Investigation Log of Margam Park Port Talbot 2nd November

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: windy and showery


Before the night had even begun, Colin was on the back staircase when he heard a voice call his name by a male voice. It wasn't any of the team

Once the guests arrived, for the first vigil the team took them to main room upstairs. When the team started to call out and ask questions, Colin heard a voice ask "why"? However, this isn't heard on the evp.  One guest started to feel cold and the smell of violets could be smelt very strongly in the room. The name of Suzanne was picked up as well as a William / Bill. Darran asked spirit to knock and to copy him. Instead, he got a growl in reply. The female guests were being touched. There were good K2 hits and a male energy was then picked up possibly being a Robert.  The group could see lights at the far end of the room as well as the Rem pod. Taps were also heard as well as scratching which was quickly discounted on a large rat being spied. The K2 was going up to red in answer to questions being asked a little boy named Billy was then picked up. Darran asked him to play and run around the room and they could hear light footsteps. On asking him to stomp or stamp his feet, 3 loud bangs were heard. Paul picked up on a Joseph who had shot Robert. A couple of the guests felt the energy of a child between them which was making their hands tingle. One of the female guests felt as if her glove was being pulled off. A couple of the team and guests also heard a male groan.

The second vigil was held in the nursery where the names Mary-Anne and Kate or Katie were picked up. Mary Ann was giving the feeling as though she was sad and crying about something. Darran saw a red flash of light even though there was nothing in the room to give one off.  The K2 was also going 0off as well as the vibration sensor on the teddy. She seemed to be answering questions via the teddy.  There were slight taps in the room as well as moans and whimpering also being heard. Some of the guests felt as if they were being touched. The temperature started dropping and the battery drained on Kevs camera despite it being fully charged. At one point the room began to darken and the sound of voices was heard. Via the K2 a spirit child stated that he was scared of Darran and asked him to leave the room. Once he did the spirit then lit the torch up three times. A little boy Billy took a shine to one of the guests and tugged on her poncho. Paul asked Billy if he wanted to go home with her and the torch lit up as a reply. Paul and Colin had the feel of someone touching their heads. Colin asked Katie if it was her who had called his name earlier on in the night. The teddy and K2 lit up in reply as it did when he then asked if he reminded her of someone. Paul mentioned Robert Scott and the fact that he was shot by Joseph. On mentioning him, a cold blast shot across the room even though the temperature gauge went up by a couple of degrees next to him. Darran and Colin had the thermal imaging camera picking up a heat source in the doorway. It was glowing hotter and then colder and seemed to pulsate.

Guests then went off to do some lone vigils.

In the main room shadows were seen by guests and some using the Ovilus with Colin when asking spirit " do you want us here? " the reply was " MIXTURE ".

In the Venetian room Colin picked up on the gamekeeper and both he and one of the guests heard a growl however this wasn't picked up on the evp.

On the back steps, Colin and a couple of the guests went onto the back stairs to do a quiet evp session near the door at the top. At this time, the door was swinging open and shut with the wind. This door opens out onto the roof. As they are sat there, after 10 minutes or so, you hear on the evp, colins panic stricken voice  say " I'm going, just start walking, don't rush just move " as they hastily retreat down the stairs. Approx 30 seconds or so after, you hear the sound of shuffling like someone's walking around the area they just were. The reason for the hasty retreat?? (Sorry Col, dot want to make you sound like a big girl but the panic in your voice was funny)  Colin turned around by the door which was opening and closing and saw whilst the door was ajar a large shadow of human form. The only other thing he could see was a pair of bright red eyes staring at him. What he didn't know until he got to the bottom of the stairs and sighed a breath of relief was that one of the guests with him had seen exactly the same thing. Neither of them had said anything at the top of the stairs when they saw it, but did so once they started breathing again. The team being the team made Colin go back up there rather than run away from it so he returned with Kev and Lorraine. Whilst up there, Lorraine picked up on a father Tom. Both she and Colin then picked up on the energy of a butler  / servant. Lorraine then had the name Jock come through to her but it was more of a nickname than a proper first name and she had the impression that the name was in fact John and that it belonged to a man who was part of the actual household rather than being staff.

The third vigil took place on the stairs where there were good K2 hits as well as distant voices and noises being heard from the Venetian room. The torch also came on twice and a shadow was seen standing by the banister by one of the guests. She tried to call it forward but it wouldn't and just disappeared. On Paul asking if charlotte was who was with them, the K2 lit up. On mentioning Henry, all of the K2s lit up together. Darran left one of his torches on top of the balustrade. However, after 10 mins or so, this torch should've been cold as it was on top of cold stone. However when he put the thermal camera on it, it was still glowing red as though someone was holding it. As he swung the thermal around, he captured a figure on the other side of the stairs on the landing but it disappeared before he could capture a photo of it. Noises were heard from the Venetian room and the torch kept turning on.

Evps Picked up are:

In the sewing room, there are various knocks and taps as well as movements as though someone's moving around in there

In the back stairs, there's the sound of shuffling about just after Colin bids a hasty retreat down the stairs. The rest of the night prior to and after that, nothing is picked up bar the hiss of the recorder

In the Venetian room, there's the strange sound of a baby wailing

In the library, it sounds like a female says 1,2,3 from a way away

In the main room, a woman's voice is picked up saying two words but I can't work out what's being said. Also there's the sound of the footsteps which everyone heard when Darran asks Billy to run around and stomp his feet.

In the nursery, when Darran mentions the name of Katie, a little girl's voice says " oooohh"

As for video footage, there's a lovely dense orb in the nursery that comes from under the planchette table, across the room and out of the door.

On the main stairs, a couple of orbs come down the stairs,b something seems to come around the side of the top balcony as if peeping around the corner and then an orb, is seen to go UP the stairs at the same down that dust is coming DOWN. However it's good as whatever it is, must realise when they get to the top that everyone was just the other side of the door in the main room as you see it pause at the top, and then come back down the stairs again.

Downstairs in the main entrance, something seems to form near the door and then come a bit closer to the bottom of the stairs.