Investigation of Jamaica Inn - 25th March 2017

Times: 9pm - 2am

Weather:  Dry and mild


We firstly went into theprojection room by the museumand stood in circle. In here, the K2s were all going off as well as the on off torches. There was a scratching noise heard on the wall and a strong smell of stale beer which was coming across in waves. Crystal had her bum touched. Kev had the name of Amy and the name Amelia was picked up. Lisa had an Edward. The male who smells of alcohol and old tobacco was picked up by Darran as being called Jacob. Guest's legs were going numb with pins and needles and the feeling of a club foot.

We then went into themain museumitself. In here the on off torches were going on and off again. One guest was being touched and there were huge temperature drops but in areas where there were no draughts. A dog was being picked up which was coming around the corner and then back again. The smell of tobacco could be smelt and a shadow was seen by the door. Crystal's leg was touched.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

In theprojection room, one guest was using the dowsing rods and asked spirit to guide them in the direction that they wanted them to go. It went towards the fire exit. They asked if spirit wanted them to leave and their dowsers crossed for yes as requested. Another group had a relative come through to them passing those messages.

Room 3,guests on the board picked up a male who was customer at the inn

Room 4, guests using dowsers picked up on a male who died young of illness. He doesn't mind them being there. Lyn was picking up the name Steven.


The second investigation started inroom three. In here again the torches and K2s were going off. A guest was touched and there was a noise heard from the bathroom we picked up on a male who visited here who was a travelling salesman. He would come to meet a "lady friend / mistress". He wasn't local but she was. We picked up that the place had its uses almost as a brothel and this lady friend of his was actually a prostitute. However he fell in love with her. She didn't love him back and in a fit of anger, he killed her.

We then moved onto rooms 5 and6with both doors open so that we could split into 2 groups. In room 6, we were hearing violin music and constant mumbling. The K2s were also going off. Darran put on the spirit box and a female voice came through however we couldn't work out what she Room 5, K2 ted was being touched. We then heard a child giggling. We picked up that it was a little boy called James who was aged 6. His mum was a chambermaid and he used to come to work with her. Darran has spoken to him before when he's been to the inn. James died in a fire in the inn. A drunk male knocked over a lamp in the stables which set light to the straw bales. James was playing in there and died.


Again everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Me and Darran were chatting to a couple of guests in the restaurant. Darran turned to his left and saw a male walk from the farm shop (which was shut) in front of the double doors and just disappear. At first, Darran thought that he was going to walk towards us towards the bar then worked out that he could only actually see his top half and not his bottom.

Inthe museum, some guests picked up on a female called Amelia and that her own father had killed her. The name Kramer was being spelt out on more than one occasion on the board and the fact that he was a smuggler in 1890.

In theprojection room, a male was picked up on the board with the initials M O and a little girl aged 8. She gave the initials A D and that her name was Amelia. She lights playing with K2 ted and lighting him up. She died here and was killed by a man

Inroom 3, guests on the board picked up on a male called George who was 43. He gave the year as being 1785. When he visited, it was a stables and coach house. A female came through called Annie. It appears that this Annie was his daughter. She died here. She was pregnant but George didn't know. He stated that she had a heart attack. He loved her. He kept saying that he loved her despite the fact that he killed her. He stabbed her as he loved her and he was jealous. He stabbed her in the heart but he was never caught. He comes back to visit as he loves the inn. Annie states that she was killed in 1805. She started to affect crystal who became very upset. The baby was Jacobs. He was a boy that she knew who was 22 and was a stable hand.  George her father, didn't know him. George was a bad man and he had raped her. He would bring her to the inn. He comes back looking for her.

A little girl called Emily then came onto the board stated that she wanted to sing and play. She says that that she knows of George to. She met him once she had passed. She had died in a fire at the inn she fell into an open fire whilst she was playing with her little brother Freddie. He fell over and hurt himself. She picked him up and went to take him to their mother and fell over into the fire.


The last investigation started in therestaurantwhere again, we got into a circle. I put the knocking block down in the haunted corridor by the toilets. It went off twice. Once by itself and the second time after I asked if someone was in the corridor, if they could set it off again for me. I asked if spirit could lift hands and guest's hands were rising between them. Some started swaying back and fore. A male and a female were picked up. The male although drunk, wasn't threatening. Guests then saw that K2 teds ear was moving and his head and light went off. Lisa felt sick and left the circle and then another guest felt very tight chested. Darran asked if it was a male spirit. At this, both ted was touched and the knocking block went off again. Guests started dropping like flies, having to leave the circle. Darran picked up on a male who was a wrecker.

We then went out into themain bar. In here, again, K2 ted was being touched and was moving slightly. He had been sat on a metal plate on the floor which was the spot where a male called Joss had been murdered previously. Darran was picking up on a little girl and the torches were lighting up. Darran then began to get unsteady on his feet.



Museum- various knocks and bangs were picked up in the room when no one was in there.

When guests are using the board in their lone vigils, there's the sound of a little girl responding to their questions. Stating "YES" and "IM HERE". There are around 5 or 6 responses to their questions over a few minutes.

In room 3, as guests on the board say "K" when they're spelling out on the board, it sounds like a child's voice say something quietly

In room 6,there were sounds like the bathroom latch going up and down as well as noises like someone is walking around the room. During the night, just prior to when kev states that he was pushed in the bed, you can again here the sound of someone moving around the room and the bathroom door latch going again. However on watching the video you can't see anyone moving around so it's very strange

In room 5,there's a loud banging in the room like someone is thumping furniture around or pounding on the bathroom door. There's no one outside on the video footage, no one in the room. At this point we are all down in the museum so none of us are upstairs at all

In room 4, again, there's the sound of a door latch going and then as if something falls on the floor. However again, this hasn't been captured on the video