Investigation of Jamaica Inn - 17th November 2018

Times - 9pm-2am

Weather - Cold and breezy


Firstly we started with a group vigil inthe stables. In here we picked up a David and the strong smell of wood smoke s though there was a fire burning. The trifield went off and we could hear footsteps coming from above us as well as from the small corridor leading to the stable. The knocking block then went off in the museum. Myself and a guest were getting a fire in the stable and a young boy. I ws picking up that the fire was started by a candle which ws knocked over and set the straw alight. There was tapping coming from behind the guests and a shadow behind one of them which came and went.

We then went through tothe museum. At the far end by the toilets, I started to swear in old English at a male called James who stays in this area. He didn't like it and started to react via the on off torches which started to come on and off. The gas mask which I then hung on the door leading to the toilets, started to say. One female guest could feel a present standing beside her which made her uneasy. Some of the display cabinets started to creak badly. A couple of the guests were getting heavy breathing in their ears. Darran picked up something about a male dying after falling into a vat of jam. A child's voice was then seen and a shadow was seen coming between guests at the far end of the room. The K2s were going off and there was a shadow in the toilet door window as though someone was standing behind it and looking through at us


Everyone then went off to do their own vigils

In room 5, some guests picked up on a child on the board.

In room 6,some guests were scrying and finding that their faces were changing. Their faces were disappearing, or they were appearing to age and grow beards etc.

In room 3,guests were picking up on the smell of smelly feet and could hear footsteps in the bathroom.

Meanwhile in thehaunted corridorby the shop downstairs, one guest felt someone walk past her although noon was there. (The night before, someone had seen a shadow walking from the farm shop across to this corridor. Exactly the same as Darran saw last year (

Room 4- guests were getting the K2s to go off and some picked up on a male energy who had hung himself.

For the second vigils, we started off inroom 3.I put the knocking block onto the blanket box in the corridor. It went off. The corridor lights which are on a sensor also started to go on and off. At the same time, you could hear creaks on the floorboard in the corridor outside the room however, I was peeking through the tap in the door and there was no one there and so no reason for the lights to come on either. Some of us then heard a loud wheeze from somewhere in the room. The trifield then started to die and Darran picked up on the name of henry a male groan was heard by some of the guests.

We then moved on splitting the groups betweenrooms 5 and 6at the end of the haunted corridor. A female voice came over the sprit box. Darran was picking on a female called Gwen who wanders down the corridor and the feeling that the inn was used a bit like a knocking shop. This female was reacting to questions asked via the K2 which she was setting off in room 5. She liked her work. She didn't like the expression of "wench "being used. Again the light was coming on and off in the corridor and the trifield drained completely. Darran then picked up on a Richard. Then a male voice was heard on the spirit box but at that time, we couldn't work out what was said. . We then heard a male groan coming from room 5. A female said "Detroit" on the spirit box after I started asking if they were British and where they came from.


Everyone then again went off to conduct their own investigations

In room 4, a female energy was picked up. She made a guest feel really jittery and sick. We had the impression that this female was killed and is reaching out screaming. She was caught in the cross fire of an argument. She was caught with another male. She wanted to "get her husband back ". However I was getting the feeling that she was pregnant and her husband didn't want to bring up a bastard child and therefore he shot at them. One of the guests then saw that the curtain moved as though a wind blew through it but when we went to the window there was no draught. Something then blew down the back of my neck as I was sat on the chair.

Lastly we started by splitting the group into two by having half in theshopand the other half outside the shop inthe haunted corridor.  In the corridor, I put one person into the disabled toilet as guests were hearing knocks and taps coming from inside. The guest was feeling tingling sensations but then all hell let loose when the air freshener went off and she ran out, causing a stampede of guests along the corridor who all ran and screamed with her.

Meanwhile, Darran was in the shop. They were picking up a little boy called tommy and noises were coming from the toy end of the shop like taps and the shaking of marbles. . I decided to bring my group in to join them too.

We finished off with a group vigil in therestaurantby the farm shop. Here the K2 bear was going off and we could hear taps coming from the kitchen end and a low whistle. Apart from that, it was quiet


EVPS picked up.

Shop- when no one is in the shop there's a loud tap and then a child's voice is herd. However I can't work out what they sa6

Room 3- when everyone is in rooms 5 and 6 doing the second vigils, in here there's the clear female voice saying "ROO? Or "LOU?"

Room 6 - when we were all downstairs in the shop, there are two distinctively clear knocks from somewhere in the room. Sounds like knuckles being rapped on the table