Investigation log of Miskin Manor 1st Feb. 2013  

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather:  cold but dry.

This is a brand new location for us and not one that's really been investigated before by a group such as ours so it was going to be interesting as to how much we would pick up.

Before we started, Paul and Lorraine picked up on a male energy in the Minstrels room as well as Paul seeing a white mist go in front of the kitchen doors between the kitchen and the terrace room. A little girl was also picked up in the terrace room. A male spirit could be felt in the cedar room which was to be our base room for the night and the name Edward de Havilland came through. In the corridor outside the terrace room where a member of staff has seen many shadows, we were talking about a little girl when we all heard a
little girl's voice saying something although we couldn't quite work out what.  

Once the guests arrived, the first vigil was conducted in the Minstrel Hall. We conducted a séance with the guests in a circle, where a couple of them were shoved to the back and pushed forward. There were good K2 hits which lit up on request. Cold draughts could be felt around the guests and seem to go around the guests in turn. The spirit of a little girl called Elizabeth was picked up on and one guest had the date 1742. This date was coming through in a number of rooms and so we are not sure if this year was of any significance.  A male called John who was not a very nice energy was also picked up. He was a big fella and guests picked up that he had something wrong with his right leg and right side. Believed to have been caused by an incident involving a horse. Footsteps could be heard behind the circle and shadows walking around the outside edges of the room. Some shadows were seen to cross in front of guests legs at thigh height as if that of a child. Other guests were poked in the back and another had her hair played with. One guest sat in the wooden throne type chair but felt as though her wrists should've been bound to the armrests. The smell of horse manure was picked up by more than one person.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own vigils. In the terrace room, the initials HM were drawn on the planchette. There were also cold spots in the room.  Numerous guests
taking photos got  orbs in exactly the same place ( the last window on the right at the fireplace end ) in the willow room, there were good K2 hits to be had as well as an orb caught on camera. The minstrel's gallery again had good K2 hits.

For the 2nd vigil, we all went into the terrace room. Staff had felt this room to be very active previously. Although we could hear noises outside in the corridor such as footsteps and voices, on going out there on numerous occasions to check, no one was in the corridor. No members of staff were even in the area.  Lorraine heard a loud growl and I felt as though someone was touching my face. A male presence was felt in the room and one of the guests felt very hot. One of the male guests we then sent into the chestnut room opposite so that we could ask spirit to do something to him whilst we stayed put. However, he had nothing to report when he came out.

As it had gone a bit flat in the terrace room, we decided to then take the investigation to the bar and drawing room area. By now it was almost half midnight and around the time that the grey lady is seen regularly to float between these two rooms. We split up so that some were in each room. I felt as though I was intoxicated, light headed and dizzy whereas Paul felt as though his head was in a vice as he could feel intense pressure on his head. A
William and Gwillem were picked up. William had been the man of the house in around the 1600s. His surname was picked up as being Bassett. One guest felt really cold although the room was nice and warm as the fire had been burning that evening. All the K2s then went off simultaneously. Shadows could be seen under the door leading to the main reception area. However on going out there and checking with the night porter who was behind the desk, no one had been out there or walking around. These shadows were seen on numerous occasions whilst sat there. Lorraine then felt as though she had to leave the area as her ears felt like they were going to explode and she thought she may pass out. A loud tap was heard on the wooden case of the clock and a loud growl heard. An old musty smell was then smelt around the window end of the bar and guests picked up on a large dog which they described as a hound.

Meanwhile for those in the drawing room, the K2 went up to amber when I spoke about the grey lady. One male guest picked up on the energies of males sitting in the room following a hunt and having a drink afterwards and a wind down. Again the date 1742 was picked up. A mist was then seen go past the K2 which was on the side table.

Again, the guests then went off to do their own lone vigils.
In the garden room, a separate guest again picked up on the energy of a dog but stated it was a brown Labrador. In the terrace room, guests picked up on the smell of stale sweat / BO.

 In the holly room deep breaths were heard in guests ears and tapping on request.

In the oak room some guests on the planchette were having interesting results. In all, I tried 6 different batteries in the evp machine at this point as the original ones had drained twice already. Every time I put new ones in, it would record for a couple of seconds and then drain to nothing.
At the same time, the guests on the planchette felt as though they were having heart attacks due to heavy pressure on their chests and they were having difficulty breathing. When asked if it was this male energy draining the batteries, he answered yes on the planchette. When asked to drain something else, he made all the lights go out on the guests K2 for a few seconds before glowing them back up again. Also he would take the lights up to red and hold them there on request.  When some of the guests mentioned that the house was cosy, the K2 lit up as if in reply. Spirit seemed to like them complimenting the house and its décor.

The third vigil we initially did in the oak room. I sat in the outer room next to the main room. Whilst in here knocks and taps were heard and guests felt their hearts palpitating. 
However it went very flat in here very quickly as if spirit didn't like so many in the room. We decided then to finish off the evening in the garden room. In here we heard a males voice moan softly and then a whistle. The K2s were going off and again shadows as though someone was walking past the door could be seen under the door. Again I kept going out to check but no one was there. As I was using the video camera, I saw two clear orbs float across the room across the middle by the table.

As it went a bit dead, we decided to conduct a final vigil in the garden room. Paul picked up soldiers convalescing and a number of guests could smell old dirty / damp clothes. Guests began to rock back and fore and felt dizzy and light headed.othes felt the back of their legs itch. One guest began to feel angry and another had her head touched.

A dog was also picked up whilst another guest picked up that there were two dogs present which were big dogs like Irish wolf hounds or setters. A male with bad burns to his face was also picked up. Shadows were also seen to flit around the room within the circle, blocking the light of the K2s.

EVPs caught were:

In the terrace room, there were knocks and the sound almost of a child. There was also the sound of a muffled shout from the corridor outside however no one was in the corridor at this time.

Oak room- a few taps and knocks but nothing spectacular

Bar. - A male voice as well as that of a child. However as yet we are not sure what are being said until it's cleaned up a bit.

Garden Room - not a lot until the whole group went in there. Once conducting the vigil every time it was mentioned that they can see flashes of light, static can be heard to pass the EVP which is strange.

As for camera footage, we had a few good orbs especially in the garden room which seemed to be the most active for them.

A few of the guests have also sent us photos of orbs caught whilst investigating. Two sets of guests at separate times have both caught orbs in the same area in the terrace room which is interesting.

All in all an interesting night. We hope that once we start to conduct a couple of more investigations, the spirits of this beautiful building will accept us and will be more willing to communicate (as we have found previously in locations which havent been investigated much previously )