Investigation Log of Lion Hotel Shrewsbury Friday 28th February 2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild


For the first investigation, we took everyone into the Adam room. After around 5 minutes of being in thee, we asked for a noise and were given 3 loud bangs on the double doors. Paul immediately went out and there was no one on the stairs which were wooden, curved and creaky and therefore you would hear someone running down there. He went downstairs to the reception desk to be told that no one had been through the front door or gone up the stairs. There was no one in the back room to the room either and so we couldn't explain it. We also heard shuffling of feet coming from the back room as well as guests seeing shadows going across the ballroom. We then got one guest to try and play the piano and then asked spirit if they wanted to show us how it should be done. As I did, the torch set up on the stage lit up and the guests stood in front of it, felt very cold. Darran was picking up on the name of Robert as well as a female presence with the name of Grace. Phil was getting that her age was 64 and that she stayed at the hotel as she liked to dance. He also had Goosebumps all over his body. A couple of guests could hear faint music.

We then went into the room to the rear of the ballroom with the bar and one guest picked up on the name of Sarah. Another was picking up on a maid in the room and Paul had the name of Caroline. He also picked up that she had been raped there and that she was only a young girl. . We then heard a female say "mmmmmm "quite loudly. I then saw a shadow pass by the bar blocking out the lights glowing from under the bar shutters. When I then mentioned it and asked spirit to make themselves known there, there were three knocks on the bar. Paul then picked up on a female energy who had been paralysed from a bad head injury and had subsequently died from it. We could also hear the swishing of long dresses coming from the ballroom. I asked grace if she could dance for us and Phil picked up that the woman was looking at herself as a young girl dancing in the room. She then looked at her feet when I asked her to dance and gave him the words "these are my shoes" and he saw that they were light slippers and so we wouldn't hear her footsteps. When Paul was in the back room talking about the female maid being raped, she stopped dancing.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In room 102, guests had the wardrobe creaking as though someone was inside it and the K2 going off when they stopped asking questions and ignored spirit. When they asked spirit if it was them making the wardrobe creak, they had the K2 go up to orange. One guest had their hair stroked.  When the same group believed that spirit were again in the corner, they asked out loud if they were in the corner. Again the K2 lit up

In room 101 Phil could hear a rustling and when he looked over, he saw a woman sat in the chair. He describes her as being in her 50s, and she didn't react to anything being said. He didn't pick up anything on the K2 however there was a temperature difference between the two sides of the chair.


For our second investigation, me and Paul took one group into room 102. Paul asked if spirit were going to annoy him in the night and I say afterwards ooh please do. The response we got was a loud " ooooooooooooh ". No one in the room states that they did it despite us asking. We picked up on a female energy and I and one of the guests got a chambermaid. We both picked up on her wearing a black dress, white pinny and mop cap. The guest picked up that she liked to stand by the window and watch the world go by. I had the name of Sally Ann and that she was in her 30s. Paul had another lady of similar description but in a black mourning dress and that she would stand by the window as though waiting for her sweetheart to return. The K2 kept going up to orange in certain spots in the window at certain levels. It wouldn't do it all over the window and we can't explain this. We then heard what we thought was the door handle going as though someone was about to come into the room. Paul went out to have a look and there was no one out there or in the corridor. However we later found out that it wasn't the door handle but the dead lock turning and clicking round. This happened on three occasions throughout the night as we had left both 101 and 102 open on the dead locks. However both doors throughout the night decided to close and lock themselves. You physically have to turn the latch to do this; it doesn't do it on its own. We don't know how or why this kept happening.

Meanwhile in room 102, Darran and Dave took the rest of the guests.darran picked up on William and Dave picked up on a John. One guest had the name Nancy said over and over in her ear which I could hear her whispering about with her friend. However within a couple of minutes, Darran then said that he was getting the name Nancy over and over again in his ear also.  It's believed that John was the sweetheart of Nancy. Darran picked up that Nancy was pregnant but had died during childbirth. Her child survived, a guest had the year of 1827 with her. Darran was picking up that she was scared to come through as she had never had anyone speaking to her before and thought it was strange and frightening. Flashes were also being seen around the room.  One guest picked up on WWI soldiers being in the hotel and doing paperwork. Darran was getting that civil war soldiers were also there. Darran then got out the spirit box which almost immediately gave the names Mary and Tom. Darran then asked Nancy the name of her sweetheart and the name John was said. One guest then got a surname of Pritchard.

