Investigation log of Margam Park 1st September 2012

Investigation times: 10pm - 4am

Weather: dry and breezy

Whilst in the base room introducing the evening, I picked up on a Josephine. On then splitting the guests into two groups, me and Darran took one group to the nursery whilst Paul and Lorraine took theirs to the main staircase and the first room at the top of the stairs.

On the top of the stairs, a shadow of a person was seen moving past one of the guests and a light also seen. Rustling of clothes could be heard. One female guest was touched on the
head and shoulders. Cold spots were also felt. A female energy was picked up and there were positive hits on the K2.

On going into the room, taps could be heard and positive K2 hits were gained. The apparition of a tall male and a child who was peeping around the corner was seen by one of the guests. At one point when one of the guests was asking him to come forward and speaking to him, on the EVP, a lot of the guests jumped at this point and shouted out as
they all heard a voice say "yes" (we are trying to clean up the EVP enough to actually pick it up) A small boy named Jonathan came through as well as a Father tom. Jonathan had an injury to his head. Some guests felt taps on their legs.

Myself and Darran took our group into the nursery where we could hear footsteps and moving around coming from the room next door. On doing planchettes both in the nursery and the next room, in the nursery a 6 yr old girl came through who liked to draw. She drew on request a flower / heart and diamond. She couldn't tell us her name.

Next door, a little boy called Charlie came through who was 6. He died from either influenza or TB. His mother died from falling from the staircase balcony. A Henry also came through who was 56 when he died. He was murdered over a woman. She was pregnant but lost the baby.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone vigils. One guest felt very negative on going into the nursery. She felt sick and terrified and "needed to get out of there".

One guest had her shoulder tapped twice and then her head whilst standing on the top of the stairs. One going up to the tower room, two sets of guests had knocks coming from the other side of the tower door. One couple knocked on the door twice, asking for spirit to
repeat it and when they decided to go back downstairs, on starting their descent away, a loud knock was heard on the door.

A giggling child could be heard by others coming from the room next to the nursery and another had a cold shiver all over her body and had a "fizzing / popping "sound in her ears.

During the second vigil, Paul and Lorraine went to the nursery where they saw flashing blue lights and could hear tapping. The torch switched on and shadows could be seen. The room got a lot darker and a little boy named Billy came through who touched one guest on the
hand. Coldness was felt and noises could be heard from the room next door. Paul picked up on a Robert who was a grounds man at the castle. He likes to stay there in order to give a little calmness to the building as he's aware of the more negative energies that also remain there.

Darran and Leanne took their group initially onto the staircase where an Isabella was picked up. The K2 had positive hits and noises such as moving around and footsteps could be heard coming from the 1st room as well as the room next to it. Therefore the group moved there. The K2 meters were going off simultaneously and taps and knocks could be heard coming coming from the other end of the room where TV set furniture stood. At one point it sounded like one of the chairs scraped along the floor. Guests were feeling cold and then warm again. Darran also picked up on a George Talbot.

For the group vigil at the end of the night involving all the guests, initially they were taken to the side room, to the rear of the base room.  The spirit of a male wearing a tweed 3 piece suit with a pencil moustache came through holding a cigar. His name was given as Robert. Some of the guests could hear a Childs footsteps running past them through the doorway. Murmurs were also heard and a couple of positive K2 hits were had.

They then moved up onto the staircase with one half going onto one half of the landing and the other on the other side. Lots of taps and knocks could be heard and one guest kept feeling freezing cold. A military man was there as well as a man of the cloth. Lots of little specks of light could be seen around the K2 machine. On moving towards the centre of the staircase, the K2 meter was going up to red. Darran picked up on a Brother Jacob who was coming very close to him. Again, noises such as taps and someone shuffling around in the first room could be heard.

When the guests had left, the team did an extra half hour alone in the nursery and room next to it. A mist came past myself which Darran saw and a high pitched shriek could be hear coming from a room further along the building.

EVPs picked up the sounds of someone walking around in the room next door to the nursery. Although you can't hear actual footsteps, because of the amount of debris on the floor, you can hear the debris being crunched as if stood on. This happens on a number of
occasions. Various taps and bangs can be heard as well as knocks coming from the other side of the tower door when no one is around that particular area.

As for video capture. Very interesting. This is the first time where we have had 2 separate guests inform us that they have witnessed full apparitions in two separate areas of the building. On the camera, at the top of the stairs on the balcony ( believed to be the place where a female had fallen off the balcony to her death) the camera has picked up what I
believe to be an apparition which comes just around in front of the camera as if to see what the camera is. (Due to it being on the balcony wall). This is around the same time the guest stated that they saw something move across that area.  In the main room at the top of the stairs later on, something again comes in front of the camera whilst everyone was downstairs. It looks vaguely like a small hand. Possibly that of a childs.

All in all a good night and let's see what we pick up in November.