Investigation log of Kingsweston house  6th April 2013

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather: Dry and still

Before we started and were doing a walk about of the building, on the top floor, Darran picked up on the name of James Soundwell and links to Bristol. ( he hadn't read any of the history as we like to go in cold rather than knowing any family history etc ) he asked me if there was a place in Bristol called Soundwell as well ( which I knew there was and so could
confirm it )

Also whilst we were all standing in the main room under the staircase discussing how we were going to run the night, the alarm went off on the childs knocking block that we had set up in the childrens room on the top floor. No one was up there and on me running up the stairs to reset it, nothing else seemed to be disturbed and the security guard Adrian wasn't on that floor either.

This investigation was conducted along with South Bristol Paranormal as well as Gloucester paranormal and so we all chose to do a floor each so that we would cut down on any noise contamination.

For our first vigil, we took the top floor and went into the childrens room / fireplace room and one of the rooms to the back of the house in the far left corner.

Firstly in the childrens room, Darran picked up on the name of Jamie and on his ghost meter, the words "LEARN / HEAD / HONOUR / INNOCENT / HOSTAGE "showed up. Rather than this linking to children, I was more thinking of this being linked to it being used as a police training college and especially for CID.

Darran and Lorraine then heard the sound quietly of music but more of a tinkling of music like a music box. I knew that a musical snow globe had been placed in the fireplace room by SBPG and mentioned that we should go there shortly to see if it was the same sound or tune. Just as we were discussing this music, again on the ghost meter the words "FEMALE / MUSIC / SING / PIANO "were also coming up. Just after this, distinct footsteps were heard coming from the room to the left of us. Paul had the feelings of someone stood in the doorway of a small girl and Darran picked up on her name being Emma. Also where the camera was placed, he saw a little boy. However we also picked up on a male spirit who is very strong and forceful and whilst he is in the area, the children won't come forward.

We moved into the fireplace room where the names Jonathan and Martha were picked up. We then distinctly heard the sound of heavy breathing coming from the doorway. We went to check but no one was near our floor at all. We also heard a couple of taps and a whistle. On me winding up the snow globe to see if it was what Lorraine and Darran had heard, they both stated that it was.

On going to the far back room, we had the torch switch itself on.

Meanwhile, SBPG were on the ground floor and in the Panelled room picked up on an injured soldier who had died in the house. Also the name Polly came up on the planchette. There were green flashing lights coming from the breakfast room although no one was in there and no one was flashing a torch etc. they asked this male if it was him causing the flashing lights and the planchette made the sign for yes. There were then large temperature fluctuations on the temp gauge and on being asked if he liked playing, the temp gauge turned itself off and the planchette stopped dead on the table. Another male spirit then came through called George Godfrey. He was a head butler and was proud of the house. He doesn't like men and would only talk to t the females in the group. He had a brother called Raymond who was younger than him and disabled. Whenever, George came onto the table, all the other spirits would seem to leave. He was the more dominant spirit in the room. The group could feel breaths on their faces despite there not being any draughts anywhere.  The K2s were also going up to red. They then went into the ballroom whereby the PIR sensors went off outside whilst they were playing the waltz. They checked outside but no one was there. One of the team also saw a shadow of someone standing in the corner. This person was only around 4ft high. On them asking questions, the torch would turn itself on and off in reply and on request to do so. From this they ascertained that they were speaking to a male and a nurse. When asked if they liked the room being done up, they didn't.

After a quick break. We went onto the ground floor and started in the ballroom. The name Mr Barclay came through to Lorraine and Paul saw a shadow come along the wall past the door and towards the scaffolding. Heavy footsteps were then heard coming from the far end of the room. Mr Barclay is described as being elderly possibly in his 80s. He has grey hair, pale and thin with a moustache. He wears a monocle and also a dovetail coat. He walks with a stick. As Lorraine was describing this, the PIR sensors across the floor just outside the door went off. I ran outside to check to see if anyone was there but couldn't see anyone. I also checked for spiders / insects (we've been caught out before) but again nothing. I reset the sensors and went back inside the room. Darran then picked up on an Elizabeth who he believes is possibly Mr Barclay's wife or daughter. Lorraine then picked up on a scruffy mongrel sort of dog that she could only describe as being like the television character of the 80s, "Benjie ". After we left the room and were just walking into the great
hall, again, the PIR sensors went off outside the ballroom. Again, no one was in that area and Darran had to go back to reset them.

We went into the Panelled room then next to the drawing room. The planchette was moving slightly but the K2s which were placed on the table were both going mad and going up to red. We felt very cold gusts of breeze coming across our hands and onto the planchette table but again we couldn't feel any draughts coming from the windows. Myself and Lorraine then heard a male voice murmur in between us. the K2s were still going up to red and on Paul asking " do you like talking to us? " again, it went up to red.

