margam park south wales


Investigation Margam Park Saturday 8th October 2011

Vigil times:  10pm-4am

Weather: Windy and wet

Upstairs nursery /playroom

Darrans grouppicked up on a Charlotte who came across as being very upset. Also in the roomwere two children. Also a female named Rachel and the sense of panic about asick child. There were lots of taps that could be heard in this room as well as lots of blue and red flashing lights that could be seen ( these are said to be spirit energy when they are trying to manifest and are usually seen as pinpricks of bright light in different colours ) . Guests could also see shadows moving about the room. A little boy named Charles was picked up who was sticking his head around the door and then disappearing out of view again. Guests could see him doing it and when taking photos, orbs were showing on the
camera in the same area. One guest decided on doing a lone vigil in the room next door and could hear rustling and taps. On the rest of the group asking quietly for spirit to go and touch his leg, he stated that he felt something brush his leg and pull on his trousers. They then asked the same to happen to his head. He felt something touch his mouth. He could also feel as though his head was in a vice and being crushed. Then tugging his shoulder. One guest picked up on the name Jonathan. He came through as being a gamekeeper who would wander from room to room. Guests would feel his energy coming towards them and
it would start their hearts racing. The whole group heard someone whistling (this later confirmed by Sarah and Karina who both stated that they could hear it from other parts of the building)

Sarahs Group did the energy rope. 3 male energies were picked up by Sarah. They didn't want to interact with the group at all but were happy to continue going about their usual day to day business. They were attracted however to the females in the group. Again this area was active with Sarah picking up on a number of spirits including two children. The rope lifted to shoulder level and all members confirmed that they hadn't physically moved it. Temperature fluctuations also felt in this area.

Karinas group did the planchette / dowsing rod / pendulum session where they picked up a George who stated that he worked as a servant in the house. A Billy also came through who wouldn't give them his age. He told them to "go home" as he was a private person and doesn't like visitors.

Main staircase

Darrans group picked up a Robert who was wearing uniform. Darran came up with the name of Robert. Charlotte again appeared to Darran who saw her sitting on the balcony before falling / throwing herself off. She had had a miscarriage. She unfortunately didn't die straight away. A father Henry Sullivan also came through. He was not a particularly pleasant spirit. There were positive reactions to questions asked of him and he would turn the lights up to red. He was getting in Darrans face and was trying to be aggressive and intimidating. As the K2 would have a result, blue pin pricks of light were seen around the machine the air would go thick and footsteps could be heard on the stairs.

Sarah also came up with the name Charlotte as well as an Emily however she's not sure if it's a double barrelled name as in Emily-Charlotte. She dates her as being late 18th century.  She also got the feeling of panic and terror on the stairs with people running up and down them. Also hunting dogs on the stairs as well as three children all aged around 10 yrs. old and Victorian. One boy and two girls.

Sarahs Group did the energy rope. Charlotte touched one the male guest's ears. Members of the group were swaying; one so much she felt light headed and had to leave the circle. With some of the members, the rope moved to shoulder height and all members confirmed that they hadn't physically moved the rope


Main upstairs rooms, top of the stairs

Darrans Group didn't get much response from spirit in this area. Possibly due to lack of energy from the group s it was getting very late and people's energy levels were dipping.
William Talbot was picked up. He was standing in the corner. He wasn't coming
forward but just watched what was going on.

Sarahs Group did the energy rope where energies were very active. The rope moved upwards very quickly, moving itself to form various shapes in front of group members. During this vigil, members felt blasts of cold air and one began to feel very hot.  Two energies were identified in this area a Mr Scott and Brother Thomas. Both energies both interacted well with the group however came across as being quite menacing. The guests then split into two groups and interacted again with these two energies from different positions in the room. Temperature fluctuations were felt and guests felt that their arms were very heavy and had the feeling of someone pushing their arms down.

I have since researched various names connected with the building (I being Leanne) and can confirm certain names which came forward during the course of the evening such as Emily-Charlotte Talbot.

Three Children named Emily Charlotte, Theodore and Olivia.

William Talbot ( William Henry Fox-Talbot)

Father Henry Sullivan
( father Paul-Henry O Sullivan visited Margam. He was from Port Talbot)