Investigation Log of Museum of Naval Firepower Portsmouth 14th
September 2013

Investigation times: 9pm - 3am

Weather: dry and mild

As we were setting up and putting out the EVPs myself and Lorraine went with Greg to set up the EVP in the workers cottages and could hear a woman's voice softly moan on more than one occasion.

Back in the conference room whilst explaining the night to the guests, one of them saw a cat next to Pauls chair but no cat was in the building at all.

Because of the vastness of the place with so many buildings to investigate, rather than doing things as we usually do, we hit the ground running deciding to all stay together all night and just have quick coffee breaks as and when we needed them. (However as before, the time passed so quickly and we didn't get to do it all again! I think you would need a couple of nights to cover all the buildings and even then you'd be hard pushed)

For the first investigation we went into the far drill hall building. Spirit turned the torch off twice for us and we could hear various tapings and noises. We could also hear female voices talking between themselves however I went out and later Darran went out of the building and had a good look around and there was no one outside and couldn't hear anyone out there. Diana had the nickname of "Brains "come to her and another "Sally ". Dave asked "Brains " to turn the torch on for us and no sooner he did, the torch lit up. Guests standing in the circle felt their arms and hands freeze and almost feel numb
with cold despite it being quite pleasant and not cold in there. Down the far end, Paul decided to stand by the far doors and saw  a shadow running along the building along
near the wall but at the same time he mentioned it, one of the guests heard a rustling of clothing brushing against the wall behind her as if someone was running past. We decided to try an investigator board and "sally " came through who informed us that she was aged between 30 and 40 and had worked there in the munitions during WWII . One guest had someone blowing on her neck and Chris picked up on the name Daniel as Karl felt his chest tighten as if someone was sat on his chest. When asking spirit to lift that feeling of him, they did almost immediately. A distant air raid siren could be heard by one of the guests.

The next investigation was in one of the laps where the torch again turned on and there were 2 footsteps from upstairs in the guard room. No one was upstairs as we have no access to it at all. Darran was picking up on a male energy called Peter. A growling noise was heard out in the corridor as well as other noises. Chris's leg felt very painful just before Paul mentioned that amputees would also work on the site. There was then a big bang
from somewhere on the ground floor which made the floor we were sat on vibrates. Darran picked up on a Richard Willis and Paul and Catherine felt pressure in their heads and sinuses. Karl suddenly had an ominous feeling and didn't like the feel of the room even though we had been in there half hour by then. Diana saw a shadow move in the right hand corner despite there being no one stood up to cast the shadow seen. It then sounded as though someone was moving or dragging something along the floor upstairs. Both the EVP and camera batteries drained despite them being on only around 2 hrs by now and them being brand new batteries.

Moving into the building which we will call the security building ( as used by security guards when nearby houses were built ) which has only just partially been cleared,  whilst
Lorraine held an Enid Blyton book in her hands in there which we found in the room, she picked up on the name of Jessica. Dave had the impression that children had at one time been brought into the building and possibly taught lessons, possibly the workers children?

Various noises were heard I the hallway and we had a feeling of someone being stood between myself and Catherine. In the back room, Diane and another guest heard someone clicking their tongue near them and then Diane was pushed. Darran picked up on a male spirit called Frank. One guest couldn't keep her balance and kept swaying as if she was standing on a ship and another had the smell of freshly cut grass. A noise of sighing was also picked up. Karl saw a shadow walk past in the next room and Lorraine picked up on a Robert Wilkes as well as a negative energy. There was also the spirit of a guard picked up who had two dogs with him.

On going down into the air raid shelter, a sharp inhalation of breath could be heard between guests and Lorraine could feel cobwebs across her face. On the spirit box, a male stated that his name was "Michael "

Paul asked, "Is someone else here with you? "He replied "NO" - "JUST ME"

When asked "Are you married? "He replied "NO".

We then went to building 309. What a fascinating building!!
The torch turned on and we had a female say "HELLO "on the voice box. We had a few taps and bangs as well as a couple of shadows darting about. As we were going to leave, a couple of the guests wanted to try out the workers cottages. When they went inside, they could heard a female singing and sobbing quietly.

