Investigation of Miskin Manor Friday 13th February 2015

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: wet but calm  


Once everyone arrived and settled, we took them all into the minstrel hall for the first vigil. In here, the K2s were going off and the teddy was going up to red. The on off torches were also going on and off. One of the group felt her back being touched and others kept feeling cold draughts even though there were no draughts from doors or windows. Darran picked up on a little girl, and i had the name of Ellie Hutchins given to me. She is aged 7 with blonde curly hair. She wants part of the family who lived there. Lorraine saw a shadow going along the side wall and others felt there was someone standing in the far corner at the fireplace end.

Darran put on the spirit box and when asking spirit their name, we had "FRED". Darran kept asking questions and had a clear "ALRIGHT THEN" and then another name of "JESS" There was a lot of activity on the box with full sentences and it sounded like there were a group of spirits talking or having conversations. Darran kept picking up on then name of Peter. As well as Evans. When asking on the box, darran had this name confirmed as being "PETER EVANS" He asked, "Are you an officer? ""YES "We then asked, "How many of you are there? "We had the answer "FIVE ". The knocking block which was up on the balcony on the piano then went off


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigation

In the willow room, one group had a female spirit come through on the planchette who was a child called Jess. She was under 7yrs old and had adults with her. One was her father who looks after here. His name is Pete and Darran had had him in the Minstrel hall. He was an officer. The little girl touched one of the guests back

In the minstrel hall, a group on the board firstly had a female energy with them who lived in the building and was aged between 70 and 80 she said. Her name was May. She then said goodbye. A male then came though who said hello. He knows May, as she nursed him when he was ill.  Guests then saw a shadow in the corner of the room and then had the spirit of a male who couldn't spell on the board. He was a 10yr old child and wanted to talk to one of the group. He helped bring forward some relatives of one of the guests which was nice.

In the holly room, a group on the planchette had a spirit who initially didn't want to communicate. However she was female and stated that she wasn't happy. Something was keeping her in the building although she likes the building herself. She wouldn't give any other information

In the Oak Room, Lorraine had her hands on the table and was given the impression of someone else's hands being either side of hers. Kev had the feeling of being stabbed.


For the second investigation, we initially went into the Oak room. The teddy was lighting off and again the knocking block which i placed on a table in the next room, went off. Darran was getting the name of Robert Llewellyn.  We then kept getting knocking from under the table. Everyone sat at one end of the table, put their hands on the table top and could feel the vibrations of the knocking under their hands almost to the point they felt the table was moving despite it being heavy oak. Lorraine then went under the table to see what was under there. She soon got out as she felt something try to throttle her. A bright light shone from under the table like a torch even though no one had a torch on and one guest jumped when she said her handbag which was on the floor by her feet, moved. Kev had to leave the room halfway through as he stated that he didn't like the energy in there and was making him feel unwell. Again, we tried the spirit box and had a lot of activity on it.  A couple of times, a male voice said something although darran will need to enhance it to work out what he's saying. We then had a male clearly say when asked his name, "ARTHUR "Dave then asked,, " can you give us 2 knocks, " followed by darran saying  " make it 3" . The reply we had was a female saying "PATIENCE ".

Another voice came through and Dave asked "can you tell me your name? "  And they replied "CANT"

A female voice as we were hearing the knocking on the table clearly then said "IM UNDER THE TABLE "

Just after, a male voice said "THANK YOU or FIND YOU "


We then moved onto the terrace room. This room wasn't as active as the others so far although we got a few answers through the on off torches. I picked up on a male who worked as a chauffeur but he wouldn't answer anything else. Teddy lit up a couple of times and darran picked up on a female energy who was down the other end of the room near the fire.


Again, everyone went off to conduct their own investigations.

In the willow room, a group of guests again had the same female n the room who had spoken to them before. The little girl. She became upset with one of them. One of the guests then saw a shadow move from near the door and along the wall

In the Oak room, one group had messages from family members. Another spirit came through and was happy to speak to them. Helped family members come through

In the minstrel hall, a Peter was on the board.


For our last investigation, we initially went into the garden room. Everyone sat around two tables holding hands with K2s on both tables. Teddy began to light up as well as the K2s on the tables. We were getting answers via the K2S of a male i picked up on who was called Robert Symes. He was in the building around 1939-40 and convalesced there. He had a lower limb injury caused by shrapnel to his left leg. This would leave him with a pronounced limp. He had been leaving a trench, and on running out, he was hit by flying shrapnel causing the injury. He's in his 30s, quite tall with dark hair he likes the building and that's why he stays there. One guest felt his head being tapped and another started to feel very cold. This was in the corner where we have picked up the shadow man previously. Again, the knocking block which was placed in the fireplace went off.


We then went into the drawing room to finish off the night


Video footage

There were a few bits and pieces.

In the oak room, an orb is seen to move slowly and deliberately along the table.

In the minstrel hall, at one point, there's a series of little lights jumping around. Some brighter and bigger than others. It's not dust... they are too small, going in different directions and changing direction quickly.

Another couple of orbs are seen in both the drawing room and the garden room. These also, aren't dust. (Which at times there was a lot of depending on how many people had been in the room)


In the minstrel hall, when no one was in the room, there's the sound of a male in the room however we can't make out what is said.

All in all, this was the best night we've had here activity wise. I hope the same can be said when we return in October.