Investigation log of Miskin Manor 25th March 2017

Investigation times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold and dry

When we were all ready we firstly took everyone into the minstrel hall. Everyone got into a circle and some guests felt that someone was up on the balcony. There were taps coming from the far end near the fireplace. The K2 were also going up. Footsteps could be heard as well as a dragging. The name of veronica was picked up by a guest. Another started to sway back and fore and another felt as though someone was standing behind her and could feel cold draughts. The name Catherine was then picked up and the fact that he used to sing for the troops. A Lucy was also picked up and Darran was getting that she was either a nurse or a matron. The wooden throne chair to the side of the room tart to creak and the name Robert was picked up. There was a loud squeal heard and the name of Mary being picked up as a child on the balcony


Everyone then went off to conduct their own investigations

Garden room- a guest filming recorded a blue flashing orb go across the room. Others had the planchette moving slightly for them

Drawing room - some guests tried scrying and could see their facial features change in the mirror

Oak room - guests were picking up on a female who was a girl who didn't die in the building she isn't happy. She worked there. Then two others came through, a woman and a boy. The boy was her son he was young and was murdered here. His killer is in the room as spirit too and scares her. Her name is Ann. She gave her sons initials as being BL.

Others guests picked up on a male born in 1900 and fought in the Great War. It turned out that this male is a relative of one of the guests

For the second vigil, we started off in the garden room. In here, the knocking block which was on the fireplace went off and the on/off torches were going on and off on request and also in the colour that we were requested .a ww2 military man was picked up. He was a regimental Sgt major. Darran was picking up that he was polish and had something wrong with the left hand side of his face. I picked up that they were burns. The name Thomas Williams was picked up by a guest and loud knocks were coming from the window end of the room in the corner. Darran then switched on the spirit box and we were asking questions and getting responses.

We then moved into the oak room. In here, an Alfred was picked up. Guests were picking up on someone being stabbed in the back over taxes or a rental agreement argument. All the K2s went up to orange and stayed there. Taps could be heard and the name Jacob was picked up. Darran felt someone going for his back and guests felt that there was someone standing in the corner of the room as their shadow was being picked up in the camera. One guest felt a breath on his face and then the yellow K2s which goes up in numbers shot up and the alarm went off on it. We have never had that happen before. It was going from 0 to 7 and back again. Guests picked up on a little girl behind the curtains. It was also picked up that the dining table either came from a ship originally or was made using wood from a ship. The K2 doll then also was going off. Guests were getting the feelings of anxiety, frustration and anger. One guest standing by the window was then touched and rob was getting someone touching his legs under the table. The guest sat next to me said ow and then pulled up his t-shirt to reveal a deep scratch on his back which was red and sore looking. He had been sat with his hands in front of him at the time and therefore he hadn't done it himself. Another guest then felt their head being scratched and then K2 ted was touched.


Everyone again went off on their own to conduct their own investigations.

In the minstrel hall, a guest could feel a breeze on his face and others were getting the planchette moving

In the garden room, some guests picked up on a female who was described as an "Old hag".

Oak room, one guest saw an orb and then the camera he was using was pushed one guest picked up on a Lucy and on mentioning it, one of the male guests in the room stated that he's marrying a Lucy. Others in the room took some video footage and a guest wearing a cross pendant puts the cross onto the outside of his jumper. Just afterwards, the cross moves upwards up his chest but the chain doesn't move. It then returns to its normal position. We can't explain it. It seems to move against the grain. If it wasn't sat right, then surely it would move downwards not upwards.

For the final vigils, we firstly started off in the Willow room. N here 3 or 4 children aged around 7 were picked up. The K2 were going up and the knocking block went off at the same time that rob saw a shadow near it. There were then a couple of knocks. Darran was then getting laughter and knocks when asking for them. There was distant talking heard and when Darran started shaven haircut, they finished it off there was no one out in the corridor at this time as  went out there to check


We then finished the evening in the chestnut room. In here, we had quite a lot coming through on the spirit box.


The only things actually picked up on the EVPS were from the spirit box it would seem

In the garden room, we had them saying a "YES" and then a female voice asking "IS THAT LIZ BETH? "  a male later said " WE'RE IN THE LOBBY"   I asked who was in the lobby and a female voice said "SPIRITS" On me asking how many spirits were there, I was told "12"


As for video footage, in the oak room whilst everyone is holding hands on the table, next to one of the guests, theres a little light which flashes and then something very small comes past in front of her like a small orb but moving quite slowly