Investigation Log Jamaica Inn Saturday 14th October  2017


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: drizzly and mild


Once everyone had arrived and were ready, we started off in the museum. Firstly in the video room. In here, we had put the knocking block in the actual museum next door. For the first few minutes of our vigil, it kept being set off continuously as though someone was touching it, waiting for it to go off. Waiting for it to stop and then touching it again. After a few minutes, it stopped and didn't do it again the whole time we were in here. Jane had the feeling of someone throttling her. The green torch on the shelf kept being turned on and off. Guests were feeling cold from the knees down but warm everywhere else. K2 ted was also being touched. Darran picked up on a stable boy who's around 10 or 11 and was a stable boy. He was scared of the farrier as he used to beat him. He didn't like him. Jane picked up on the name of Fred. Jack also spends time in the attic above the museum.

We then moved on into the museum itself. We were hearing various knocks and taps and the on off torches were going on. Alex felt a stabbing pain in his left shoulder and Jane felt pains on the right side of her head. There was then a noise from the toilet area and the trifield shot up to full reds. Darran again picked up on the farrier. Before ferrying he had been an odd job man. Before this area had been stabiles, there was jam and preserve making done in here. Darran was picking up on big vats. This male was a drunkard and did some awful things. Jane was picking up that people were being branded. Darran also saw someone falling into one of the vats. As Darran first mentioned the jam making, a few of us heard a loud exhalation from behind us. We were also getting the name of john. This is a different man, he didn't like women. He seemed to be loitering around in the de Maurier room and wouldn't come into our room. Jane then felt as though someone slapped her across the face before going red hot.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

In room 6, a few of the guests tried scrying in the mirror. A lot of them found that their faces were changing into a males face. This male would sneer a lot and felt as though everyone was beneath him. All saw that the left side of their faces would start to drop and tingle as though he had a stroke.

Others in there could hear creaks in the room and whispering from one corner of the room near the bathroom. Two guests put a cat ball on the bed and could hear it rattling faintly as though it was being moved.

In room 3, Jane could pick up a presence in the room but they wouldn't say who they were. Other guests in there didn't like the feeling of the room and heard a loud exhalation next to him.

In room 4, guests were hearing knocks and taps in the room and then the room became to get really hot

In room 5, the K2 bear was going off. One guest was picking up the names of Mary and Elizabeth. Others tried the planchette and it was moving slightly for them. Caroline kept having the feeling that she was falling. Others, who then came into the room after this group, also tried the planchette which started moving round side to side for them.


For our second group vigil, we went into room 6 first we left the knocking block in room 5 opposite. However this started to go off. Kev was getting the name off Jeremiah. Darran picked up a fire in the room that was started accidently. He picked upon the name of Walter and that a male had been involved in the fire. He's really angry and his face was burnt. Darran was picking up on piles of linen. Jane was getting "I've been telling them and telling them but they wouldn't listen "

We then moved on to room 5. In here, the on off torches were going on. Hannah was picked up who's a little girl. She wasn't to be on her own and didn't want anyone being in there. K2 teddy was also being touched. Darran turned on his spirit box ad we were having some good responses such as child's voice saying "HELP". Darran asked "how old were you when you died? - "7".  He then asked "did you live here? " ……………."NO I "  or maybe it was "NO WHY? " . We need to check through it on our software properly to enhance it to make sure. A man's voice then came across and Darran asked "did you get knocked down by horses? " ………………"YEAH ".  The little girl's voice came across again saying "MUM ". I asked, "Do you like us being in here with you? "  ……………….."YEAH ".



Everyone then went off to do their own investigations again

In the museum video room, Jane and Geoff tried the board. The pointer was going to O S and I but wouldn't spell anything out as such.

In the haunted corridor, Jane took a number of photos in quick succession. On around the 2nd or third, there was a clear orb, the photo next to that then showed what appears to be a person ( top half) you see their head and shoulders and arms, the next photo on again, showed nothing.

Finally we started the final vigil in the main bar. A male was picked up called Jack. He would have been a regular in the inn. He would sit right by the fire to the left of it at the end of the bench. He doesn't like women sitting in his seat. The K2s were going off and bear was again being touched

We finished off in the restaurant area outside the gift shop and haunted corridor. We were seeing shadows in the corridor and hearing noises. The knocking block went off which was placed in the corridor. We would then hear very loud bangs on the ceiling as though someone was moving stuff around like heavy crates. However, above us is nothing. There is no second floor in this area, just the roof. There is no actual attic here as such either. There's a tiny one above the toilets in the corridor however it's not deep enough to stand in or do anything in. there was no reason for it. We would ask for a bang and we would get one. Darran would ask for two and he would get two. It was really strange. There's nothing on the roof either that would cause it such as an old generator etc so we can't work out what was causing it.



In room 6, when no one was in the room and we were all downstairs, there's a loud exhalation of breath just after the sound of creaking

In the middle of the night approx. 0430 when everyone was in bed (this room was empty as we were all in the other rooms) there's the sound of the door latch going. This has been reported previously in this room  

Museum - just before we go into the room from the video room, there is a loud exhalation of breath. The EVP was down the end by the toilets. Just after, you hear us coming into the museum at the other end and then we approach this end of the room. At other times when no ones in there, there seem to be taps and knocks coming from the display cabinet

Room 5 - in the middle of the night, whilst me and Darran are in bed asleep, you faintly hear someone whistling a tune. It happens three times and is quite faint.

Room 4 - when we were all in the main restaurant doing the last vigil, there were noises in this room as though someone was moving around in there, however we were all downstairs.

Room 3 - when we are all downstairs, there's a males voice that says something but I can't work out what. Later on again, when the rooms empty, there's the sound of heavy breaching. Later on in the night when we were down in the restaurant, there was the sound of what downs like hand claps in quick succession as though someone was clapping a tune. This happens twice. When kev is in bed, at around half 4, there's the sound of rustling like crisp packets / cellophane. There's no reason for it. It goes on for around 20 seconds. Luckily as we still had the camera on, showing kev in the land of nod at this point, I can definitely say that he wasn't secretly munching.



Not a great deal

Around 5.25 am in room 5, (Hannah's room) a white shape seems to appear next to the bed on my side (between the wardrobe and the bed.) It stays a few seconds and then goes

Around a minute later, in room 3, there's a small orb which floats across kevs bed at the bottom of the bed, changing direction from going top to bottom and then from one side to another. He hadn't moved just prior and there's nothing else like it in the night at all so I wouldn't say that its dust.