Investigation log of Miskin Manor Cardiff, Saturday 2nd April 2016

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: dry but nippy


Once everyone arrived and was ready, we started our night in theTerrace room.  In here, the knocking block which I put at the other end of the room started to go off. The group stood holding hands in a circle and a few of then started to sway back and fore and could feel cold draughts going across them despite there not being ay draughts from windows or doors. In the corner, a spirit called Elizabeth was picked up and guests in that corner of the room felt cold chills on the backs of their legs. Others had their hair touched.

We then went into theChestnut room. In here, the on/off torches lit up. We got a couple of answers via the torch that it was a male spirit and that he had worked there. The k2s were also going up to amber. The red torch then started to light up which is unusual as it's stiffer than the green one and therefore it's very rare that it will light up. However it was lighting up a few times in this room. One guest was picking up on the name of john. On asking about John, we got a few positive responses on the torch. Darran then tried the spirit box and although a few things were said on it, it wasn't very clear as to what was being said. At one point I asked them if they were able to communicate via the box and a male said "JUST". Kev picked up that there were 2 spirits in the room, one of the being more dominant than the other.


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations.

Chestnut room- Olly felt his arm go freezing cold at one point when he asked out for John

Terrace room- there was an interesting photo taken by one guest of a misty shape stood in the corner where Elizabeth had been picked up. There was also slight movement on the planchette. Guests also heard the noise of something dropping to the floor. This was also picked up on the recorder. They couldn't see anything amiss though. They also felt cold spots

Garden room- some guests tried a bit of scrying and were surprised when their facial expressions appeared to change


We then regrouped and started the next investigation inthe Oak room

In here guests sat around the room and we asked spirit to put an impression as to how a male had died in the room previously. Just after, one of the guests stated that she felt a pressure in her back pressing inwards towards her chest making it feel tight. Another guest felt that he wanted to kneel down and pray and a couple of others couldn't stop coughing and felt something pressing against their throats.  Guests jumped when they heard a heavy breath between the pair of them. Another guest had his arm touched and stated that there was a heavy handed pressure behind the touch.

We then moved onto thegarden room.

Again the red torch started to light up. When I asked them what their name was, a male voice said "GARETH". Later on, Darran asked them to confirm their name. Again, a male voice said "GAZZA" he then said "LIKE MUSIC". Just afterwards, something in French was said. The male voice then said " I FEEL SICK "  Darran picked up on a wolfhound type of dog and a guest mentioned that she believed something was standing in the corner.


Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations.

Oak room- Olly and Heather were in there and Heather felt that she was being stabbed in the back again. They tried the board but got nothing from it. They both then state that the room appeared darker and that they had a sense of a group of people around the table just watching them. This intimidated them and they didn't want to stay in there. Once they turned the light on and then back off again, they were gone.

Minstrel Hall- guests tried a planchette. Mary a child was picked up and stated that she was here with another female who is a friend of hers. She's not related to her. She wouldn't say whether this female was an adult or another child. She then went and we had no more from her.

Drawing room- guests got the planchette moving around for them. They asked spirit to touch one of them and that guest felt a cold rush of air on them. They then got the response that spirit liked this guests. They got the response that spirit wanted them to leave and not have them in there.


Lastly we all regrouped and started the last investigations in theMinstrel hallin here; we again picked up on the little girl Mary who was initially in the circle and touching the K2 ted who was lighting up. The motion sensor was also going off on his head as thought was being touched or moved. Darran then saw a shadow up on the balcony. One guest in the circle had her hair touched. We all then heard a quiet noise which we couldn't work out what it was. There were also taps coming from the fireplace end of the room a guest then picked up on Mary up on the balcony. Both she and Darran both had the impression of her sitting between the piano with her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. She seemed scared of a male spirit. Darran picked up that his name is Richard. He was stood at the other end of the room by the fireplace. Kev picked up that he was a kind of butler.

We finally went into thedrawing roomand started with the spirit box. Almost as soon as we put it on, a female voice asked "WHO ARE YOU ". There was German spoken on the box. I asked in German what their name was and got the response "URI". I asked them where they were from and got the response "COLOGNE". The knocking bloc who was put onto the mantelpiece then went off. Lloyd, one of the workers at the hotel who had joined us for the last hour had his face poked. On asking whether they were brought there when the building was used as a military hospital, the response was "YES". Again, a female voice asked "WHO ARE YOU"?

When asking questions about whether they worked for the English during the war, a female voice stated "THEY WERE IN OUR TEAM".  Just after a female said something in German. Darran picked up the hotel before his passing which was no more than around 40 yrs. ago. We did some quiet investigation and then turned on the spirit box again. Just after turning it on, a male voice said on it "THIS HAS BEEN ON BEFORE".


EVPS picked up - other than those we all heard during investigations

Terrace room - no one is in the room as we are at the time in the oak room. A female whispers "BESSIE" (Which is a nickname for people called Elizabeth)


Not a lot was picked up this time unfortunately. We only had the two cameras running when we were doing the vigils rather than 6 set up recording all night. All we've picked up is one orb going between two of the guests in the Chestnut room and another couple in the Drawing room . Apart from that, nothing.