Investigation log of Margam Park 30th September 2016

Investigation times:  10pm - 3am  

Weather: wet and mild


For our first investigation, we took everyone into themain downstairs room. In here, the knocking block which was in the fire place went off. K2 ted was touched on his head and Jennifer doll was lighting up to amber. A couple of guests felt very cold across their backs. There was a loud tap that came from the next room. Darran picked up a little boy I had that his name was Thomas and he's 7. He's blonde and wears blue short trousers. He was running around the room


We then moved into thedownstairs library. In here the on off torches were going mad turning on and off both on their own and on request, doing the red when asked or the green when asked. Lorraine picked up a dog. An Irish wolfhound. We could hear distant voices. Darran picked up the name of Margaret. There was a heat source on the thermal camera on Jennifer dolls head as though someone was touching her. We could also hear faint footsteps above us. A couple of guests suddenly had cold legs but there was no draught or temperature drop and there was a tap from the corner of the room.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Upstairs main room- guests on the planchette had an "M". They asked if her name was Margaret and it went to yes. On asking for the initial of her surname, they had a "W". She doesn't mind us being there. She had one child. She states that there is more than one spirit in the room. She stated that the gamekeeper isn't in this room with her. She is happy. However  lot of the time, the group weren't vocalising the responses, and therefore although I can hear that the pen was moving, I can't tell what direction it moved in and don't know what responses they were actually getting .


Bottom of stairs / foyer- guests 2 went up to red and stayed there. However as soon as she got to the top of the stairs, it went off.  Lorraine picked up the dog again. It's the master's dog and his name is Ulesys

Nursery- some guests went in here with Darran. He picked up a young girl called Mary.  They tried the planchette but it wouldn't move while he was there. As soon as he left the room, it started moving, whereby she confirmed she was in the room, happy and is a child.

Library - guests on the planchette spoke to a little girl. She said that she died here. She's scared but also happy in the house. She stated that she was in the room with them. She's scared of the gamekeeper. On being asked to, she stated that she's not able to touch anyone in the group.  They asked for a noise, and heard on in the opposite corner of the room