Investigation Log Margam Park Saturday 2nd September 2017


Investigation times:  10pm - 3am

Weather: drizzly and mild


Tonight our guests included members of Deaf Haunted with their lovely interpreter Hannah. Once we worked out how best to "light her up " aka, two torches on the floor glowing up and another rigged onto a tripod shining her face, we were good to go.

Firstly we did a group vigil in a circle in the maindownstairs room. The red torch was placed on the mantelpiece and the knocking block in the doorway between this room and the room leading to the library. We heard a female voice moan and there was the sound of something being dragged across the floor at the other end of the room various knocks and bumps were also heard. The red torch was then turned on and off on request and the knocking block also went off.

A little girl was picked up. Deb had picked up on her on her last visit. Her name is Francesca. She was supposed to be being looked after by her uncle but she fell into the pond and drowned. She wasn't helped by him at all; he just sat and watched it happen. She has a little brother. I was picking up on the name of johnathan. Francesca was scared of her uncle who tries to stop her communicating and coming thorough. He holds her back. She liked the K2 doll which was on the floor behind Hannah and wanted to light it up. Emma's face was being touched and others felt their hands being touched. Darran picked up on the name of Francis. Two of our male guests at the same time, whilst holding hands in the circle, felt their arms and hands go cold as though something rushed in between the pair of them.

We then went into thelibrary. Kev picked up on a gamekeeper called Stewart. Possibility that this Stewart was related somehow to Francesca. Francesca didn't live at the house; she would visit family members here. One guest David heard a clapping and two whistles in his ear. We had a couple of whistles in response when we asked for them. Kim had the feeling that either a workman or builder had an accidental death at the house. Another guest was having her forehead touched


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

Two guests were stood at thebottom of the stairsin the main entrance when they saw a white figure walk past them. They couldn't see a face or make out whether it was male or female; it just walked past them and disappeared.

Another guest in the same area, picked up on a male who was very well dressed, maybe a butler.hes not very old, late teens. He had a pain in the head.

In themiddle upstairs room, K2s were going off.

In the library ,a couple of the guests remained in the room and state that all the chairs took in turns to creak going around in the circle of chairs as though someone was either going around sitting on each or touching each of them, going around the room. They also stated that the room went really cold

Upstairs, main room,was guest was touched on the neck. Others on the board picked up on male who stated that he was 19. He died in 1928. He stated his name was "COLS". In the same room, they also pic ked up on the gamekeeper on the board. Emma didn't like it in this room. The gamekeeper doesn't like women being in this room. He spelt out the name Roger on the board.

Others, who were stood in this main room, saw a male shadow walking between the doorways of the two rooms.

Main downstairs room, guests on the board picked up on a male who is 19. He stated that its 1928. He kept trying to spell his name. Firstly it was "COLS" then "COLSN" then "COLSO" they then left. This spirit may then have had the surname of "COLSON" that they were trying to spell out


Everyone then regrouped and for the second group vigil, we started onthe stairsthe red on off torch was coming on and off when asked. There was a male picked up in the room to our left as some of the guests could see his shadow moving around. Noises were then heard from the bottom of the stairway as if something was being pushed or pulled along the floor. Again, the red and green on/off torches were coming on and off and the trifield monitor was going up a female was picked up n the stairs and taps were heard coming from the vvery bottom of the stairs. Darran picked upon a father Michael

We then moved onto thefirst main upstairs room. In her again, we went into a circle. The red and green torches which had been placed in the doorway between the two rooms were going on and off when requested to do so. Also the knocking block went off from the opposite doorway when asked to do so. A little boy was picked up and K2 ted was being touched on multiple occasions and his lights were lighting up. The K2 doll was also going off. Darran turned on the spirit box came out with a very small child's voice twice. (Couldn't make out what they said, a need to enhance it if it will) shuffling footsteps could also be heard and the trifield was also lighting up. A female called Catherine was picked up with her two children. Dave heard 2 whistles in his ear and was then pinched on the arm. Heannah maewhile who was sat in the centee of the room felt very heavy and cold.


Again, everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

In theupstairs main room, a john edes was picked  he gave the year as being 1948 and that he was 30 yrs. old he had been a relation of the family who had lived there

Inthe tower, Dave states he was pushed when he was at the top

Inthe nursery- some tried to do scrying and were finding that their faces were changing


On regrouping, we all went off again this time to go on to thenursery

In here it was pretty quiet apart from one guest smelling a strong aroma of Jasmine (we've had this before in this room)

Therefore we then moved into aroom two doors away. Again, in here Darran put on his spirit box to try and speak to them. Darran said " tell us your name. " the response was a male voice saying" GET OUT"            It told us this 3 times but wouldn't say why he wanted us out. We kept getting the low male voice on the recorder. Two or three different voices wre coming through. Again, the gamekeeper came into this room. A female voice was also heard. Kev then asks "if you're man enough to do something, do something now" at that, the knocking block went off straight away.

EVPs picked up

Library- metallic taps in the room

1st Bedroom upstairs (on corridor of nursery) - long exhalation of breath is picked up when no one is anywhere near the area

Main stairs- two toned whistle is picked up

Main downstairs room- a female voice is heard. Can't work out what its saying though later on, there's a two toned whistle, this is possibly the one that I heard when we were on the stairs doing the vigil

Nursery- a female voice is very clear. This female is almost singing or humming to herself.


As for video footage apart from a couple of orbs and a lot of bat activity, we have nothing really to report on this occasion