow wall past one of their cells.

Darran used the spirit box and he asked "We've had a poacher down here before. Is the poacher here now? "There was a response on the spirit box of "YES"

Loud thudding was coming again from the main corridor and an Irish man called either Flynn, or O Flynn was picked up by another guest.



Theatre, - loud thuds from the stage area when we were all conducting our first vigil in court 1. Also during our group vigil, there are a couple of whistles heard. However they couldn't have been audible to us at the time as no one mentions them. It happens two or three times.


Cells corridor - there's a loud tap on the board glass when no one is down there as though someone moved it.


Cells - Darran asked spirit to make a noise. He states "make a noise so that we can all hear you. Can you use your voice? "There's then a loud exhalation of breath. However no one mentions it so no one could have heard it. I was next to the recorder and I didn't hear it even though the recorder picked it up


Court 1 - I'm talking to a couple of guests quietly during the second lone investigations. There is then females moan picked up again, we couldn't have heard it as none of us mentioned it.



COURT 1 - the little side door behind me when I'm sat in the chairman's box swings open just after I tap on the desk.