evidence log from previous investigation

Investigation Log New Inn Hotel Gloucester 7th Jan 2012


Time of Vigil:  2130 -0300hrs

Weather:     Dry and mild

Before we had even started our evenings events, strange goings on were occurring. The master set of keys kept going missing. Darran saw a lady in the luggage room next to the oak room who he describes as being around 70 yrs old with curly grey hair. Our computer had a life of its own as did the cameras, switching themselves on and off and staff stated that all day, cutlery set on tables in the restaurant had been crossing themselves over in their place settings.

We started our first vigil by splitting the group into 2. Darrans group went down to the back cellar where it is said that 3 females are buried. They had been thrown off the balcony after being throttled.

Sarah's group were in room 201 the Lady Jane Grey Suite.

In the cellar, the names Ruth, Sally and Lizzie came through. The K2 meter was going off with the lights going up to red. Voices could be heard coming from upstairs (although no one was actually upstairs) as well as the sounds of people walking and running along the wooden floor above our heads. Whispering and shuffling feet could be heard in the room as well as flashing lights and orbs darting across the room. People were feeling extremely hot and had the feeling of being touched as well as having breath blown in their ears and on their necks. One member of staff who usually avoids going into the cellar became very emotional and wanted to swear at everyone wanting to tell them to p*** off. In the end she felt she had to leave the cellar and went to sit upstairs. One of the guests also felt as though she was pregnant and being throttled.
Large stones were also being thrown across the room on one occasion, guests saw an illuminated half a hand knuckles and fingers appear to throw the stone.

Meanwhile in room 201, Thomas Hardy came through to the group and especially close to one of the female guests so much so that she couldn't hear Sarah speaking at all. A Mr George King as well as children were also in the room. One male guest had the spirit of a buxom lady behind him who can be described as a Moll Flanders type who came very close to him almost pushing into his back. One female guest felt as though she pushed and another felt as if she wanted to go into a trance and had the feeling to two different males try to morph themselves into her. She describes the first Thomas as having a stooped back, droopy mouth and thick lip. The other, Henry had a double chin and was large build; he couldn't stop laughing as though he had been drinking too much.

The group then split off to do their own lone vigils

In room 107, one chest got as far as the door before having the feeling of coming over all panicky, tight chested and couldn't actually enter the room.

Room 217, the dowsing rods pointed towards the mirror and the whole atmosphere felt heavy around the head.  A little girl came through to others who said that she wasn't allowed to show herself to them.  She is quite happy and doesn't tend to go anywhere else in the building. She didn't want the guests to leave.

In the eaves (maids old bedroom) there was a Sarah / Thomas/and a little girl called Lucy. Sarah had befriended Lucy and likes to dance. Thomas used to chase the maids.

The same Thomas then followed the guests into room 112 whereby they had good reactions using a glass on the table.

In the cellar, again Ruth came through and stated that she was murdered by someone she didn't know. There was a sound like a stone being thrown in the corner and the K2 machine again lit up.

For the second vigil: Sarah's group went to the Oak Room whereby Darran stayed in the cellar again taking the other half of the group with him.

In the oak room, one female guest had to leave the room as she was about to faint. Another guest led on the bed and had the feeling of having a man of the cloth sitting next to her reading from the bible to her. She stated that she felt as though she was in bed ill and had a sprained wrist. At the same time, Leanne could sense a presence standing next to her (she was standing on the spot the gust felt the male was) as well as her pendulum spinning around uncontrollably. She felt cold although everyone else in the room including those on the bed next to her feeling extremely hot. The energy rope lifted up and contorted into different shapes. Other guests were swaying and felt that someone was tickling their hair and ears.

In the cellar, it was a lot quieter than before. The K2 machine was going off. Pinpricks of light were being seen. The light under the door was coming and going as though someone was outside walking across the doorway. A couple of taps were also heard.

Again the group split up to do lone vigils whereby in room 205, guests had good reactions on the planchette speaking to a female called Mary. At the end of the night they said goodnight to her and asked her to say goodbye to them. The reply "by "was written on the paper.

In room 215, again the glass was moving around the table and a female called Annabel came to them.

After the guests had left, for an hour, the team went back down to the cellar where again they were picking up on the females from before as well as a William and a John. The K2 meter was not only lighting up but physically going around the the table. Orbs and streaks of light as well as flashing lights could be heard everywhere. The women were affected as though they were being strangled and they felt tighting in their throats. It sounded like there was a party ongoing upstairs as conversations could be heard. It almost sounded as though the bar was still in full swing even though we were the only ones up in the building and it was now 4am.

EVPs caught were: Cellar:  some loud taps and banging on metal pipes. Also, when Darran says try and make a sound for us, you hear a woman's voice but its sounds like it's in the distance. Then low female moans.

2nd stone is thrown; some scream and others state that they had seen part of a hand in the area where the stone was thrown. There was also a big bang on the floor above even though no one was up there and the sound of running across the floor.

Oak room:  lots of taps and bangs coming from the room when no ones in there as well as the sounds of a door latch on numerous occasions. The only place that had a latch (old fashioned thumb press type) was the wardrobe. The bedroom door had a handle and key and the door creaked on opening it. However, you keep hearing the door latch go and on some occasions, shuffling around the room like footsteps. On one occasion when no one was around doing vigils in that area, the sound of voices can be heard very quietly. (We were in the cellar at the time). As for video footage, both the Lady Jane Grey room and Oak room had a number of orbs in them, Especially the Oak room which was quite busy around the fireplace area where orbs were going to and fro all night even when we were asleep in bed.

This building is steeped in history, built like a maze with lots of corridors and passageways. Certainly active and a great place to investigate.