Investigation log of Naval Firepower Museum Gosport 11th
May 2013

Investigation times: 10pm -3am

Weather: Dry and still

The team didn't realise how huge the site was or how many buildings we had access to including buildings not usually accessible to the public.  We would as it worked out not
even cover a third of it!!! Walls in the buildings were up to 8ft thick and so there was no noise contamination from outside. The buildings themselves were amazing with some fantastic missile exhibits.

Whilst doing a walk around of this extensive site in itself taking an hour to go around, the team had some experiences. On entering the coffee shop, they could hear footsteps coming down the corridor and coming from the missile room. They also saw a shadow in the hallway and a blue ball of light emitting from a window in the admin block. At this time there were only the four of them on site including the manager and so they knew that no one else was around to cause it.

For the first vigil, they decided to go into the grand magazine.

Darran had the name of Brian come through and they heard lots of distant voices and conversation. Music laughter and the sound of a party was also picked up on (we later found out that this building was also living quarters previously) one of the guests had a thermal imager and picked up on footsteps on the ground which weren't fading as a heat source. Darran stood in a spot and they shone it on this place. His footstep soon faded. However these didn't. Various names were picked up including an Edward and whistles
heard. Lorraine heard a male whisper "excuse me "in her ear. Darran asked for a name on the spirit box and was given "Bob". Just after that bob states on the spirit box "I CAN SEE YOU " They could hear noises and voices from various sides of the room and on going over, the sound would come from somewhere else as if you had to chase them around the room. Lorraine's hand was also stroked.

They then went into the gun room where a female was heard to groan and then a deep male voice also gave a questioning groan. There were some good taps and K2 hits. Everyone could then smell the smell of cooking doughnuts.

In the missile room, they got a couple of taps

On moving to the lab, Lorraine actually had my grandmother come through which was nice. One guest saw someone in the corridor peeping around the doorway. Paul /  Lorraine and
a guest all felt  a burning sensation on the side of their faces and their eyes. A  guest on asking spirit to touch her hand, felt her hand go cold. Taps and shuffling were also heard.

On going into the administration block, the name Cooper and a Capt Gregory were picked up. Gregory was wearing a tunic with a red band. Although this doesn't fit in with naval uniform, it turns out (so we've later been informed) that the admin block was actually run by the army. The torch switched on a few times by itself. Knocks and strange sounds like rumbling stomachs were heard although no one's stomach did. On using the torch asking
Gregory to switch it on for yes, they had the following conversation with him

"Did you like disciplining people?"       Torch switched on

"Did you like to see the fear in their eyes? "  Torch switched on

"Do you like to see people working hard? "   Torch switched on

They then went into 309 one of the exhibit warehouses.  A Peter was picked up on. On using the spirit box, they had the following conversation. As soon as the box was turned on, a male voice said


"Oh hello, can you tell us your name? "     "PETER"

Then Lorraine asked, "Can you say my name? "      "LORRAINE "

Lorraine then asked them to tell her what colour her hair was. This time round, it wasn't a mans voice that answered but a higher pitch like a childs. No one seems to hear this as no one comments but the evp has picked up a little voice saying " YELLOW"  Lorraine is blonde and to a small child is usually described as being yellow. Just after this is when Lorraine and Darran pick up on the energy of a little boy.

They then moved onto the spirit board where Peter spelt out his name, and spelling out his answers of yes and no to questions asked. He then stated that he died in 1864. He then left the board and a little boy came through. However he was very young and didn't have the energy to do much more than move between Q and E.  Shadows were also seen. Darran asked Peter if it was him who shows a blue light to one of the guests earlier in the night. At this the torch turned on by itself. Paul picked up on a male who had shrapnel injuries to his legs. However it wasn't caused by any explosions in the buildings there. He picked up that they were war wounds and that they would employ wounded soldiers to work in the
buildings. Employing imbeciles as they would call them (which we would call shell shocked now or post traumatic stress)  (this was also confirmed by Greg that manager that this establishment was the first to employ disabled workers and therefore quite before its time)
on leaving the room, the K2s were going mad as if to gain attention. On the team stopping and re entering the room, it would stop. It would then start again as they would go to leave.

This location is a fantastic location to investigate as with its thick walls and not a lot of the buildings having power to them, you don't get any outside contamination and the K2s aren't picking up on any power sources. This location really surprised the team. As I say, they didn't even cover a third of it and didn't have time for teas and coffees as the
investigating and activity was continuous.

EVPs picked up were:

In the grand magazine we have picked up the "I CAN SEE YOU "on the spirit box. There is also a woman's voice heard and also tinkling noises

In the Rolling Way corridor by the stairs : - loud knockings and banging's like someone is in there banging around. Also clicking's and taps near the evp machine itself. Whistles and noises that sounded like catches being flipped on a container or a box ( like tool box catches )

In the "big guns " : Paul asks for spirit to give two taps. He gets them. A male groan is also picked up

In the corridor outside the missile room a male voice is heard to say " go ahead "

In the mines and missiles,   a popping noise was picked up a few times and a male groan

In the labs - taps are picked up as well as knocks.

In 309 - the replies to the spirit box are picked up as in "PETER" , "LORRAINE" AND "YELLOW"