Investigation of Miskin Manor 21st November 2014

Investigation times : 10pm - 3am

Weather : wet


Once everyone arrived, we took everyone initially into the oak room. One guest sat around the table felt cold and sick as well as shaky. Darran picked up on the name of Gerald Evans. The K2 on the teddy as well as other K2s were going off.

We then moved onto the drawing room .

Darran picked up on a Robert and i picked up on the name Pagnall. Im not sure if this was his surname. There were strange taps and scratching noises coming from the corner by the window end. However it was inside rather than outside the window by a unit. Darran then picked up on a female called Grace. Colin picked up on a german medic and the name Himberg. He asked if he was a doctor and we had no reaction, however, when i suggested he may have been a dentist, the K2s lit up . one guest then believed that she saw a shadow standing in front of the table. At first thinking it was another guest, before realising everyone was actually sat down.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone investigations.

In the small room next to the oak room, on the board, a Robert aged 21 came through. He gave the century as being the 1800s,

Meanwhile in the Oak room, others picked up on a small boy with the initial of I who was 7 yrs old. He then stated that his name was Ian.  They then picked up on a spirit with the initial of G. They were also getting K2 hits up to red . a second group went in and also picked up on the initial G. Its believed to have been a family member of one of the guests at the table. She was passed  a lot of personal messages given to her by spirit on the board. Another in the group had her hair tugged. A female then came through onto the board and another with the initial of M. Finally they had a male with the initial B who stated that something bad had happened to him in the building.


For the second investigation, we moved into the garden room.

Teddy was touched and most of the K2s were going off on various tables. A couple of guests saw a bright white light zoom across the table top. One of the K2s which was on the floor just by teddy, kept having the lights go dim or interrupted as though something had walked in front of it. It happened around 3 times.  A couple of guests then walked in the door as they had been elsewhere and felt as though a dog had brushed past them as they entered the room ( which confirms the dog that we picked up on the month before in the same room ) . one guest was then touched and another who was sat where guests had been sat the month before where we picked up an energy on the thermal camera between them, suddenly felt very hot and sweaty. Her face was burning up. A shadow was then seen to cross by the window.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the Oak room, a William was picked up by one group . he is in his 20s and its the 1800s. He shot his brother in the room and doesn't regret doing it as he had done something bad to him first he wants to say hello. Hes quite happy. He wouldn't say how he died. Both he and his brother were in the room

In the garden room, guests picked up on a female spirit on the planchette.

In the Minstrel hall, a guest stated that she saw something white float past the banister on the gallery.


For the final investigation, we went into the Minstrels hall.  There were a couple of shadow, a few noises like footsteps and a loud exhalation of breath. We also had a few K2 hits but apart from that, it was going quiet.


EVPs captured :

  • In the garden room,

on the spirit box, we have picked up

"BY ME " "PLEASE" "BY ME " Not long after they say "THEYRE SINGING ".

When everyone has left the room and all is quiet, a male voice is heard to say "DO BE DO BE DO "

  • In the Minstrel hall,

When we are all in there conducting the last vigil, there is a low hum after i ask spirit to make a noise. After i whistle, both me and Colin heard a very loud exhalation of breath near us. This has also been picked up . when i ask spirit if their name is Mary, there is a sound like "HEH" just afterwards. When Darran turns on the spirit box, "OLIVER" is said very clearly

  • In the drawing room,

theres the sound of a male either humming quietly or clearing his throat when no one was around

  • Oak room

When Darran had the spirit box on we had the following said on it.


I then ask, "Can you tell me your name?"  "WHATS THE POINT? " .... "The point is, we would like to communicate with you "... "YEAAHH".

Later on, Colin states " im talking to the two brothers who are still here "..... "WHAT TWO BROTHERS?".

"Tell us your name "..."EVELYN "