llanthony secunda manor

Vigil Time: 2200hrs - 0300hrs

Weather: Mild, showery

Before we even started the event, on getting into the house, Sarah went upstairs to the "monks room " as we call it and had the experienceof being pushed into an armchair and the feeling of being pinned in it. She hadto shout for Darran to come and get her out of it. Darran was in charge ofsetting up the cameras to record (night vision). They had worked perfectly thenight before which I can confirm as on the Saturday morning, I had viewed the footage from the previous nights location prior to going to Llanthony. However,although the system all stated that it was linked up, it would work for a couple of minutes and then once we began the event, stopped working alltogether until the end of the night when all the guests left which is another story which I will go into later…………………..

1st vigil:

Leanne's group were in the Victorian middle room (just down from the great hall and above the main hallway) and the ground floor doing planchette / dowsing rod session. In the kitchen, one guest saw the image of a male standing next to the centre island in the kitchen. At the same time, the male that she was with had a positive reaction with the rods which pointed into the gent's direction. The planchette in the Victorian room had good results with Louise who had a male come through stating that he had been brought to the house to be looked after as he was ill. However he died. He also had a message from a guests uncle who has died very recently in relation to a painting in another relatives address that he wanted passed onto another member of the family (you know who you are, please let us know if you've had any results on this message as we would be interested to hear from you).

In the ground floor bedroom, the spirit of a male was picked up in the room by Sarah of Tudor appearance. He had a long nose and smoked a pipe. Louise picked up on a small child. He had worked at the house but didn't die in the house.

Sarah's group were in the "Monk "room as we call it and attic. Firstly in the Monk room, Sarah felt very tight chested. She picked up on a Jacob; he had been the one who had pushed her into the chair earlier in the night. Although giving the appearance of a monk by wearing a cassock, he wasn't although he did belong to the priory. He would use various herbal concoctions and potions with the notion of making people better however he was doing nothing of the sort and was instead poisoning them. He would then dismember the bodies and bury the parts in surrounding fields. He was from the 14th / 15th century.                                                                                                                                                      Moving into the attic, pools of water began  to appear on the floor before slowly drying up again. This happened on two occasions during the night. On both occasions, the ceiling rafters above were felt and they were dry, there appeared to be no logical reason for this occurrence, (The house owner has previously stated that she has had pools form in lower floors of the house for no reason also). One male guest had the spirit of a child interact with him by tugging on his trousers as if trying to get his wallet out of his pocket. This child seemed to follow him around the house. His name was Julius. Another guest smelt lavender, and another little boy came through with a sad tale stating that he didn't have a name but was known only as "It". He had been kept in the hayloft area of the attic because he had a hunchback and an enlarged head. He was an embarrassment and so was kept in the dark in the attic.

Darran's group did a quiet calling out session in the great hall and my bedroom. The great all at the time had a lot of noise contamination from other groups so he decided to move into my room. On going in there and using the grid and K2, the K2 lit from green to amber and red. Shadows cut across the grid and he picked up on a male spirit named Robert Jenkins a famer from around 1810 who seemed to stand near the window side of the bed. He wouldn't interact greatly and when Darran asked him to "do something big " for them, guests heard quite loudly a male say "No". I then joined them in the room for a few minutes lying on the bed. I spoke out to Robert, asking him to join me, and felt a tingling as if my legs had pins and needles going through them. Another female had the same feeling. However, he didn't seem too impressed when Darran decided it was HIS turn to lie on the bed. One guest had the name Sam come through and the group heard footsteps on the floorboards above them from the bedroom above, (the owner of the house states that this used to happen when she slept there, she would hear noises coming from the room above when she was there at night).

2nd Vigil

Leanne's were in the Monks room and attic areas. The pendulum had a reaction for one of the guests but stated that the spirit wanted to speak to the male guest with her. However, the energy wasn't strong enough for them to come through the planchette. The same could be said for the attic area, there was slight movement in the pen but nothing substantial. A couple of guests tried scrying; one of the female guests faces changed giving her a longer and thinner nose and facial hair. One male guest saw a full goatee appear on his face. Whilst the group were in the attic, I sat quietly for 5 minutes with my pendulum in the monk's room and contacted a male spirit named Tom who informed me that he used to work at the house as a gardener in the 18th century before dying at the age of 93. He was a local man. Both he and his wife Mary were happy working at the house, she worked as a chambermaid, and although I could see her in the kitchen, he informed me that she wasn't the cook. They had no children as he stated "she was barren ".

Darran's group were in his bedroom which was quiet . A brother Benjamin came through and a growl were heard on two separate occasions by guests coming from near the fireplace. Movement was heard outside the bedroom door and the sound of doors being opened and closed (which they weren't being due to them being left shut whenever we were in a particular room doing a vigil, only being opened at the end) and a few hits on the K2.

Sarah's group did the energy rope in the Great hall which lifted on two occasions, the second rising above guests head. An Emily came through as well as children. Louise was poked in her side and felt quite queasy.

