evidence log from previous investigation

Investigation log. Llanthony Secunda Manor 17th December 2011
Vigil time: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Clear / cold

Even before the guests arrived, footsteps could be heard in various parts of the building by the team when they were setting up equipment. Paul, our third medium, whilst having a quiet moment to himself prior to the start picked up on a stern moustached gent who was wringing his hands. There was also a female with a dark dress on. He had the impression of them being housekeepers. He also picked up a little girl in the attic. Whilst doing our introduction, the dishwasher decided to spring into life in the kitchen. There were no pre-programmed washes set and the machine was empty of crockery. We were in for a good night.


First Vigil:
Sarah was in the Monk room and attic areas doing the energy rope. At one point, she mentioned children and at this, one guest became very emotional and began to cry. She had no explanation of it. Some began to go hot and cold and another had her face touched. The K2 was lighting up well. People's legs were feeling cold and tingly. On moving to the attic, a number of spirits were picked up including both males, females as well as two children one being a little boy called Thomas aged 4-5. Sarah, who was stood in the middle of the circle, had to step out of it as she felt an overwhelming impression on her throat and was struggling to either talk or breath. The K2 was having positive results and on going out of the attic, they switched the light on quickly, to check their footing on the stairs, and the light, switched itself off. (We've not experienced any issues with lights before in the building despite the age of it).

Darrans group meanwhile were doing quiet vigils in various rooms. In the Victorian room, Paul picked upon an Annabel aged 8 and Emily aged 13. They were sisters and had a brother called Billy. A Richard Powell also came forward to Darran. On Richards arrival,they left. One guest felt tight chested but more like he was being poked in the chest with a knife. Others were feeling tight chested as though they wanted to use an inhaler. Around the same time, one guest saw a face across the room. Lights could also be seen glowing around the laundry room door.

Going into the double four-poster room off the great hall (our room for the night.) Darran picked up on a Brother Michael and a Frederique. Another spirit seemed to come in via the doorway and went to the end of the bed. At the same time, Darran saw this; the end of the bed had flashing lights around it and the K2 meter on the floor was lighting up. One guest started rocking back and fore on the bed unable to stop herself and was stating that her back hurt her as she was doing do. People felt very hot and began sweating, and then they would go cold. There were big temperature fluctuations occurring very rapidly around the room despite there being no draughts. One of these being a temperature of 88 degrees at the top of the bed and 81 at the bottom. Creaking could be heard on the floorboards from the bedroom above despite the fact that no one was up there and around the door, appeared as though camera flashes were going off in the great hall outside the room. However, the other group were in the attic two floors up. I at this point was using my pendulum and picked up on a little girl called Madeline who was aged 7. She was an only child and was the daughter of the house owner.


Lone vigils:
guests were given an hour or so to use all the "tools of the trade "and have free run of the building to go and do their own investigations. (They would have another hour later also). During these vigils, a lot of feedback was received.

In our room, spirit was responding to questions asked of them by creaking the floorboards as well as lighting up the K2s. Orbs and flashing lights were seen.

In the great Hall, guests spoke to Billy on the planchette as well as a little boy called Thomas who was 6. He drew a heart on the paper with the planchette (which I have kept for the album). He likes to receive praise and plays hide and seek around the building. Also a Jacob came through. It was gleaned that Jacobs's dog, had knocked over a candle when the downstairs living room was a stable of some sorts. This set fire to the straw inside and
there was a fire. Unknown to him, at this time, Billy was in the stable and was killed as a result. The planchette was working so vigorously, that at one point, it upended itself.

In the living room, I walked in to look for something on the coffee table. At this time, the room was in darkness and I saw the outline of a male sitting on one of the hard chairs in the back corner next to the window. I didn't say anything, thinking that it was one of the guests doing a quiet vigil on their own. I DID think to myself though as I turned my back on them, "don't bother shouting BOO at me cos I've seen you ". However they didn't and as I turned back around, no one was sat on the chair and I was the only one in the room. Everyone was upstairs doing their own thing and I know that no one had gotten up out of the chair and walked out of the room as I would've heard them. Prior to this, a metallic tapping could be heard. Two of the guests including Paul's wife went into the room and clearly saw that a pair of dowsing rods on the coffee table, were rocking to and fro along the table, tapping against each other as they went. No one was near the table, the table wasn't tilted or knocked and so there's no explanation of it.