Meanwhile, SBPG were in the basement rooms. Whilst martin was standing in the far room at the end, he was standing in the doorway when he heard a "tink "on the floor in front of him. On looking down with his torch, in front of him was an old penny, dated 1872 which hadn't been on the floor a few minutes earlier when he was looking around in there. This coin is very worn and smooth with use. Two torches set up quite high on shelves were also turned on on demand and he rempod and K2s had some good hits. Heavy breathing was also heard in Martins ear. They also felt that the room was becoming lighter. They
then asked a male spirit down there if he could make himself known to Kat, straight away there was a reply on the K2. On being asked if his name was Alf, again they had a positive hit on the K2. He also confirms that he's the one that stands behind Adrian when he's working down there trying to scare him. He also informed them that he wasn't the only spirit down there and that there are a couple of others down there also. As soon as they started to really communicate with him and get good replies, the evp which was set up in the same room drained completely and died despite it being a brand new battery in it.

On having another break, Martin and Karin took me down to the basement to show me where the coin had fallen and on us chatting in the corridor, martin saw a shadow appear in the doorway of that particular room as if someone was just poking their head round to have a nose.

For our third vigil, we went into the basement where Darran picked up on the names of Stan and Bill. Stan was one of the head servants and Bill was more a young lad. They would bring the new maids down to the basement and sexually assault them in some way as part of a new girl initiation. They "deserved it "and were "asking for it ". Whilst Darran was explaining this, the K2 was going up to red and then the room appeared to get a lot lighter as if there was a light glowing in the little store room next to the main room. Paul
was getting pains in his face along his cheekbone and along his jaw. We then heard footsteps out in the corridor and as we mentioned it, the torch left in the end room turned on. There was a shadow as if someone was then stood in the doorway of the room we were sat in. Darran had the feeling that it was Bill doing it. We were getting good temperature fluctuations and therefore asked them to take it down from 3.6 to 3.0. Straight after, it shot up to 4.6 and then down to 2.8. Within a few seconds, it went to 3.0 and held there for around 20 seconds. Again we heard knocking out in the corridor and again the
torch switched on again. We also heard a noise in the side room and just after, Lorraine's leg shot up as if someone had kicked it from behind (lucky she was sat down.)

Everyone then teamed up and went into the ballroom. A Benjamin was picked up and the torch turned on and then turned off again on request. Karin played some waltzes and on doing so, at the end, all 3 K2s went mad and up to red. Whenever she played a waltz, it would do it. Not when Darran tried to play anything else. She then played one by a Russian composer and on mentioning then name, again the K2s went up to red as if to confirm it. she then played a WW1 song one of the lines being "what a lovely war" we weren't sure what the words were and a couple of us asked to confirm the words and asked " are they saying what a lovely war? " again, the K2 went up to red.

Evps captured:

On the middle floor in the middle room to the right of the stairs there are a few knocks and bangs.  A tune is also being whistled quietly. There is the sound of a footstep
and then a loud crack as if someone has stood on a floorboard. However at this time, no one is in the room. There is also a loud thud as if a piece of wood has been dropped on the floor as well as a female voice and a cough in the room. At one point when we are in the room conducting a vigil, under neath our voices, the faint sound of bagpipes has been picked up.

In the childrens room, our knocking block alarm is set off however no one is in the room. Also when no one is in the room, there are sounds like someone is moving things around. Again, the sound of someone whistling a tune has also been picked up.

In the basement, is the sound of heavy dragging when everyone is elsewhere doing their investigations. Also, there are a lot of noises like someone moving around down there and moving items about as well as footsteps. When we are in there and Paul asks them to make their voice heard and I asked if there were four spirits down there, a male voice answers " ooo arr". However 2 minutes before that, the sound as if someones being winded can
be heard as they grunt.

In the ballroom, the PIR sensors outside the door went off when Karin's group were playing waltzes. A whistle is heard and also a dragging sound as if someone is moving around in the room. At this time, no one is in the room at all.

In the main hall, there is the sound of whistling but no one is in the room. Karins group are in the ballroom, GP are in the basement and we are upstairs. However at this same time whilst they are investigating as well as us, we all mention that we can hear whistling.

There are also other strange noises which I cant describe.

In the fireplace room, the music box doesn't actually go off at all so I cant explain where the sound of a music box that Darran and Lorraine heard in the childrens room came from. Whilst no one is in the room at all, there is also a loud exhalation of breath that can be heard.

Video footage:

  when the alarm initially went off in the childrens room when we were all downstairs, you see a small orb going from the middle of the room over to the side where
the block was. As soon as the alarm goes off, the orb then shoots back in the
opposite direction

In the nursery, there are a couple of good orbs as well as something just coming onto the left side of the screen before going again. There are also a couple of light flashes in the room.

On the stairs, a couple of orbs seem to come from the last 3 stairs onto the first turn of the stairs. Same happens again later on going the other way from the top of the stairs going down whereby it turns, goes down a step and then disappears.

Nothing showed up in the ballroom

A couple of orbs in the basement along with ratty Mcrat scurrying around.

An interesting night.