Investigation log for Margam Park Port Talbot Saturday 3rd October 2015

Investigation times: 10pm-3am

Weather:  dry and mild

Back again to a BTG favourite.

For the first vigil, we firstly took all the guests to the downstairs main room. In here the K2s were going mad and up to red. Some of the guests heard a female voice quietly and the knocking block which was in the room next door went off. One of the guests had to leave the circle and the room as she went clammy and thought she was going to be sick. This cleared once she left the room and within 5 minutes, she was back in the circle with no after effects. A male was being sensed in the room and darran believes that it may have been Mr Talbot. I got the name of Catherine and then Colin picked up on a female who was distressed and had blood all over her. She was scared of someone. She stated that her name was Katherine with a k. Two bumps were also heard. Darren B had the thermal camera and picked up a heat source on a chair where no one was anywhere near. Whose ghostly bum was sat on it?

We then moved onto the library were we could hear mumbled conversation from elsewhere despite there being no one in the building apart from us. Heavy breathing was heard by a couple of the guests as well as a faint whistle. Again darran was picking up on a male. The trifield shot up to 5 bars. There were a couple of K2 hits and the sound of distant footsteps but apart from that, quite quiet

The guests then went off to conduct their own investigations

Library- guests were getting K2 hits and on the planchette picked p a male servant who doesn't care that we are here. He drew a circle and 2 flowers.

Other guests did a planchette and picked up on a male servant who had lived in the house. He drew a circle and one guest was touched. A strange creak was then heard as though someone had sat in one of the chairs.

Nursery- guests on a planchette picked up on a 4 yr old girl called Olive. Shes happy and lived there. Her nanny wouldn't let her say much or play. Olives not trapped in the room but is free to move around the building. She states that no other children are with her at that time. The nanny then came through and wasn't very happy and wouldn't let the guests talk to the children at all.

Main upstairs room- guests on a planchette had a Katherine come through who died in an accident. She stated that shes not the only one in the room children were there also. One of the guests had her hair touched and another was also touched. Katherine was happy for them to be there. She fell to her death. She states that Mr Talbot had children. She confirmed that she was standing behind one of the guests who was touched. She gave the year of 1801 and that one of the guests reminded of someone. She had a little boy. She had also lost a little girl in childbirth. She gave her surname as being Summers. She states that she wasn't shot but the blood on her which Colin had picked up on earlier, was where she hit her face when she fell. She stated that her little boy had been killed at the age of 7 by the gardener who hit him in the chest with a spade. He was fair haired and had blue eyes. She doesn't like men as her son was murdered by one. She died within a year of her son. A guest and Dave then heard something being whimpered in her ear.


We then took everyone to do the next vigil on the stairs. Darran picked up on a male called Henry who was either a Captain or Colonel. Childs voices were also heard by guests and a shadow was seen behind me on the stairs. Guests could also hear people's voices coming from the main room at the top of the stairs.

We then moved into the main upstairs room at the top of the hands. Everyone was in the circle and spirit was raising their hands either out in front of them or above their heads. The K2a were going to red again and a couple of guests heard a child giggling. I picked up on the name of Benjamin. There was then the sound of a door creaking from somewhere and darran could hear voices coming from the staircase. Darran tapped twice to see if they would copy him but in between his first and second taps, another was heard, not made by him.


Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations.

In the library, 2 guests made a hasty retreat when they heard a chair creak and then a heavy breath near them.

Nursery again, a female energy was picked up. She stated that she had children of her own. One of the children died whilst in her care. Her room was within the area beyond the sealed door in the room.

Bedroom- guests on a pendulum had Lady Talbot who was upset at the changes made to her house. She feels lonely. She has her children with her but not her husband. She was happy to talk to guests and have visitors at the house

Main downstairs room -guests on the board again picked up on a female who stated that she died in 1801 and gave the name of Katherine Summers. Shes not happy but doesn't want the guests to leave. Darren B was touched on the back of his neck. Again she stated that her little boy was killed by a grounds man. She would prefer it if it was all females around the table. When Darren stated that he wasn't leaving, the pointer went to "bad" on the board. Her sons name was Ben and he was hit in the chest with a spade. She confirmed that there were 3 males around the board (there were) and that including her, there were 5 females (there were) she confirmed that there were 5 members in the BTG team and was able to spell out the names of some of the guests on the board.

The last vigil firstly started in the nursery where not a lot happened and it was quite quiet apart from one of the guests being touched.

On moving into the room next door, distant conversation could be heard; footsteps and shadows were also seen. Darran tried the spirit box and spirit decided to use it in here where they hadn't communicated through it the rest of the night. In here, it firstly said HELLO twice before giving the names of KATHERINE / FERGUS and a couple of indecipherable things before clearly saying "GET OUT "Twice. Just at the end, darran asked spirit who they wanted to leave and it either said "YOU or LEANNE "


EVPs picked up through the night were

Nursery:before we have even started and we are in the base room at the start of the night, something is either dropped or thrown and you can hear whatever it is, bounce along the floor.

Later on during the second, lone investigations, one guest whistles and asks spirit to copy her. She hears and it's also picked up on EVP a faint whistle in response.

Bedroom:  various knocks and taps are picked up and when we are doing the vigil in the main room upstairs, Darran asks for the tune of shaven haircut to be finished and there are two taps heard finishing it off. It was either from this bedroom or just outside it.

Stairs:there's the sound of something dropping or of some grit being stood on. This is when no one is in the area at all, when we are downstairs doing a vigil

Main upstairs room: during the planchette session on the first lones, the whisper or exhalation of breath in the guest's ear has been picked up.

Main downstairs room:  when we were doing the vigil in there, there was a noise but it was no ones stomach. One guest thought that it was a woman's voice. The noise needs cleaning up to see what it was.

Darran had left a recorder running during the lone vigils. Two guests are in the room and a low voice next to the recorder either says " BRING IT ON, OR KEEP CALM ". It needs enhancing and cleaning up to make sure.

Library:darran asks spirit to make noises louder whilst doing the vigil and there was a slight voice

We didn't get a lot on the video footage apart from one orb on the stairs that seems to come from around the pillar and then float down the stairs, just as one comes up the stairs. They pass each other and the one going down disappears down the stairs and the other gets to the top and is seen to turn right. Other than that, nothing bar lots of dust and a few bats.