Investigation Log of Nothe Forte Weymouth - Saturday 26th May 2018


Investigation times:  9pm - 2am

Weather: dry and mild - however electrical storm later in the night

When ready, we firstly took everyone down to the shifting corridor. By B9, the on off torches were going on. We could hear bangs in the corridor and doors slamming but no one was coming down the corridor in order to open any doors. We could then hear footsteps walking above us. Again, we started hearing doors banging down the corridor so Dave pegged it down there to have a look. Completely empty and no one in the area at all. We then started hearing voices but couldn't work out what was being said.

Everyone then went to do their own investigations.

In the shifting corridors, some guests picked up on a nurse. However they then panicked and came back to the base room.

After their lones, we started the second investigations, starting by taking everyone up into the gun deck. Just prior to all of us going in there, Darran went in there in order to get his camera set up. However there was then a loud bang like something had fallen over (like a large sign or something but there was no such thing there).  Darran picked up on a female called Ruth. In here the torches were going on and off on request. We had everyone holding hands in a circle. K2 ted was being touched in the middle of the circle and the knocking block which had been put on the benches down at the end of the room went off. Tom was being touched from behind him. James was being pushed in the shoulder and then poked in the ribs. The guest next to me started to sway as did a couple of others in the circle. One guest then felt like a water drip landed on her head. I checked, her head was dry, the floor was dry, the ceiling was dry and there were no signs of a big spider or any other large insect. However she said it definitely felt like water. It seemed like the spirit was moving around the circle as a lot of guests were in turn being touched or pushed. Deb then saw a white light go straight down in front of the mannequin down its arm towards the floor. One had their leg grabbed. Shadows were then seen over in another part of the room and we could hear conversation in the room although we were all quiet. Emma then felt something move down her arm. Tables which were stacked up on one side of the room were also being tapped and rattled. Darrans camera then completely whited out and wouldn't record anything or take any photos. Darran picking up the surname of Baxter. Kevin was getting a lieutenant col. Smyth.

We then went up into the tunnel. Everyone was stood quiet in there. Down the other end, some guests could hear voices and talking. Others were being touched. The on off torches were going on and when we were laughing about something I asked them to turn on the torch if they had a sense of humour and then after, to turn it on again if they enjoyed smutty talk. Both times, the torch came on. One guest ben then felt as though he had been pinched on the hand. As we came out of the tunnel, we shone a torch on his hand and there were little pinch marks on the top of his hand. You could see nail grooves. He had no nails.

Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

Out on the parade ground, some guests picked up on a Rebecca. She stated that she has only died within the last 15 yrs. and that she had worked at the fort.

In the gun deck, guests heard a loud whistle and saw a shadow move across the room. Again they picked up on Rebecca. She stated that it was her that had pinched ben in the tunnel as he reminded her of her younger brother. Rebecca had long dark hair and was also known as Becky.

We then started the final vigils firstly doing one in the "ghost Corridor ". Everyone was sat down lining the walls. A door banged then at the end of the corridor. There was no need for it. No one was down there. A couple of minutes later, Dave came down the corridor and we asked him about it. He had heard it but it hadn't been him, he came down after the bang to see where we were. Darran then asked spirit if they were a prisoner of war. At this, some of the guests heard a voice from the other end of the corridor but not clearly enough to know what it said. The on off torches were going on and off on request and the knocking block further down the corridor also sounded.

We then moved into the civil war hanging room. Again the knocking block went off in the corridor and we were hearing knocks and taps the red torch was going on on request. Chris started to feel sick and left the room. Tom was getting a headache across the front of his head

Finally we did an investigation of the roman room.

In here, Darran put the spirit box on and there was a "hi "heard come from it. Darran was picking up on a Francis but they weren't to do with the building. In the Celtic part, Darran was getting a little boy of around 10 yrs. old being in there. The knocking block which was out in the corridor ( ghost corridor as it's called ) then turned on three times however no one was anywhere near it.


EVPs picked up

In the top tunnel, there were a couple of whistles heard up here. Later on a child's voice can be heard but can't work out what's being said.

The recorded in the nuclear bunker corridor turned itself off after 34 minutes. There ws no reason or it as it had a full battery and the battery is still full. No one has walked up to it and noises are heard there. It just turned off.

As for video footage, in the gun deck, we have a strange light anomaly whereby a light flashes for a couple of seconds before disappearing again . it stays in the same place and isn't dust. It doesn't even move. It just stays in the same spot. It only happens once the whole evening

As for video footage, there was one interesting part of footage up in the gun deck where there was a strange light anomaly. It didn't seem to move, just like a small light being shone on the wall at the far end of the room, which stayed for a couple of seconds and then went off again. It didn't happen again all night and watching the cameras back, I can guarantee that there was no one in that area at the time.