Investigation log of Margam Park 22nd February 2013

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather:  slight snow / calm.

Members of south Bristol paranormal group also attended this event to conduct their own investigation alongside ours. Before the rest of the guests arrived, Trevor went to the top of the stairs and saw the apparition of a female who was dressed in grey. She was stood in the doorway of the main room at the top of the stairs.  She gave her name as being Emma Fox. Later on in the evening when Trevor picked up on her again at the same location, she corrected it to Emily Fox.

Once the guests arrived, we conducted the first vigil in the main room at the top of the stairs where we had good K2 hits. In the circle, Paul was touched to the back of the head and one of the guests felt her bag being tugged. Others felt cold on their backs and began swaying. Another guests arm began to ache and we heard a loud knock come from over by the window. We then decided to go over to the table to try a planchette. On doing so, the 2 K2s started to go berserk simultaneously. Robert was picked up and one of the
guests had her head being touched and another face. One lady felt that her earring was pushed in towards her neck stabbing her.  One of the guests had a ghost box with them
and so we decided to give it a go. These are the following conversations we had on it.

Firstly was the voice of a little boy.

Paul, "do you want to tell us something ""NO,……. HELLO ".

Then Paul asked if Robert was in the room to get the reply "ROB".

"Rob, do you like to be called Rob?"  ………….. "YES "

"Are you here with us? " …………………………."YES"

"How did you die? " …………………. "SICKNESS"

"Would you like us to go into another room? " ………………… "YES"

"Are you listening to me? " ………………………… " DON'T START"

"Don't start what? " …………… "DOWN".            

"Did you go down or were you shot down? " ……………………. "SHOT DOWN "

"Is there a Father Tom here? " ………………….  "A CHILD HERE, JOHN "

"Did you work for John? " ………………….. "YES "…………. "HE SHOT ME "

Meanwhile, the Bristol team were in "Catherine's "room. Here they could hear the movement of furniture being scraped around as well as thumps and footsteps. Between two of the group, they heard a loud breath between them and then it happened again but much loud. The K2 at the same time was going haywire for around 10 seconds going on and off. 

When they went into the nursery, the geophone was going off when they asked a "Robert "to go around it. They also had strong replies on the planchette. They also could see flashing lights in the room, shadows moving around in the next room and felt extremely cold for a few seconds every now and again and could only describe it as if someone had walked through them.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone vigils.

In the main room, the guests felt the energy of a female. They asked her to turn the torch on and off to which the reply was "STUPID QUESTION ".  A little boy called Thomas
also came through on the planchette and they could all smell the smell of burning wood.

In the tower, another female energy was picked up by another guest but she didn't give any information.  

In the nursery, guests had picked up on  a thomas on the ghost box, the following
conversation took place:

( Thomas ) "HIYA"  

Are you saying hello? ……………….. " I SUPPOSE"

Do you know my name? ………………………….. "ELLIE". One of the guests in that group was called Eleanor. They again asked him to repeat the name and again he said "ELLIE "

Another spirit also made themselves known who stated that his name was Henry and also gave the name Rogers

For the second vigil, we took the guests to the nursery and the room next to it.  The names Thomas, Roger and Tom were picked up on the ghost box. The K2s were also going off. A
male energy was being picked up. We all heard whistles coming from either the room next door or the one next to that. On being asked to repeat it, they did. A dragging sound was also heard across the floor and Lorraine was picking up on the name of Eleanor. However we also had an Eleanor as one of the guests and when using the ghost box, the name "ellie "kept being repeated through it. On then moving next door, we asked for Eleanor to give us a sign of her presence and at that the torch which had been placed on the mantelpiece, turned on by itself. Phones drained and were switching off. Lorraine felt very ill and felt
as if she was going to pass out. Others had pains in their legs. The name Mary-Ann was also picked up and we heard bangs coming from the nursery. A shadow could also be seen in the doorway between the room we were standing in and the room next to it again (Catherine's room). Both Paul and one of the guests could see this shadow peering around the doorway. Myself and another guest could see the shadow of a dog, going in and out of the guests. The shadow was only around 2ft high if that. We could hear murmuring and one of the guests kept feeling as though she was being twisted around to her right in order to
face the doorway where the shadow person could be seen. The K2 was going up to red and then the torch switched itself on again before flickering and then becoming very bright.

Meanwhile, the Bristol team were in the library downstairs where they picked up on the spirit of a Welshman who was a medic in the 2nd world war. He was adamant that he had to inform them that he was a Welshman. On speaking to him on the planchette, it was ascertained that he didn't like jive music but preferred classical music. Karin played him some Strauss on her mobile to which he replied that he liked. He informed them that he was aware of there being three spirits in the room and that he sees them. They also picked
up on Robert Scott who stated that he was killed by "John "

Again the guests all went off to conduct their own vigils.

For the final investigation of the night, we firstly took the guests onto the top of the main staircase. The chair next to me which was empty and no one touching it, started to wobble and you could hear the feet vibrate on the floor. When we were all quiet, we could then hear the sound of metal banging downstairs in the main entrance. It sounded like a couple of the chairs clanging together. I ran downstairs to see if I could recreate it but I
couldn't, we couldn't work out what it was. Guests could hear a female wail and then Paul was shocked to turn around and see through the metal fencing of the Venetian room a man stood on the other side, looking at him. He states that his body was mostly shadowed apart from the chest up. His face seemed to glow as if being illuminated by our monitors which were based in that room. He describes him as being quite young and having sandy coloured hair. He picked up on the name of John. On looking away, and then looking back at him, he was still there, but then on Paul trying to take a photo, he vanished. More interestingly, one of the Bristol team describes seeing the same male earlier in the night in the same area and even MORE interestingly again, when I went home and told Darran, he quickly jacked up the laptop to show me photos that he had taken last November of the same area, taken from the landing which shows a male again standing in the same place, looking out towards the stairwell. In total there are five photos in succession before he disappears!! (Will get Darran to upload them onto the site)

We then went to the library where the EVP machine had been drained. Or maybe not. When I went around collecting all the evp machines at the end of the night, for the first time ever, all of them were either drained or turned off. On turning some of them back on, they still had full batteries and had stopped for some reason after around 4 hrs. It's just strange that they all went off as I say, we've had one or two but never the whole lot. In the
library a Martin was picked up by Paul who confirmed that Paul knew him formally a few years ago. The K2 was also going off.

The Bristol team were in the "Catherine "room where the welsh medic again made an appearance and was very prominent as well as a Robert Scott. The geophone was going off on vibrations being made around it.

EVPS picked up (before they drained / turned off)

Whilst our group were in the nursery and room next door hearing whistles, you can hear them quite clearly near the stairs. HOWEVER the Bristol team were at this time, conducting a quiet vigil on the main stairs and don't comment on the series of whistles at all. It wasn't one of them as they were all together and the whistles came from further away from at least the main room or room next to it.

Again on listening back to the evp in the main room, you can again hear these whistles, however it sounds like its coming from the other end of the main room at the far end.

In  the room next to the nursery,  there are the sounds of someone moving around as well as rustling. Also the cat ball sounds like its shaken twice. The evps were the last things put into the rooms before I went down to greet the guests and so I was the last one up there. The cat ball had sounded only five minutes after I put the evps in the rooms.

When I was in the nursery talking to the Bristol group, you can hear a female moan under our voices. This is also heard by one of the group as she asks if we heard it.

as for video footage, there were a couple of orbs in the main room and at the top of the stairs. however there was also a lot of dust floating around.

All in all a very interesting night.