old swan inn llantwit major


Swan Inn Llanwit Major 7th October 2011


Vigil Time : 11pm - 4am

Weather : Drizzling

Rear 1st
floor attic room

Darrans group were first in the back attic and picked up on a little boy called Tim (who usuall appears in the bar) as well as an Oliver and a Bethany who is possibly a maid /
housemaid.In the front room, they picked up on a Henry, and a Samuel
Johnson who didn't want to come forward but was just hanging around in the room

Sarahs group did the energy rope. In the back room, the energy was strong and guests were swaying. The rope lifted to chest height and all members confirmed that they hadn't moved the rope. In the front room, the guests felt hot and sickly and one member started to shake. Peoples legs felt cold. The rope made a distinct noose shape again with the help of Jack. The group then moved around to change positions and did it again. This time, they felt temperature changes and the rope physically moved out of their hands. This time, the rope formed a noose in two places. Jack was again present along with other spirits including Oliver, Charles, Tobias, and James. Again, all confirmed that they hadn't physically moved the rope.


Karinas group did the planchette / crystal session. They had good results with it and picked up on an Albert who stated that he was a former landlord of the pub He wishes he
still ran the pub and tends to follow Dave the landlord around. He didn't mind them asking questions of him and stated on the board that he didn't want to be left alone. They ascertained that he would play folk music in the pub when he ran it and would sing. He stated that his wife died at the ripe old age of 91 and that he likes to try and scare people but he isn't wicked at all just playful.   In all, there were 7 spirits in the back room.   On Dave asking him various questions regarding various previous experiences in the pub
that he and his wife has had, Albert confirmed that it was Annie who had moved the chair in the back bar when Jen was working there and that it is Albert that Dave sees in the front bar, wearing the boots . He also confirmed that it was his wife (Albert's) that used to bang on the floor with a stick when it was quiet downstairs to get the staff back working that Dave had previously heard.

Snug / back bar

Darrans group picked up on Annie (a guest also had the same name) who is a regular spirit in this area and could also smell tobacco. One guest also picked up on a "David Green". A dog believed to belong to a previous landlord came through also and was
brushing against peoples legs. His name is Ben. Darran also picked up a Jack Jenkins as well as a David Jones. One of the guests also has the name of Albert and the spirit of a Margaret was also picked up.

Sarahs group did the energy rope where they too picked up on Annie as well as Albert who was a previous landlord. He stood behind Dave the current Landlord who could feel a
breeze across his shoulders, tugging on his t-shirt and the hair standing up on the back of his neck. One guest stated that she felt as if she was being touched around her legs whilst others felt hot and sick. A male named Jack came through whom Sarah has had previous contact. He was hung at the pub after being found guilty of sheep rustling. He made the rope into a noose in front of the guests although they were at the time attempting to stop it twisting. On being asked to turn it back from a noose, he did. Other guests felt temperature fluctuations from cold to hot, hot to cold and one guest felt a tugging to the
bottom of her trouser leg. Others felt cobweb effect on their faces. All members confirmed that they hadn't moved the rope.

Front bar

Darrans group found this their third session hard going as the energy was starting to wane. Robert the Spiv came through as well as the little boy Tim who had the K2 meters going off Doris was down in the other end of the bar near the toilets. Two female guests decided to sit at the bar and on asking questions, had positive responses on the K2. However, the best part of this session was on Darran making contact with a Jack Jenkins. On speaking to him and asking him to do something, the credit card payment machine suddenly sprang into life. This would seem pretty normal apart from the fact that the machine had been switched off at the mains and had no electric going through it. Even more eerie, was the fact that rather than the normal "Barclaycard " type welcome that usually comes up when switched on ( this was tried out afterwards to check if any faults could be found on the machine) the message appearing on the screen stated "BEYOND
PAYMENT". This statement has NEVER been seen before on the machine, and considering our company nameā€¦. a bit creepy to say the least.

Sarah's group did the energy rope and picked up on a Jack Jenkins also. They also did a push pull exercise in order to teach them how to feel the energy building and all members
felt it whilst in their small groups. The rope was again active, lifting  upwards. One gent felt some temperature changes in front of him and at this point, the rope again made the shape of the noose as Jack came through.

Karinas group did the planchette / crystal session. They picked up on a male who died in 1962. He stated that he has living children . He was from Llantwit Major. He was a foot
soldier (Officer) during the war.  A farrier named Frank also came through. He passed at age 86 and had 6 children. Betty the barmaid with the bad right foot also came through. She stated that she had few friends in the village. She wasn't a Llantwit girl but had moved
there when she got married.


Later on in the night, Darran and Dave the pub landlord, decided to have a lone vigil up in the attic roof void which if you have read previous investigation reports, has had some good results previously. During their half hour up there, apart from some taps and banging as well as shuffling sounds (no one else up there with them) they had good responses to questions they were asking of a male they were able to find out was called Thomas. They asked for one tap for a yes response and two taps for a no. He would respond as
requested to their questions. It became apparent that he had lived in the attic space during his lifetime. (Please go into our media page under previous investigation EVPs to hear the conversation).

3 members of the group did a small planchette session later in the evening in the front bar ( Sarah / Karina and one guest) bringing through a Joseph a local farmer who used to drink mead in the pub and supply the pub with meat. He died in 1819 and his wife was named Beatrice. They had 6 children. His sister in law he stated was called Jane. Another energy named Matthew then came through stating that he was a previous landlord.

All in all, another good night at the Swan. We hope to be able to return in the New Year. (If Dave will have us!!!!!)