In the Victorian room, guests again picked up on Richard.  The planchette as well as the K2 meters were going constantly. Pauls wife, went to the stairs and on standing there, was pushed down the stairs by something. Two other servants, Arthur and Margaret also came through. However, they were only able to speak when allowed to by Richard. Another negative presence could be felt in the corner.

Mid way through the night whilst having a break. The team were standing outside when Sarah began to choke and was holding her throat. At this point, Darran could see a male holding her in a choke hold. Darran assisted in getting this energy away from her however unknown to us at the same time inside, one guest took a photo of the back door which has glass panels next to it. In this glass panel, the image of a mans face can be seen. He
appears to be around 6ft tall judging by the height of his head. Later on, on the next break. Paul our third Medium and his wife were stood outside in the same spot when they heard a low growl and the words "Get Out ". Someone certainly wasn't very happy.

Second Vigil:
Sarah's group were in my room, as well as the Great Hall doing the energy rope. Whilst in our room, one male felt as if he was having nails put hammered into his feet and began to feel so hot that he wanted to strip off (he didn't I hasten to add). Guests had the feeling of being pushed backwards and losing their balance. They were having their ears and hair touched. The rope lifted.
When they moved into the great hall next door, again the rope lifted quite noticeably but was also twisting and contorting into different shapes. One guest began shaking uncontrollably and had to stand out of the circle. The rope began to vibrate.

When those guests that were leaving left at 3am, this left the remainder who were staying the night to do some more for another hour. At this point we went up into the attic so that Darran and Paul could engage with quite a nasty energy named Phillip before we went back into the Victorian room to do another quiet vigil. James was picked up here and various smells ranging from stagnant water to Violets could be smelt. We eventually called it a night just after 4am.


On going to bed, we all thought we'd have a good nights sleep. However, both Paul and another guest in another room, felt presences, touching their faces. One guest, had put her shoes down by the bed as a pair, right where the right should be and left the same. However in the morning, she went to put her shoes on to find that they were now the wrong way round.
Another guest, sleeping in a room below the attic, heard as she described it, office chair wheels rolling from one end of the attic to the other ( no chairs up there although there is an antique child's tricycle up there ) . Sarah states that she could hear  voices which sounded as if it would be me and Darran talking in bed for 20 mins or so. However, she stated it seemed all one sided with me doing all the talking (if you know me, this is very believable) and Darran doing the odd grunt in response (again believable) however, we know and video and Evps show that once in bed, the light went out and Darran was well gone within a couple of minutes and I was too knackered to chat to him in the first place. HOWEVER, on our previous investigation at the manor, Louise, was sharing a room with me and at 7.30 am, she heard similar and thought it was Darran upstairs having a one sided
conversation on the phone. She then worked out that it wasn't speech as such but more like chanting. Was it the same as Sarah heard??

As for EVPS being picked up….

Our bedroom. There are a lot of taps and bangs and sounds of the door handle going, in the room all through the night including when we are asleep. At one point, not long after going to bed, there seems to be creaking across the floorboards then whispering in the room however, I can't distinguish what's being said at this point. Two hours later, there's the sound of a laugh, a quiet cough followed by quite a loud bang in the room. The video doesn't show anyone in the house moving around at all (cameras left on until the morning). No one is out in the great hall; no one comes into our room. The only person upstairs is Sarah who you can clearly see is asleep and not even moving let alone moving around the room. Later on, a males voice can be heard saying just one word like "corn "or similar. I can't quite work it out and will need Darran to clean up the sound.

In the Victorian room, at one point, there appears to be a female voice which sounds like they're saying "ow" very quietly. At this point, Paul actually asks "is that you??". Also a couple of taps and bangs but nothing substantial.

As for the attic, a lot of strange unexplainable noises. The sound of a door latch being pulled on more than one occasion, heavy breathing and a mans groan can be heard as well as the sound of rattling. 

As for the video footage, there are a lot of orbs going across the Monks room as their were on our last investigation. A massive flash of light also is seen near the ceiling. At one point, the camera in the great hall, seems to move up and down and later on, there's a distortion lasting only a couple of seconds on the top left of the camera which appears to go black.

Batteries were being drained again. Darrans camera didn't want to know, halfway
through. The evp machine batteries were draining after only a couple of hour's usage despite the fact that they were full batteries when we got there. It was a really fun night and we hope to go back there next year.