evidence log from previous investigation

The Old Swan Inn, Llantwit Major 12th August 2011 

Weather: Heavy. Humid with some showers.
Start first vigil at midnight. However before we even started, one of the guests stated that she could see a male in the back bar by the fire exit where Darran had set up the laptop. She picked up a name but he didn't come forward during the vigils. He did remain in the room in the shadows watching. 
 Base room. 
Leannes group, Matt and Jen agreed to a duo vigil in the attic area above the gents toilets and back bar area. They took with them an EVP machine. However, this machine stopped recording at 28 seconds and unfortunately nothing was captured. However, whilst up there, they could see beams of light coming through the floorboards. They were fading in and out and seemed to be dancing around. It couldn't be debunked as any torchlight from downstairs and they have no answer for it. Matt also experienced an oppressive feeling and felt a burning sensation on the back of his neck moving back and fore. Both sides of his t-shirt were also tugged.
Later in the night, Matt took another EVP machine up into the attic and left it there with no one accompanying it. The machine picks up the initial conversation between Len and Matt as he puts the machine into position and climbs down the ladder. You hear the cupboard door closing in the distance. All is quiet for around 10 to 15 seconds before you hear a mans sigh, footsteps getting closer and then the machine is picked up, and a click as it's switched off. The whole recording lasted 1 minute and 20 seconds. So again, whoever is in that area, doesn't approve of being recorded and so another hours worth of tape is not captured. This machine has been used on many occasions with no problems. It has also been used since this investigation at home to check and test and still no problems. The fact that you can hear someone switch it off on the second time, we cannot explain and so believed to be paranormal (aka above normal unexplainable).
Sarahs group had the presence of an elderly lady smoking a pipe; this same female was picked up by Darrans group. ON the video, an Orb can be seen floating from the right side of Sarahs Head towards one of the guests. Also in this room was a little girl, a soldier (civil war) and a young man who was attached to someone in the group. There were a lot of "sensitives" in this group who were also experiencing and also aware of the lady spirit. Again the rope after building the energy lifted and persons felt a pulsing sensation as well as feeling cold from the knees down. One lady had a wave of energy come past her making her feel strange and dizzy resulting in her having to step back from the circle. Again guest had the nitty feeling in their hair and cobwebs on their face. Again this second group confirmed that they were not aware of anyone next to them physically moving the rope.
Darrans group had one guest starting to sway before collapsing and having to be caught by two other guests. There was a very strong smell of pipe / cheroutte smoke in the area. The K2 had positive hits lighting up to at least amber quickly. A few of the guests could feel very cold up their arms. This was where the pipe smoke is coming from. 
 Front Bar 
 Darrans group picks up 3 different spirits 2 males and one female who didn't wish to come forward. Another male came through who had been wrongly accused and hung as well as a member of the clergy .Everyone had the feeling of going from hot to cold and being touched. The EVP machine switched itself off after around 20 seconds of it being switched on. Unfortunately none of the team noticed and so didn't switch it back on. The EVP had been placed next to the night vision camera. No one at all comes near this camera for at least half an hour after this had switched off while they were doing the vigils. 
 Sarahs group picked up 4 civil war soldiers along with a little girl. This group used the energy rope. The first experiment 2 guests immediately became aware of the rope moving and vibrating before lifting. The other guests felt it move upwards. One became very hot and felt strange but continued with the vigil. Other guests had the feeling of lead in their arms and again people began to sway and said that they could feel energy very close to their faces. Sarah then moved the group around and had similar results. The same question at the end and all replied that the rope moved by itself.
Leannes (Len) group had a positive reaction to the dowsing rods which gave a strong reaction to her when used. It was decided to put a K2 meter in front of her feet pointing directly at her feet. The meter began to made audible sounds indicating a static energy source. Leanne then asked the spirit to use everyone's energy to change the lights on the machine from green to amber or red. It didn't but instead the meter actually moved on its own accord 45 degrees from where it started whilst people watched. The planchette worked well in this area. 
