previous investigation at the old swan inn


Old Swan Investigation. Friday 23rd    September 2011

 Time of Vigil: 11pm - 4am

Weather: Overcast but dry

Front Bar

Darrans Group, were the first group in the bar. This group initially were in a circle building energy in the far end by the toilets. This end appeared quiet. Moved to the bar area where it was decided to do a quiet vigil A Richard was picked up sitting in the window. He was more residual. Didn't interact with the group. Just sat and watched. Darran then picked up on a Robert. He was sitting at the bar and gave the impression of being a bit of bar
fly. Dressed in 1910-20s era clothes with the impression of being a salesman /spiv. Both Darran and one of the group picked up on a female named Doris. She lingered around the toilet area. One guest who had been sat at a table during the evening prior to the event, stated that she had felt cold all night whilst sitting in that particular area. (The overall temperature in the pub was warm as it was quite mild outside). The noise of a baby whimpering was also picked up in this same area. Could Doris be there looking for a child??                                                                                                     
A male was felt as lingering in the front porch area. He wouldn't come forward. Name possible Tom. One guest felt very uncomfortable with this area as kept seeing something, but not enough to know what it was.In the bar end, a young child called Tim aged around 7 was picked up. He was interacting with the K2 meter. However, rather than the usual interaction whereby the lights would change from green to amber / red, the actual meter could be seen to move around the floor almost like a computer mouse on a roller. As you asked for it to move towards the window, it would, the bar, it would. The floor is stone in this area so no vibration could be felt in this floor to cause it. Therefore we cannot explain it as it is above aka PARA normal. Yes or no questions were asked and were asked to move towards the window if yes etc. it would move towards the window. this continued. Unfortunately, this wasn't picked up on camera due to us putting the cameras in different locations on this vigil to the last vigil at the pub.

Gwillem was also picked up down the far end by the toilets. In black, white stiff shirt collar. Gave the impression of being a clergy type man involved with the local church. He would be given back handers for information on people / such as if persons were in hiding, he would inform the cromwellians of where the royalists were staying etc. 

However at a previous event, in the bar area, a K2 meter again was seen to move on its own accord in front of a guests feet and so it would appear to be a recurring thing.

Sarah's group were next up. Sarah came up with two children, one boy one girl. They initially were standing by the fireplace before trying to interact with the group. The energy rope was being used in this vigil which rose between the guests. A cobbler also came through by the name of Albert described as being 5ft6, 1850s era. Older man with grey hair wearing a dirty leather cobbler's apron. He tried hard to interact with the two male guests in the group   .  Some of the guests stated that they would feel a heat come over them in waves.

Lens group did a planchette / dowsing rod / pendulum / scrying session in the snug whereby guests were able to do their own investigations for this part of the event

 Back bar / snug

Darrans Group again picked up on an elderly lady called Annie Davies (she came forward on a previous event) again she was sat in the alcove and gave the impression of
being the local village medicine woman / advisor. She gave the date of being around the 1820s. Henry was also picked up by the side door. He wasn't coming forward but just watching. John also was picked up by the bar. There were a lot of sounds of creaking from this area however John had no message and didn't interact. The sound of heavy footsteps could be heard from above. Above the back bar / snug is the top floor kitchen. This area isn't used on our events.
No person was in the kitchen as like the office space, is deemed out of bounds. Later in the night, Len tried to recreate the sound of the boots in her trainers however; the previous footsteps had been a lot heavier almost as if made with riding boots.


Sarahs group worked with the energy rope. She also picked up on Annie as well as a little boy who was standing next to one of the male guests as well as a cromwellian soldier
standing behind another guest. There was a lot of activity in this room leading to one member of the group being affected in the chest area in that she couldn't breathe which lasted some time. The rope also lifted to above the chest level on the guests and formed the shape of a noose between two of the guests in the circle. By calling out to the spirits presents, it was ascertained that there were spirits there that had been sentenced by Judge
Jeffries for sheep rustling. Whilst they were talking to that particular spirit, this is when the noose formed and prominent tapping noises could be heard in answer to questions being asked. The Cromwellain soldier in this vigil followed the group later on upstairs to the next vigil. The guests all confirmed that none of them had been physically moving the rope themselves.