Following this carrying on with the spirit box, we had probably the best results we've ever had in relation to questions / conversations with them as we had the following results.

 Darran asked them to say a name of one of the guests and it stated "ROBERT "this was correct. He then tried again asking for another name and it stated "ESTHER "again, this was right.

"Nancy is this you talking to us? "   "YES"

"If that's you Tom, can you let us know somehow, maybe say hello "? With that, the torch flashed on and off

The spirit box then said " STAN" .............." WILKINS "............." I HAVNT"   and then a female voice said "ENGLAND ".

"Robert, could you say your name more clearly as we can't quite hear you? "    "I ALWAYS DO "

"Do you like us talking to you? Would you like us to talk to you? "    "WE WOULD "

Then a female voice said "RUSSIA"

"How many are there of you?"   "5 OF US "

"Is this a different man? Can you tell me your name please? "   "THERE ARE MANY ".


Again everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

A couple stayed in room 101 and continued with the spirit box. At one point, Darran had left the room but the door was left on the latch. The following happened with the spirit box

"Is there anyone here to can talk to us? "  "CLOSE THE DOOR ". Darran then came back into the room and this was explained to him. Darran decided to close the door up tight taking it off the latch. So they asked "darrans closed the door now, can you speak to us now? "  "THANKYOU "

In the ballroom, a couple of guests tried the board to see if they could communicate with the lady in the room and on asking her her name, they started to spell out D A I S and so we assume her name was Daisy.  One guest saw a purple haze up on the balcony

In the room behind the ballroom (Adams room) some of the guests conducted a planchette session whereby the planchette started to move. They then hear someone breathing into their ear. This was picked up on evp. Other guests in the room, a female guest felt the presence of a male sat next to her who tapped her on the shoulder. He liked being in the hotel and had no desire to leave. He likes the ladies

In the cellars, we took most of the guests down to have a look at them and the end room which had been reported to have been used at one time as a chapel. Paul and the guests heard a woman scream but it was no one else in the cellar or anyone coming down the stairs. People were feeling very different in this end room where they felt a different energy which drained them and made them feel sick, one guest so badly that I had to get her out of there to the loo quick. She informed me after that she had the feeling that it wasn't used in the normal sense of a chapel and that maybe the people using it, were not supposed to be practising their beliefs ( possibly around Henry VIII time with the dissolution of monasteries etc)

For the final investigations, we initially went into the Tudor bar where we were getting various noises from the back bar and kitchen area. We could hear banging on wood and various taps. Darran picked up on a Henry Wattsville.

On going into the main restaurant, it had gone very dead by this time. Apart from a few taps and noises, not a lot happened. There was a faint "ooo" and Darran picked up on a male just looking in at everyone but not communicating but apart from that, nothing

EVPs picked up were:

In the Adam room, the three bangs on the door have been picked up clearly. Later on when no ones in the room is the sound of metal almost like two metal chairs clanging together. However as I say, no ones in the area. When 2 guests are in there on their own, you can hear them talking and whilst they are, they obviously don't hear it as they don't comment on it but there's the sound of one of those whistles you have as a child whereby you pull a stick out from the bottom and push it back in to make the sound change.

In the room to the rear of the Adam room, you hear a small voice like a Childs voice underneath all of ours when we are talking. It sounds like they are saying "Mama". Later on whilst some guests are doing a planchette in the room, one of the girl's states that she hears someone breathe into her ear. This has been picked up twice on the EVP, a male either exhaling or sighing loudly. Again when we are in the room conducting our vigil, the sound of a female saying "uh Huh" can be heard on EVP. Myself and Darran actually heard it at the time.

In room 101, all the spirit box interactions have been caught on evp. Also when myself and Darran were in bed asleep as well as a couple of strange knocks and taps, there was the sound of something being banged which I can only describe as what would sound like someone banging on an upturned plastic waste bin. However the waste bin in the room is metal. I can't recall anything else in the room which would make this noise.

As for video footage. In the corridor outside our rooms, whilst everyone was in both bedrooms doing the second vigils, a nice orb comes along the corridor, stops short of room 101 and then changes direction.

There are a couple of good orbs in both bedrooms. The best one being in room 102 when Paul is asleep. A very bright and large orb comes down the hallway of the room and in front of the wardrobe.

A couple more were seen in the ballroom.