Investigation Log of Miskin Manor Hotel Friday 14th March  2014


Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

Before the guests arrived and the team were setting up, an angry male energy was felt in the Oak room. There was a feeling of not being welcome in there and of being watched. This male was also felt in the Cedar room when the team were doing the introductions at the beginning of the night.

For the first investigation, we took everyone into the Minstrels room. In here the torch lit up several times and also turned itself off.spirit were whistling on request and guests heard a heavy breath.a female energy with the name Charlotte was picked up and a little boy called Thomas who was 7/8 yrs old. He worked with horses. Charlotte was his mother . One guest had their shirt tugged twice. The geophone went off and cold draughts could be felt. Guests were feeling cold and having cold draughts. Some guests and dave then heard someone sigh . it wasn't another guest and weren't sure where it came from. A whistle and then the sound of a chair being moved was also heard. Darran had a heat signature on his thermal imager. It was as though someone had place a finger or thumb on top of a table. However as he was focused on it, after a minute or so, it started to fade. He got paul to do the same but when he removed his finger, it faded a lot quicker.  Shadows could also be seen near the fireplace at the other end of the room

Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations. Some of the guests had the planchette move for them in the Oak room.

The second vigil took place in the terrace room. In here, the K2 on the teddy was turning on as well as the torch in response to questions. One female guest felt hot and had a headache. She was forced to leave the circle. Then a second guest started to feel unwell whilst a third started to feel angry and was grinding their teeth. A number of others were feeling cold. On the spirit box, the name " SARAH" was said twice when asking for a name. She then said "LEWIS " and then the name "JOHN". Darran could hear males talking in the hallway whilst at the same time, Paul could see a light coming from under the door. A female energy called Mary was also picked up.

The next vigil took place in the drawing room where a female energy was picked up. Lorraine was getting the impression of females in the room doing their tapestries and sewing. This was a very female room . the K2 was going off and Lorraine began to feel pressure in her ears . the female energy wouldn't come forward or interact. She gave the impression of being the lady of the house. She doesn't want people there as its her home. She has two sons.

Everyone then moved onto the lounge bar where a John was picked up. He used to go hunting with dogs and took a gun. He was answering questions via the K2. The torch also went off. Guests could hear people having conversations but there were no other persons in the rooms adjoining and so couldn't be explained. Whistles were also heard and have been captured on the digital recorders.



In the Oak room, when no ones either in there or anywhere near, theres the sound of a male exhaling loudly

In the minstrels room, whistles can be heard as well as loud knocks and bangs when no ones in the room.

In the lounge bar, a strange rattling sound can be heard and again some whistles.

Video footage:

We have a flashing orb in the minstrels gallery and a lovely orb travelling in front of the mantelpiece in the lounge area. Theres also a strange flashing light which appears near the chair in the bar which emits its own light glow. It lasts for a couple of minutes before stopping. Im not sure what it is, nothing was left there equipment wise and everyone was in the terrace room at the time.