Investigation log of Mill Street Barracks St Helens Friday 13th March 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  cold and damp

Even travelling up in the van, darran started to pick up on things. He had a Sgt Major with a surname beginning with D. He was from Lancashire.

He also had a nun sister Theresa. She was surrounded by children.

(It wasn't until we got there that Andy told me that the building across the road from the barracks was used by the South Lancashire regiment on Volunteer Street. He also informed me that behind the barracks, by the church used to be a convent as well as a school. Children basically lived there almost like an orphanage. When ill, they would be taken to the barracks to be looked after by the nuns. Soldiers injured in war, were also brought back and cared for by the nuns. Part of the basement was used as a morgue

Despite us wanting to video the building throughout the night, after all the cameras were set up and the cabling set out, the CCTV box power pack decided to blow up. !!! Therefore, it was down to hand held cameras only during the vigils and praying that we would catch something on them


Once everyone arrived, for the first investigation, we took everyone up to the balcony and the classrooms over the main hall. Almost immediately the K2 teddy started to light up. He was being touched as his sensor went off around 5 or 6 times. He was sat on a cabinet to the side of the room. We could hear a lot of banging and tapping coming from downstairs in the main room. Dave could see spirit lights in the middle of the circle. He then picked up on a little boy. I had that his name was Samuel. He confirmed by touching the teddy that he was around 6 yrs old and that he was brought to the building to be looked after as he had TB. Guests had their legs going really cold and when asked, spirit started to raise guest's hands around the circle. One guests head was touched. A female was picked up on and i had the name of Emma. Darran then tried the spirit box. We had quite a few responses on it, quite a lot; we couldn't work out what was being said. However some we COULD understand were "DIG DEEP" and when some of the guests said they felt cold, we had "COLD". Darran asked," Can you turn the other torch on? " ... "I CAN'T ". There were big temperature drops. When we mention the fact, we had the reply "SORRY".

Darran then has a rank number come through as 967815. It kept coming into his head time and time again. Darran then picked up a male who had lost half of his left leg above the knee. It had been an injury to the foot which in itself, wasn't that bad an injury but due to it being so covered in dirt and mud, infection set in and he developed gangrene. The only way to stop it spreading and to save his life was to amputate. He is quite angry about it. Darran was getting the surname of Peters. We were getting the torch turning on and off on numerous occasions and in reply to questions.

I was picking up on a male energy at the end of the corridor near the end classroom. He wouldn't come close but just lingered in the corridor. 3 guests decided to go down there and sat in the room. After a couple of minutes, they picked up on someone stood in the same doorway. One of these guests felt her arm being squeezed. They started to see spirit lights in the corner of the room. Colin could hear weeping. Both I and a guest picked up on the name Tommy. Another guest in the classroom picked up a male who is sparring. He is a boxer. Another of the 3 felt she was being pushed forward.  There were a lot of loud bangs coming from the main hall beneath us and the sound of something rattling on metal. It sounded like someone kept knocking the ladders. The K2 on the table was also going up to red. At one point, i saw a bright white light float in front of the legs of one guest and towards and in front of the guest sat next to her. It wasn't anyone with a torch. No one had a torch or any other light on.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the "Vortex room", guests on the board had the letters A.R but this male wouldn't give them anymore. Dave picked up that he was an Army Sgt during WW1

Darran and Colin were stood chatting over one side of the main hall when darran noticed a black mist pass between himself and Colin. A little while after, both were stood near the tea urn when again, a black form went to pass in between them. Both of them saw it to the point where Colin put his arm out to push it out of the way and said Whoa and stepped back.

Another guest in the cellars took a great photo of an orb which was very clear, dense and bright blue.  Collins torch turned on by itself

Other guests in the morgue part of the cellars picked up on a Catherine or a Kathleen and that she was a nun

Guests and in the downstairs children's classroom, on a planchette spoke to a male called Patrick who liked to be called Pat. He was 23 and died in 1988. He had something to do with the cadets and comes back in visitation as he likes to see them doing their practice.


For the second investigation, we went down to the cellar. Firstly, we went to the middle room and everyone got into a circle holding hands. Again, Teddy started to light up straight away. I had put the knocking block on a side table out in the main corridor and as we were all in the room, it went off.

Darran was picking up on an Arthur and then he picked up on a Frances. It's believed that she was possibly one of the nuns. (Sister Frances) she worked down there in the morgue part. One guest started to burn up and stripped off down to a vest top despite the rest of us having big coats on. Another guest went flying and was pushed forward. Darran started to pick up on a male energy called Fred and teddy started to go up to red. Others could hear the cat ball which id rolled down the corridor jingling as though someone was moving it.

