Investigation Log Margam Park 2nd November 2012

Weather: heavy rain showers

Vigil times: 10 pm - 3am

Whilst setting up the equipment, Paul and Lorraine heard footsteps in the main room. There was no reason for this as the security guard was outside and Darran was in another part of the building.

For the first vigil, the group spread themselves out between the nursery and the room next to it. In the next room, Shadows could be seen and a whistle was heard. A few female groans were also heard. The name Mary Anne was picked up who is a nursery nurse. She comes in visitation to see the children. A Jeremy and Joseph were also picked up. Several growls were heard along with deep breaths. There were good K2 hits and the torch lit up. Cold draughts were felt as well as the feelings of cobwebs on people's faces.
Trousers were being touched and tugged. There were flashes of light and shadows of children seen. Several of the guests felt dizzy.

In the nursery itself, a number of children came through including a John / Jonathan ( who possibly drowned ) Jude, Gregory , Agatha, and Lucy .Mists like auras were seen by the door and people were having cold legs although children were brushing past them. One guest felt her hand being touched. Flashes of light were also seen.  There were good K2 hits also. One male guest was being pushed back and forth. One female guest felt as though someone was pushing on her shoulders. People heard breaths in the room and Darran could hear humming. Darran had put a ball onto the floor which makes various noises when moved. It moved making a giggling sound which was also picked up on the EVP. Another spirit called John who came across as being dominant and bossy. He was
the caretaker and wasn't happy that the group were there. Lights were also seen
in the room.

The guests then went off to do their own lone vigils. During this time, Paul and Lorraine went outside. Whilst they were out there, the main heavy wooden door to the house slammed shut on them. You could understand it possibly if it had been windy and the door opened from the outside, however, the door had to close from the inside and there were no such breezes inside which could've caused it to slam on them. They were only let back inside when Darran walked into the hallway and heard them knocking. It seemed to be the
night for slamming doors as the door to the rear of the main staircase which leads up the back stairs to the tower, slammed on at least 2 separate groups.
You can hear this on the EVP especially as just after you hear the slam, you also hear various female guests scream as a result! Again, this door opens inwards towards the back stair well and against a wall. Therefore it had to be shut by someone or something in the stairwell. In the nursery, guests using a planchette picked up a little boy who stated that he would answer questions for them. He liked one of the male guests as he reminded him of someone.

For the second vigil, the group went to the main room upstairs. Cold spots and groans again could be heard. Lorraine and a couple of the guests felt pain in their lower stomachs as though they were losing a child. There were K2 hits and noises heard. A Charles and charlotte were picked up and the smell of vomit as well as perfume could be smelt. The sound of rattling like keys was also heard. A Henry (possibly Talbot or Morgan) was also
picked up. Henry was a dominant man who didn't want to interact much. A Mr Jenkins also came through who was either a head butler or a footman. A loud moan was heard next to one of the guests. The torched placed in the corner of the room flashed on by itself twice. At one point when Paul asks spirit to communicate, a low male groan is heard on the evp but no one seems to hear it in the room as no one mentions about it. Footsteps can be heard by the team as well as the guests. These are also picked up on the evp.

On the guests going off again on their lone vigils, the stairwell door was also being slammed shut on them and voices were heard.

For the final vigil the group went onto the main stairs. There were a few good K2 hits and a Charlotte was picked up on the top landing. There was also a male picked up on the stairs themselves who was possibly an American army general. He is in full uniform. A monk a brother Thomas was also picked up. He isn't a nice energy. Taps were heard as well as distant voices and footsteps coming from the main room. Paul could also hear a woman's voice as well as humming

EVPS picked up through the night were in the Nursery, various taps and the sound of the giggle ball moving have both been picked up on darrans 360 evp, he picked up the loud growl heard by Paul and a guest whilst they were in the room next door.  On the main stairs, you can hear the cat ball moving around as well as the door behind the main stairs slamming (and then the subsequent screaming of the guests it slammed on). In the main room upstairs, the sound of footsteps has been picked up as well as a sound a bit like laughter. A squeal can be heard as well as a male groan just after Paul asks spirit to communicate. In the room next to the nursery, a dog barking can be heard. However, the way it echoes, sounds as though it's echoing through the building and that the dog is in another room. However, there were no dogs either on the grounds of the house or in the house itself.

As for video footage, there were various orbs as well as a couple of times a mist forming in the main upstairs room a couple of times which looked as though something was trying to form.

And that's all folks, ( until we return there in February )