We then moved onto the admin block . The admin block was where we had the most activity. As soon as we walked in there, we had positive responses. The torch was turning on and off and also on command. The K2s were also lighting up for the first time tonight also; it also lit up when asked if the spirit remembered Darran from Last time they visited. Captain Gregory came through and was speaking to us via the K2. He was married but had no children. When Paul asked him if he'd like a cigarette, the K2 went up to red. We
ascertained by this mode of communication that he liked Old Navy cut. He came from the north London area and moved to Portsmouth when he got married. Myself and Chris then heard a loud popping sound coming from in between us. He confirmed that he had made that noise.

We then moved Inside to the main museum building itself. In the grand magazine, we could hear distant voices and music as If someone was having a party. Paul could feel someone touching his head and face; again, a Michael came through on spirit boc

The group did their last investigation in "big guns". In here, on numerous occasions, someone would rap out with their knuckles on something the tune of "shaven haircut "and spirit would finish off the last two notes of it. The torch also came on again and spirit was asked to make noises from inside the room and the room next door despite there being no one here.

EVPS captured are:

Drill Hall, a strange laugh twice is picked up which isn't anyone in the group. Also voices heard but we can't make out what's being said

In the lab, we have a strange squeal as well as a low humming under someone's breath. We hear it but it's no one in the room with us. Also loud bangs from the corridor. Also the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor is picked up as well as 2 loud footsteps

In the Admin Block, there are various knocks and bangs coming from within the building. At one point the sound of something being dropped is heard and as it's dropped the sound of it actually bouncing along the floor is also heard. Later on, a loud noise of something heavy falling over is also heard. There's nothing really to fall over in the building as it has
pretty much been cleaned out and left empty so I don't know what these items are. They are definitely within the building though rather than being outside.

In the air raid shelter we are getting responses to questions on the spirit box but we need to clean them up before we can work out whats been said. Also just as Darran turns off the air raid siren, there's the quiet noise of someone saying something but can't work out whets being said.

In the security building, there are various knocks and taps as well as a loud metallic knock at one point.

In the big Guns room, Paul asks for spirit to make a noise if they are in there in the room next door. At that point, there's a loud bang heard. Paul then on a number of occasions tapped out shaven haircut and spirit finished it off approx half a dozen times. They would also tap three times and ask for them to copy and they would. This is also picked up.

In the workers cottages, there are noises now and again of footsteps of someone walking around in the cottages. However it's a time when we are all in the other buildings nowhere near the location and you don't hear anyone open the door and walk towards the evp machine. They also can't be heard walking away either. The footsteps are just there in front of the machine and that's it. There's a few knocks, taps and bumps in the building and some strange noises like someone's in there.

In 309, there are various knocks and bumps as well as loud bangs on metal as if someone's hitting the exhibits in there. A female voice can also be heard at one point but I can't work out what's being said. A hello is being said on the spirit box. Dave asked the female to say her name and "JANE "is heard.

In the rolling way, there were lots of knocks and taps and at one point a loud noise of something metallic being bashed.

In the grand magazine there are possible names of JOHN and MATTHEW on the spirit box as well as a hello.

As for video footage:

Drill hall, orb comes from direction of the torch when it switches on. A few other orbs behind people when we ask things to be done to  them.  Also a light anomaly going across
the screen. At one point something moves really quickly across in front of the camera. It blocks the camera out for only a fraction of a second. We need to get it slowed down to work out what it is. Just as I set up the planchette and Dave walks away from the camera, an orb follows him slowly and as he turns, goes behind him, turns direction and then disappears into the table.

There are a few orbs in the air raid shelter.

On the outdoor parade ground looking towards the air raid shelter, around 0200hrs when everyone was in the museum building, the last partial second of what looks to be a spirit is just seen to walk onto the far left of the screen along the wall of the admin building before disappearing.

In the security building there's a couple of good orbs. One in particular, comes from camera right, travels around the metal post in the middle of the room and then comes back around, and back towards the camera and leaving the screen on the right side again.

We have also caught a couple of light rods in the lab.

In the Admin block we've caught the results off the K2 but that's it.

All in all an absolutely fantastic place definitely somewhere I'd like to do again.