Investigation of Oliver Cromwell's House 20th May 2017

Times: 9pm-1.30am

Weather:  Dry and mild


We started the first group vigil in the parlour. A little girl called Elizabeth was picked up. She had lived and died at the house. All the K2s were going off on responding as well as the trifield going up. I had the feeling that it may have been used as a school room by the family at some guest stated to feel very cold and then stated that he was a school headmaster. Another guest could smell orange zest. However there were no air fresheners in the room and therefore, no reason for this. Other guests in the circle felt their hands go freezing cold. I picked up that Elizabeth had a governess. A little boy called joseph was also then picked up

We then moved onto the kitchen. In here, we could hear muffled conversation above us. However above us were empty rooms. No one was up there. Again an Elizabeth was picked up as well as a little boy called joseph. They state that there are 7 spirits here Elizabeth is scared of boys. Shes an orphan


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations.

In the civil war room, guests using a planchette had a female come through who was drawing for them.

In the nursery, again, guests picked up on the smell of oranges

In the writing room, a group on the board were picking up a male but he wouldn't give them much information.

In the parlour, a male was picked up who was 9 yrs. old and kept spelling out IO IO.

In the kitchen, again the smell of oranges. Guests picked up on Elizabeth on the board. She was stood in the back corridor. They were using a spirit box and on asking "can you draw us a picture? "The box, said "PAPER". They then asked, "Do you need our help? "The response was "MIGHT DO ". They ascertained that she had died here and then "CHAIR "came through on the spirit box. A little boy called joseph means something to Elizabeth. One of the guests in the room felt his back being touched. Joseph had died and was the same age as her. On the box, she then stated "LOSS" "HAUNTING ". Elizabeth then started to draw circles on the paper. Guests then asked her "have you seen the dolly?" she replied "SEEN IT ". She stated that there was another female with her and that there are 7 spirits there. The names "CONNOR "and "KITTY "also came through. It was Elizabeth who was making the guest feel cold earlier in the parlour. She doesn't like men being on the board as she prefers women. The males had been bad to her and hurt her. She wants her mum but she isn't there with her. Deb then felt her shoulder being tickled and asked Elizabeth if it was here tickling it. The spirit box stated "LEFT". It was her left shoulder being tickled. They then picked up on a male spirit in the fireplace



We then went off to do the next group vigil. Firstly we went into the nursery upstairs. In here, I heard a thud coming from the civil war room next door. Just after I comment on this thud, the knocking block went off. Darran was getting the names of Michael and Robert. The K2s were going off. There were also thudding footsteps coming from the civil war room. The K2s on the Ted in the cradle and also the dolly were going up to red.

We then moved next door to the civil war room. In here, Darran would ask spirit to copy his taps and they would. He then asked them to finish off the tune of shaven haircut and they did. Darran put on the spirit box. A faint voice said a couple of things but I can pick up what they are saying. I had now put the knocking block into the nursery by the crib. It went off. No one was in that room. The red on/off torch then came on on request and off again when I asked for it to be turned off gain. We picked up on Oliver Cromwell. As per usual with him, he doesn't like Darran and won't speak whenever Darran is in the room. We have had this previously in other locations whereby Cromwell has been present. Therefore I sent Darran out of the room and Cromwell started to answer a few basic questions by turning the torch on and off as requested.


Again, everyone went off to do their own investigations.

On the board in the nursery a Sarah was picked up who had died in a fire at the house. She gave the year as being 1602. A male then came through who worked in accounts. He liked one of the guests as he was a maths teacher.

In the kitchen, a spirit on the planchette was drawing circles. A male who had lived there. He was a child. He had been related to the people living at the house and had known Oliver Cromwell. He's 11 yrs. old. He's unhappy here as there's no one for him to play with. He didn't go to school as he didn't like it. He knows a little girl called Elizabeth. That's his sister. His name is Robert. Both had become unwell and both had died. Elizabeth had been around a year younger than him.


Finally the groups split half and half in adjoining rooms being the writing room and the haunted bedroom.

In the bedroom, one guest felt her chest go really tight and heavy. Then she had the feeling of her neck being squeezed. This was just after someone had commented that spirit wasn't doing much in that room for them. She was shocked and had to leave the room for a few minutes to regather her senses before returning to the vigil. There were other knocks and bangs from the adjoining rooms as well as the K2s going up to red.

EVPs captured

In the kitchen, when we hear the talking upstairs, I ask "are you upstairs? "There's a faint response which Darran also heard.

CCTV footage. This captured a couple of orbs going through the kitchen as well as across the bed in the haunted bedroom however apart from that, nothing spectacular.

HOWEVER, whilst clearing up at the end of the night, we had packed most of the kit up in the car and I decided to have one last quick whip round the building to make sure that nothing had been forgotten. I started upstairs and made my way downstairs. The parlour was going to be the last room checked. I went to enter it through the little corridor between it and the kitchen. I put my thumb down on the latch to open the door (not the first time that night and there had been no problems with it all night) and as I went to open it, the door was pulled from my hand with such force that it swung back and hit the wall. At this, I then heard a loud growl / groan and the door came swinging back and slammed in my face. The door wasn't on any type of hinge and therefore there was no reason for it slamming shut again. Also, there was no reason for it swinging open. Needless to say, being alone and in the dark when this happened, I would like to say that I made a "tactical retreat "(I'll leave it at that - I won't mention the fact that I squealed)