Investigation log Margam Park 18th Feb 2012

Weather: Dry and clear

Vigil times: 10pm - 3am

Before we had even started, Sarah and Paul decided to take a walk down to the ruins of the chapterhouse in the grounds. As they stood there, they could hear footsteps on the gravel next to them however, no one was with them. They were there alone.

First vigil: Sarah Lorraine and Karina took one half of the group up to the nursery area where they did a planchette session. They picked up a male spirit named George who had died in 1865 at the age of 84. A Thomas who stated that he had been "Lord and master "of the house also came through. He had a wife and children however didn't want to talk about them. He had several mistresses. He died at the age of 67. On the group doing a séance
circle, some guests felt very cold, and the room also became a lot darker. Footsteps were heard from the room next door. A nurse named Georgina came through who was the nanny / nurse as well as children named Billy and Amelia. One guest had their coat tugged and another their legs tapped. A ball which had been placed on the floor moved approx 3 feet across the room ( the floor was even in this room as we tested it with the ball). Faces were being tickled.

On Sarah and Karina walking back through Lady Charlotte's room at the end of the vigil, they noticed that there was now writing on the paper under the planchette in this room. The word MAD was written clearly on it. No one had been in this room since Lorraine had set up the planchette earlier and I had put a pen in it a bit later. Prior to the first vigil taking place in the nursery, no one had been in this room which the EVP id set up earlier confirmed. The only footsteps in the room were mine when I set it up as well as Sarah's group walking through to get to the nursery. At this, they decided to put their hands on the planchette and asked out loud who was mad. The name William was written. He came across as not being a nice energy at all. They got out of him that he was mad that we were there that night and that he had killed John, the son of the house.

Meanwhile, Paul, Leanne and Dave took their group out to the chapterhouse ruins. During a quiet calling out circle, Leanne sensed a male spirit zipping in and out of the pillars just outside the chapter house. He wouldn't come forward but gave the sense of peeping around the pillar and then darting back behind it. At the same time, footsteps could also be heard on the gravel in this area. Very low murmurings could also be heard. One male guest
was touched on the hand and others felt dizzy and numb.

We then went out to stand out by the pillars and towards a dilapidated wall to the rear of the church. Paul picked up on a man of the cloth who was actually walking between the pillars who gave the impression of being a priest. One female guest then saw a male leaning up against the end o the broken wall. When Paul went over to the location, he was overcome with the feeling of fear of his life as if he was running from something. He sensed that it had something to do with the monks / clergy that used the chapterhouse. Both his and others legs turned to jelly and they began to get the taste of blood in their mouths. Others felt very nauseous and sick. By this time, although I had been trying to take photos with the night vision camera, I was now on my fourth set of batteries as they continuously drained and so I gave up.

The guests then went off to conduct their own vigils.

In the nursery, a young girl aged 9 who was born in 1801 came through to guests on the planchette. Another girl named Lucinda also came through.

A charlotte was picked up in the middle room. This charlotte was young and is believed to be the same charlotte who threw herself to her death over the balcony down onto the main stairs. A second charlotte then came through who was a lot older being 67. She didn't want to tell them much but stated that she had died in one of the fires in the building. (Believed that the current building has seen 2 or 3 but there had been previous fires in the building that stood on the land prior to it being Margam Castle).

In the lady Charlotte room, Paul assisted guests with a planchette. Henry Williams came through who was not a nasty spirit particularly but didn't like Paul. He followed Paul around the building all night but because of his presence, made it difficult for some of the others to come through to Paul as they were afraid / wary of Henry. He gave off an odour which I was able to pick up on of almost being damp clothing mixed with body odour. The K2 meter was also going off. The evp machine picked up on a number of taps occurring even when no one was in that part of the building as well as it sounding as though someone was actually tapping on the evp machines itself. Footsteps were also picked up in the room when I know full well that one group were all together in the Nursery and Sarah's group were all on the stairs at the other end of the building. No one was walking around. Even the security guard at this time was downstairs sitting in the base room.

During the second vigil, the girls then went onto the main staircase. They picked up on a William Platt who died in 1774. He was a lord of the house. He had no money and 4 children. He died at the age of 84. They also then tried some table tipping with an upturned bin (I forgot to pack the tipping table) which was rocking from side to side before it spun itself around. William, Henry and children were present in the stairs and all the guests were aware of movement going on around them.

Paul's group went into the nursery where the room began at the temperature of 54 degrees. However it then felt considerably colder although the temperature stayed the same. We were all freezing. Pin pricks of light could be seen and stones were being thrown. A presence was sensed lingering in the doorway between the side room just next to the nursery and the middle room could also be heard coming from the middle room although no one wasin there. We then sat a couple of guests in the nursery (taking it in turns) on
their own. They felt presences in the room with them and heard footsteps. One felt extremely sick and had to leave the room, another saw pinpricks of red and white light. One guest, who was standing up in the room with me and Paul, felt his left arm rising up to the side of its own free will. When Paul put the temperature gauge on him, there was a 4 degree difference between his arms in temperature. This guest felt extremely cold to the left side while it was rising. Whistles could also be heard.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any cameras set up as Darran wasn't with us and I can't get him to trust me enough to show me how to set them up in his absence. As I say, I gave up with the digital camera after 4 sets of batteries. 3 out of the evp machines switched themselves off throughout the night, ( one in the middle room  / one outside the tower door and the other twice in the nursery) one needing the batteries changing even though every machine was stocked up with brand new batteries at the beginning of the night. It seemed to be a theme for the night though as both my torch and Sarah's had the batteries drain within the first hour or so as well as guests experiencing the same.

The EVPs picked up some interesting stuff though. In the Lady Charlotte room, footsteps can be heard even though everyone I know at the time was downstairs as we were introducing the night to the guests. Various taps can be heard as well as at one point a male whispering however, I can't decipher what's being said.

Outside the tower door (we didn't have access to the tower however, people have reported noises being heard coming from behind the door. In fact when I went up to set the evp up, I heard a low growl whilst I was there but unfortunately, it was just prior to me switching the machine on so it's not captured). Around 2hrs in, a very low metallic tapping can be heard. Not long after that, the batteries drained and it switched itself off.

The batteries in the middle room drained after 26mins and the one in the nursery after 40 mins. Unfortunately, I didn't notice and so nothing has been captured. Brand new batteries had been put in prior to the start of the vigil.