Investigation of Margam Park 6th December 2014

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: wet / cold / windy

Before the night started and we were setting up, twice, Colin saw a white shadow coming down the main stairs. A little while after when we were walking to the base room, me and Colin heard a bump coming from the tower stairs. We shouted up and no one replied. On looking upwards, we saw a black shadow leaning over the banister near the top as though someone was looking over and down at us

Once everyone arrived, we took them into the main room downstairs for the first investigation. The K2s started to go off and the names Catherine and Elizabeth were picked up. Darran also picked up on a Robert in the room. He lived in the house. One guest started to itch whilst another felt pin pricks down her arm. We started to hear knocks and taps coming from the other end of the room near the library. Lights and shadows could also be seen coming from that end.

We decided to go into the library next. Everyone was in the circle holding hands and the on off torches began to glow as well as the k2s going off. Noises could then be heard coming from the room next door. The static sensor started going off and guests could hear footsteps coming from near the wooden door at the end of the room that leads to an area where we don't have access. Darran was picking up on a female in the room but she wouldn't give a name. Kev picked up on the name Catherine again. The IR picked up a shadow again in that corner.


Everyone then went off onto their own to conduct their own investigations.

In the Venetian room, on the planchette one group picked up on a male who worked at the house. He was treated like a slave by the man of the house and wasn't treated very well (i picked up on him last time we were here too) he was blamed for the death of a baby in the house however it wasn't his fault. It was cot death. He was scared to pass over in case he was judged and punished for it.

In the downstairs main room, guests could smell the smell of burning near the corner alcove in the room

Other guests took photos in the atrium on the main staircase and both picked up clear orbs in the same place. Another one is so bright above the balcony it looks like a torch light (it isn't as no one was up there at the time) it's also in the area where it's stated that a female threw herself over the balcony.

In the room next to the nursery, two guests sat quiet and heard the rustling of clothes. They state that it sounded like taffeta.


For the next investigation, we started off in the nursery. The knocking block which was in the room next door went off twice on its own. It was over the other side of the room near the fire. We tried to throw a ball and cause a vibration to set it off again however it wouldn't work. Me and Alex started to feel a warm sensation between the pair of us Hannah started to tingle over the far side of the circle and then started to shake. She felt so bad after a minute or so, she had to leave the room and go downstairs. However a guest then took her place in the same spot and started to feel the same. Darran picked up on a Mary- Alice. Another guest then began to feel sick. Troy again started to get the image of a little girl who is pre teen and wearing a blue/green dress. Another guest stated that the far corner just "wasn't right ". He didn't like it. He picked up that the room when a nursery had a bed either end. Someone went through the window. The room next door was the nannies room.

We then all went into the "nannies room "next door. Darran set up the knock off torches in the nursery. Whilst we were all in this room, the torches in the other room kept going off. I was picking up on the name of Isobel and some guests heard a growl. Again like last time we visited, we could hear distant mumbling and talking from along the corridor. Darran asked for the gamekeeper and picked up on the name of Robert as well as 3 others also getting the same name. The torch turned off when asked if he was a game keeper.

We then took everyone into the blue room "bedroom ". Colin was picking up on the name of Georgina. Hannah had the image of a young girl stood in the corner of the room who was wearing a long dress and white cap. She believed the girl to be a servant. The K2 went off a couple of times but apart from that, this room was fairly quiet


Again everyone went off to do their own vigils.

In the room between the blue room and nannies room, a group tried the pendulum pyramid. The pendulum started to move for them and the energy in the room started to turn their video camera off. They asked if spirit wanted to be filmed and they had the answer of no on the pendulum and the camera turned off completely. They picked up that the spirit was female and that she was happy. As soon as the group left the room, the camera was working fine.


For the last investigation, we took everyone onto the main balcony and stairs. The k2s were going off Darran picked up on a Henry Marshall and that he had links with the military. He was stationed in the house during the war. When Darran mentioned him being there to prepare for D Day the K2s went off. Me and dad then heard the tinkling of metal coming from the venetian room and noises could be heard coming from the blue room. Another voice was heard from the Venetian room and other noises like someone was moving around in there. Colin went to have a look but there was no one in there. The torch which was behind me on a table kept going on and off and did this around half a dozen times during this vigil. The name charlotte was picked up.

EVPS picked up

We had nothing from the tower or the main room downstairs

In the blue room " bedroom " there were various taps and knocks when no one was in the room. At one point there's a female voice but i can't work out what shes saying at the moment, Darran will need to enhance it. We also had somewhere someone whistling a tune. Although heard from this room, its come from else where.

On the main stairs, theres the sound of tapping and knocking near the recorder when no one was in the area.

In the library theres a quiet whistle

In the nursery, theres various knockings and taps as well as the sound of swishing which sounds like material being swished about ( guests had heard the same thing earlier in the room next door )


As for CCTV footage, for some reason it didn't record. We cant find anything for Margam on the cctv box.