3rd Vigil

Leanne's were in the great hall and surrounding bedrooms. In the side bedroom 3 female guests had positive hits with their pendulum and dowsing rods which pointed to the scrying mirror. The gent coming through stated that the place wasn't evil but wasn't a nice place to stay. All of them tried scrying and all had the effect of their faces changing and their eyes becoming very dark and menacing.

Sarah's group were in the Middle Victorian room and the ground floor. The rope lifted for the group and one member felt her back burning and tingling before feeling sick and faint and had to leave the circle for a while. A female named Emily came through as well as a little boy and girl.

Darran's group were in the Monks room and attic. Both areas were quiet and not a lot of activity apart from some movement on the stairs and positive hits on the K2

By 0230, all the guests were struggling to keep awake and the energy was dipping. They all decided that they would call it a night and go home. At this point an "I don't believe it "came Victor Meldrew like down the stairs from Darran. The cameras had suddenly come to life. As we watched for a couple of minutes, we saw an orb; float across in front of the bed in mine and Louise's room. At the same time, in the Monks room, we could see that the camera was moving up and down as though someone was shaking it. Darran ran up the stairs to check. It was anchored to its tripod and stopped as he got to the room however we as we watched, as he got into that room, the same began to happen with the camera in the great hall.

We decided that we would carry out our own mini vigils around the building while it was quiet. Starting in the Great hall, we put the laser grid on as well as the K2. Immediately, the K2 began to light up from green to red. Shadows were appearing in the grid. Sarah picked up on a female stood just inside the doorway of my room with the name of Josephine who had French Connections. I therefore went and sat on my own on the bed and called out to her. Not a lot occurred apart from her tapping in response to a couple of questions in areas I asked her to tap. We then moved on to the Monks room. Again, the K2 went from green to red. We became aware of "Monk "Jacob in the room again. He didn't like the fact that women were in his room. I pointed out that it wasn't his room and that it was actually the owner Becky's room who is a female. He didn't like it that much and repaid us girls by making us feel ill and freezing cold. The room became heavier in feeling and darker in appearance. We then moved onto the attic. Earlier in the night, the attic didn't prove to be an issue for any of us however this time was a different matter. On going in there, we plonked down on paint pots / stools, Louise taking her place opposite the door. All was well until Lou jumped up with the speed of an Olympic athlete, shouted a few well chosen swear words and launched herself across the room without hitting her head on the low beams (how we don't know) Pale as a sheet and shaking like a leaf, she explained that she looked towards the door to be met by a face surrounded by a cowl staring back at her, she didn't spend the
time to notice any other description. Darran then swapped places with her and after a couple of minutes also saw a pair of eyes looking at him. The whole feeling was intimidating and so we decided to go downstairs.

On sitting in the living room, Darran picked up on a Mary in the Kitchen. She stated that she wasn't allowed to come forward to the living room area. She seemed happy enough. Believed to be Mary the wife of Tom the gardener that id been speaking to earlier in the night.  I could also smell the smell of cherry wood and smoke like pipe smoke. By now it was almost 5am. We were tired and decided to call it a night. We decided to leave all the evp machines and cameras running whilst we went to bed. Darran went to bed in the top bedroom and his sleep was uninterrupted. My sleep was uninterrupted in the room below however, poor Louise who was in bed next to me (neither of us wanted to sleep on our own
so made Darran go solo!) wasn't so lucky. The poor thing felt the spirit of a female (thinks it was Josephine) leaning over the side of the bed trying to look at her face (Lou had turned to face the other way) she was too scared to kick me awake to get my attention. When she did eventually get to sleep, she woke at around 7.30 needing the loo. However, whilst out of the bed, she heard what she thought was Darran on his phone talking, but then realised that whoever he was talking too wasn't getting a word in as there was no break in conversation. She soon realised that she was listening to a male chanting.

We finally got out of bed at 9.30hrs. All was quiet. Louise left at 10am leaving just myself and Darran munching on toast in the kitchen. However whilst we were doing that, all that could be heard was the sound of footsteps pacing back and fore my bedroom above. The fact that no one else was in the house……….. Did it put me off my toast? Did it hell!!

On watching the video footage back, there are a lot of orbs in our room as well as in the Monks room. When Louise does her flying act across the attic next door, at the same time, an orb/ apparition can be seen going across the screen in the Monk room. The Great hall was quiet, a couple of orbs in the attic itself. Also, whilst in bed, flashing lights can be seen both in my room and Darrans which are very quick and very bright flecks of light which generally appear when spirit is trying to manifest. Unfortunately, the angle at which the camera is at in our room, although you see orbs going along the edge of the bed at the bottom, it's not pointing to the side of Louise so we didn't capture anything when she says that she was aware of the female next to her looking over her.

As for EVPs, we had quite a few noises in the Monks room that sounded like door latches being flicked up and down apart from the fact that at those times, we hadn't been near any doors let alone opening and shutting them. A couple of times voices could be heard. We can't make out whets being said but the it's a lower sound than anyone else in the room and doesn't belong. A few noises of rustling around in my room and movement back and fore the bedroom can be heard but nothing spectacular.

Great house can't wait to go back at Christmas.