 Front upstairs room
Sarahs group picked up female and 3 males .The energy rope physically began to lift above their heads, as they held onto it, two ladies felt overcome and had to leave the circle as were dizzy and felt unwell. The normal temperature in the room was quite warm but people were feeling unnaturally hot as well as freezing cold. People had the feeling of cobwebs on their faces as well as the feeling of having nits. One guest was physically pushed towards Sarah after Sarah had asked spirit to do it. Some people also felt someone behind them. As their arms were lifting the rope, their arms felt like lead and so they couldn't understand how they were able to lift them. People were also swaying. One guest physically fell forwards into the circle. Just after, a female voice can be heard softly either making a cry or repeating his name. It's hard to distinguish. 
Darrans group did a quiet vigil with EVP and K2 meters. 3 males came through. One had the appearance of civil war dress. Quite a few people started to feel sick during this vigil and had the feeling of being pulled backwards... Two other guests with their backs to the fireplace also felt sick and so swapped places with Darran and Jen and they felt better but Jen began to feel unwell. He then moved the group to the far back attic room. A number of various spirits had been picked up there previously in the night by the team including children. During the vigil in this room. One guest felt that she was being touched on the face as well as their legs. Jen was also touched on the arm as was Matt. Jen could feel pins and needles up her left arm at the same time that Darran could see a childs hand stroking her arm. There were scrapes and bumps on the carpet which sounded like it was on wood rather than carpet. It couldn't be replicated. A torch placed in the middle of the floor switched itself on and off twice and the K2 meter began to light up. People had the feeling of being touched on their legs. Later on in this room whilst everyone was downstairs, an unexplainable bright light is seen to flash in the fireplace for a second. No one was upstairs at the time.
In addition to the night's vigils, some strange occurrences that we can't explain also were happening through the night. The evening's hot water for the coffee was provided by two kettles which were both plugged in to a socket in the wall UNDER the worktop behind the bar. It wasn't easy to get to and Jen had to go to it to switch it on, but hadn't known where the switch was until she followed the cable from the extension lead which went around the back of the fridge. She had to get down under the worktop to actually reach it. Twice during the evening, the switch was switched off at the socket. One of these occurrences happened during the time that i was in the front bar during the second vigil. At no time did any guest during this vigil go behind the bar at all let alone know where the switch was. 
Another incident was that before we started the event, the team changed their tops into our official BTG t-shirts. They were placed in a bag on the floor with Sarahs being on the bottom. Other items were placed on top and the bag put under the kitchen table upstairs. Both this room and the upstairs office were considered "Out of bounds "for guests and whenever guests were upstairs, they were accompanied by a member of the team and not left to wander. Coincidently, Sarahs t-shirt had been a ghost busters one (she'd been shopping and couldn't resist it). Like I say, she'd put it at the bottom of the bag. However, during my (Len) second vigil which was in the front bar, (although Darran seems to think he saw it there on his first vigil) Sarahs T-shirt was now on a small round table in the bar, emblem up. I thought it strange that it was there but didn't say anything. It wasn't until Sarah went in there for her third vigil that she came in and asked who had moved her shirt from upstairs. No one had. 
Thirdly, (poor Sarah again) she'd left her cigarettes on the kitchen table upstairs. Packet closed. During one of the tea breaks she went into the kitchen to grab them. The pack was still there, no problem with that. The fact that four of them had been snapped in half and now on the table wasn't quite the expected though. She wasn't best pleased and did actually state in that room that someone in there was taking the mick out of her (spirit wise). She left them on the table. By the end of the night when we got back to the kitchen to pick our stuff up, only one small stub remained. 
In all, this investigation brought up a lot of interesting things. A lot of "sensitives" were present that night in addition to the mediums in the team and it was good to have them also pick up on the same people / names time and time again throughout the different groups. A very interesting building. We can't wait to investigate it again and find out more!!!