Upstairs front and back attic rooms

Darrans group initially picked up on a small child the back attic room but wouldn't come forward. Also an Oliver dated 1750s. This room was very quiet tonight unlike the time before.
On going into the front room, Darran picked up on a Henry and a William standing either side of the fire. Another male with the surname Jeffries (Judge?) also came through and gave the feelings of hangings outside (Len is aware of the history of the pub which she doesn't inform the two mediums of. They also have no dealings with the website descriptions of locations. This pub was indeed used at one time during the civil war and has links to Oliver Cromwell as well as Judge Jeffries. Out the front of the pub, where it appears to have a horse mounting block to the right hand side of the front facia, is actually a plinth above which once held the gallows / hanging rope. This is directly below the window of this front room). There were K2 hits on the machine with the lights going from green up to amber.

Sarah's group in the front room picked up on an Oliver wearing a tricorn hat and a cape. 
He would use the front attic space as his parlour. Christopher also came forward. He was connected to one of the members of the group. A maid also came through but wouldn't interact or come forward.  The rope also moved in this session and one member of the group felt faint and had to be removed from the circle.  Another guest stated that he felt a movement close to him in the room but couldn't see what it was. 


An EVP machine was left in both rooms throughout the duration of the vigil as well as a night vision camera. In the front room, various taps could be heard when no one was in the room or even upstairs however, it can't be ascertained as to where in the room the sounds come from.  The back attic EVP machine came up with movement in the room as if someone was in the room. Rustling around could be heard as well as a strange noise which almost sounded like the ripping apart of Velcro.  Various taps and knocks could be heard as well as an exhalation of breath. The camera has been checked for this room but no persons are in the room at the time of these noises being heard.

Fourth Vigil

Final vigil of the night. All guests were given a choice of either joining Sarah in the back attic or Darran in the front bar.

Darrans group sat the far end of the front area by the toilet end. It was very quiet at this point. All that was happening was the K2 meter buzzing and lights going from green to amber some time after being asked to. Whether this was paranormal or coincidence, we can't say. Also the feeling of movement as well as a couple of knocks again coming from the front porch area. The energy was now slackening as people became tired and the "dead time" as its known became just that, very flat and dead. The decision was made to move into the bar and everyone joined hands in a circle. 2 K2 meters were placed In the middle of the circle. Again, Tim came through. He was asked questions and was asked to reply by using the
K2s and lighting the lights to amber for yes. He would do this instantly after being asked. The light would sometimes stay on and on being asked to turn it off and back to green, it would straight away. This would happen consistently and at the same time on both meters. Certain questions seemed to have a more positive reaction with the light rather than at first flickering, go straight to amber and the other EMF / K2 meter buzzing and its lights also moving upwards. Whether this is paranormal or coincidental , again, we can't be sure but we did seem to be having positive reactions to our questions.

Sarah's group chose to go upstairs into the front and back attic rooms where she too was finding the energy had now "gone flat" the K2 meter was going on and the lights lighting up in answer to specific questions. There was the presence felt of the soldier from downstairs in the corner.

 Throughout the night, due to the strange occurrences to theEVP machines that had been put into the cubby hole area roof attic space abovethe boiler room in previous investigations that on this occasion, we would leave a machine in the same area for the duration of the vigil and check it periodically to make sure that it hadn't been switched off by "the unseen".  This area is not easily accessible. The only access being up a ladder, across a piece of wood boarding, climbing through a 2ft by 2ft hatch in the wall into a small dusty space. Up to your left is a set of old stone steps going round the corner and its pitch
black. These stairs would have originally led through to other parts of the attic spaces throughout the pub however over the years, these spaces have been blocked off In that you can only access some of the spaces and not go from one side of the building to the other.  Once in this space, you cannot hear any noise from any part of the building and so it's deathly quiet and pitch black. It's so creepy that you wouldn't want to do a lone vigil here. Throughout the night and on listening back to the EVP machine, a lot of taps and bangs can be heard as well as noises as though someone's moving around in the space. No one went into the area apart from me and Darran. Each time, we would announce our arrival and departure, you would hear us coming up the ladder and crawling through the hatch as well as the hatch door being closed. The initial boiler room door was locked and padlocked. The only person with the key to this door all night was Darran. We cannot explain who or what was in this area making these noises.