Investigation log of Miskin Manor Saturday 17th October 2015


Investigation times: 10pm-3am

Weather: dry and mild


Once the guests arrived, we firstly took them all into theTerrace roomto do a joint vigil. Everyone stood in a circle holding hands.

K2 ted was going off and a male spirit who lived in the building was picked up .one guests leg went really cold and another believed that she saw the teddy turn slightly. Darran picked up on a female called Margaret. There's another female presence there that makes her presence known to staff. A couple of guests backs felt cold and they were being pushed forwards into the circle. Another guest picked up on the name of Megan and on her name being mentioned, the K2s and trifield were going. One guest felt that the energy pushing the other guests was a male energy rather than a female. Myself and Dave both had the name of Henry


We then moved onto theWillow roomwhere again, Megan came through. The torches came on twice and on darran using the spirit box, we had the following:

Can you say Hello?   "HELLO"

What's your name? "WILLIAM "

Again what's your name? This time a female voice "MEGAN or EMILY "

We then had a "GET LOST or THE LODGE "after darran asks whether they lived in the building and then what sounds like "PISSPOT ".

Did you work here? "THIS BUILDING "

Later on, Darran asked if they can change the colours on the apparatus up to red and there's a "YES" in response


Colin picked up a male who was a soldier but from way back. He describes him as being an archer


Darran then tried text speech and on talking to spirit and asking how old they are, it text "IM 14"

One of the guests then felt her arm being grabbed


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations



Terrace room- guests were using the board and pendulum and the K2 was going off for them. They picked up a male who stated that he was naughty and that he lived in the 1600s. He lived in the building. He was 8 yrs old and his name was Matthew. He then pointed to "goodbye "on the board.

Another guest had a good photo of a bright orb at the bottom end of the room


Oak room- guests using the board picked up on a young girl who died from an illness. Shes happy there. She was only a teenager and lived in the house for a short space of time. Her name began with an M. K2 ted was also going off. Others had the planchette moving slightly and K2 ted lighting up


Maple room- the K2s were going off and there was another photo taken of an orb.



We then gathered everyone up for the second investigation which started off in theOak room. In here the knocking block which was put on a shelf in the next room went off 3 times and the K2s were also going off. Some of the guests legs were going cold and another felt pressure on her head. Taps could be heard that sounded like they were coming from inside the panelled walls. Darran asked them to finish off the tune of shaven haircut and they did. One guest felt freezing cold. The temperature gauge showed that the temperature had dropped next to her. K2 ted was touched as his motion sensor went off and 3 of Colin's cameras broke down .one guest jumped when she felt as though her hair had been pulled. She wasn't sure if she had caught it on her chair however on viewing the CCTV, she doesn't actually move her head at all to be able to catch it so it's a possible that it was actually tugged


We then went into thegarden room- in here the knocking block was going off again and the torch turning on. Both darran and one of the guests saw a light source come towards me across the room and Darrans camera turned itself off for no reason.

Using the spirit box, we got the name of either "WILLIAMS "or "EDWARD "Followed by "IAN ". On asking the name again, the response was "WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" on asking later on for another name, we had the reply of either "ELISE or HENRY ". Colin asked how many spirits were in the room and was told to "HANG ON "and when he asked again was told "HANG ON YOU OLD BA**ARD "there were a couple of other indecipherable things said which darran will have to clean up to see what was said but we later got a "ITS DARK "as well as "STILL HERE ".

Colin was then picking up on a dog being in the room like an Irish wolfhound type of dog (we've had this before in this particular room)


Everyone then went off to do their own vigils again


Garden room- guests were using both the pendulum and planchette and made contact with two spirits called Matthew and Oliver. Oliver is English and didn't work or live in the building. He's happy and not alone. There are two spirits in the room. He's happy to speak with the guests. Matthew had been following the guests around and wasn't happy. He doesn't like Oliver who's older than him as has mean to him. Both are boys, Matthew being 8 but Oliver's a bit older. They aren't related.


Terrace room- guests were getting a Matthew in here. He was picked up by the same guests in here, the garden room and the minstrel's hall.


Oak room- guess on the planchette and board picked upon a male called Richard who also spelt his name out. Another male was also picked up. He died here in the 1400s and was happy. He pointed to hello. Richard didn't have anything to say to them but wanted the guests to go. He didn't like people coming to speak to him although he stated that he was the father of the master of the house. He didn't die a natural death but was stabbed and killed over a money debt. He knows his killer 


Minstrel Hall - someguests tried the planchette and then the pendulum and made contact with a male energy. They worked out that it was again Matthew. He didn't die in the building but had lived there. The guests asked him if he was dead. He replied that he wasn't and that they are frightening him and wonders why they are there in his house. He doesn't know where he is. He doesn't like the animal heads up on the walls though. He stated that he's been ill for a very long time

Other guests then went onto the planchette and had the initials CS spelt out which happened to be both Colin's initials (in the team) as well as the guest's son's initials.



For the final vigils, we firstly went into theminstrel hall. It was quite quiet in here considering the energy which would've been built up with the earlier wedding and unusually, we didn't have a lot happening in here which was quite strange. Just after Colin whistles though, we did capture a low voice saying MMM .one of the guests stated that they could see an orange light near the window which was like a ball of light which was moving left to right and then up and down.. Others could also see a green light going down the wall. We initially thought that it could be something off Colin's camera but it wasn't


We then went into thedrawing roomwhere again we had the K2s going off and on the spirit box, we had spirit firstly say "MY SISTERS" and then "JEAN MICHEL"

Darran then asked for them to say hello and there was an "ELLO "in a cockney accent

Darran then asked where they came from and if they were in the forces, what their rank was. The reply was "LIEUTENANT".

A whole sentence is then said but at this moment needs cleaning up as i cant decipher it.

Due to us previously being in contact with a French spirit in this room, one of the guests asked them for their name and then i asked them for their age. They replied "VINGT" Which is pronounced as VAN and is French for 20.



Willow Room- various knocks and taps


Oak Room -there's a strange metallic noise like someone rapping on something as well as taps and knocks


Drawing roomwhen doing the final vigil, darran asks spirit to whistle for him. A low breathy faint whistle is picked up in response


Terrace room- when no ones in the room there's a male voice which sounds to be saying "PUT THAT THERE".  During our first vigil in the room, there's a two tone whistle which is low and below our voices as well as another very quiet voice just before the whistle.

When we are conducting our initial investigation in there, i say something but under my voice and near the recorder, something says "mmmm" faintly


As forVideo footage


Terrace room -at one point, a flashing orb is seen to come past Dave, towards a guest, around that guest, over towards me before then coming towards the camera.