We then moved down to the underground spring end. One guest who was sat down firstly felt as though her legs were being pushed together. A few minutes later, she let out a yelp and stated that someone had squeezed her like in a bear hug. Again, teddy was lighting up to red. The torch kept turning on and off. One guest heard singing. Others of us could hear male voices coming from upstairs in the engineering workshop above us at the top of the basement stairs. The k2s were going well and myself, Darran and Colin had a horrible, oily taste in our mouths. Colin picked up on a male in a boiler suit and that possibly he was linked to ships. He was possibly a stoker.  

We then finally moved down to the morgue. Twice in this room, darran had the sensation of someone stood next to him to his left along the back wall. He then thought he saw someone standing in the hole in the wall leading to the other part of the morgue. However no one had stepped over the wall as they were all stood and sat around the rest of the room. It was only darran against the back wall. Colin was stood at the bottom of the stairs just outside the door, looking into the room when he had the sense of someone behind him on the stairs talking. One guest in the room was having her face stroked and another had her arm grabbed. Teddy was again lighting up and being touched and Dave was getting pains to his right side of this body. The torch was answering questions also and confirming what we were saying


Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations.

Myself and darran went off to the ground floor classroom (kids classroom) and did a planchette. Darran picked up on Fred again who he had picked up on all evening. He stated that he was supposed to be the angry man of the building but he's not the man brought through in the vortex room. In fact, he's nothing to do with this building but was the caretaker over in the building across the road (Prince of Wales 5th Battalion Royal Lancashire volunteer building). Although he said that he didn't want to talk to anyone, he was answering yes or no to questions and stated that he doesn't consider that as being a conversation. He didn't volunteer at all and wasn't called up. He gave the year as being 1887. This is when he worked there. He didn't die in that year. He goes between the buildings. He comes over to the barracks for some peace and quiet due to the building across the road being some kind of music studio. He doesn't like what the building is now. He's Lancastrian and doesn't like liverpudlians. Darran then mentioned the Sgt Major that he had picked up on earlier (he's following darran around) and the fact that he doesn't like him. Fred drew a huge circle as a no to this reply.  Darran said that there's something about Fred that just isn't right. Darran doesn't like it. On questioning, he stated that he liked to come over and see the children. He likes children. He liked the children who were brought over from the orphanage when they were ill. Darran then asked a probing question about his intentions towards the children. He stopped dead on the planchette. In fact he wouldn't answer anything after that and seemed to disappear.

Guests in the cellar at the spring end had first a female on the board who at once said goodbye and then a male energy. This male was happy to speak to them. However he couldn't tell them his name as he couldn't spell. He could however, spell "HI" which he did more than once. He stated that he was quite happy. One of the guests in this group then heard a noise and saw a shadow at the other end of the room.


For the last investigation, darran initially took everyone to the rope room, where a female energy was picked up by Colin. The teddy was lighting up but apart from that, it was quite quiet.

 Meanwhile, i was in the main hall starting to tidy up as i usually do. However i was starting to feel uncomfortable which is unusual for me as i usually am happy to get on with clearing up, being on my own in rooms etc. However, i then started to hear the wheels on the planchette up on the balcony start to move. I could hear it going back and fore. I stood and listened, and carried on clearing up. Then a set of ladders which was against the wall across the other side of the room started to creak. Footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs from the balcony and i could hear men holding a conversation in the engineering room. It was if the whole room was coming alive. It was at that point that (i know i shouldn't have done it but i got to being that uncomfortable with it) i decided to go and find the others.

The others were up in the rope room. Darran picked up on Fred again and Colin had a female spirit who gave the impression of being like a matron. She didn't want them in the room. This seemed to be her room.

Everyone came down to the main room and we just all sat there in the middle of the room quiet. Again, we could hear footsteps on the balcony stairs and movement in the upstairs classrooms by the main room. The torch kept lighting up which was on the stairs also. Again, we could hear whispered conversations.


Finally we went back up to the balcony and the upstairs classrooms. Me and Colin were sat on the balcony and the torch kept going off. Those in the classroom, could hear people behind them, however couldn't pick up on anything. Darran picked up on someone in the corridor again but again, couldn't get anything more. On everyone coming out to the balcony. Again, lots of banging coming from the main hall beneath us and voices from the engineering room again beneath us


On the balcony. During the first vigil just before darran turned on the spirit box, there's a little girls voice that says "DADDY". Later on, whistles can be heard and a loud exhalation of breath. You can also hear something being dragged / dropped / rolled up there which is when I'm stood still downstairs as i can hear things going on when i was trying to tidy up

In the rope room, there's a two tone whistle when no ones in the room

In the cellars down the far end where the spring is. At the other end where the table was was a strange noise when no one was down there its quite loud and not a drip of water as it's too long and there's nothing else like it throughout the night

In the vortex room, when we are doing the first vigil on the balcony at the other end of the building, there's a female voice within this room although i can't work out what's being said.


What a fantastic night. I can't wait to return