Investigation Log of Ostrich Inn
Colnbrook 16th March 2013

Investigation times:   10pm - 3am

Weather:  drizzling

As we were setting up the equipment and before we even started for the night, two of the guests walking up the stairs had the experience of being pushed back towards the
toilet door and another was poked in the back. Lorraine whilst opening up in the blue room had a male voice in her ear say " get out of here now ", she felt very tight chested also. One guest had the sense of a female spirit who is on the stairs, in Victorian clothing. She was in her late 30s and wears a purple dress. She followed the guest into the music room. Lorraine then asked out of the blue "did Dick Turpin stay here? "She didn't know where the question came from, but then on going downstairs to have a cigarette downstairs, she got
chatting to a local man outside who without being prompted started to speak about some of the history of the inn that he knew and stated that Dick Turpin had visited.

Whilst doing our introduction in the music room Darran picked up on a male energy in there called Richard. He came very close to Darran making his back hurt and giving the impression of slitting someone's throat!!. As I went to stand behind him then to place my hands on Darran back, the next thing I knew, I was pushed back and was on my backside. Never had it happen before, and to be honest, I burst out laughing as I thought it was

We therefore decided that whilst this energy was in the room, we may as well make a start with the first vigil. Cold blasts were felt all around the room including down at the far end by the wall where the secret room is. One guest also got the feeling that someone was standing behind her in this corner. On going up to the other end of the room to conduct a séance, Paul saw a shadow walking behind Lorraine. Then as we were calling out and asking if this spirit had been killed by Jarman, the vibration alarm then went off on the
childs knocking block despite no one being anywhere near it and no cars etc going past. There was no explanation for it. Loud taps could also be heard coming from all around the room when we asked for them to do so. One guest then picked up on a female energy called Lucy aged between 16 and 18. I picked up that Lucy was in fact pregnant but it was as a result of rape. She gave the feeling of panic. Paul then picked up on an Albert. He had something to do with Lucy. The k2s were going up to red and red and white flashes of light could be seen on the far end wall near the fireplace. This was when traffic wasn't passing. Pins and needles could be felt in people's hands and one guest felt cobwebs across his face. A little boy called jack was picked up as well as the feelings of suffocation.

We then took everyone into the blue room next door, the scene of the many murders committed by jarman. In here, Lorraine picked up a male energy who was around 5ft 7 tall with longish brown hair. There were feelings of disorientation in the room. The k2s were going up to red a lot of the time and tapping could be heard. We also believe that the table in the middle of the guests seated, also moved however, we need to check with the
video footage to make sure that it wasn't kicked / touched inadvertently. Lorraine had the feeling of strong emotions and wanted to cry. Others felt sickness. Thomas Cole was also picked up.

Everyone then went off to conduct their own lone vigils.

In the downstairs ladies loo at the far end of the restaurant, were feelings of peace and serenity for one of the guests. On our last visit, guests were being forced backwards over the sinks however this time, it was more peaceful but this guest felt that whenever anyone else came into the room, they were intruding on something.

Another guest whilst actually using the loo, saw shadows of someone walking past the cubicle door. She shouted out but no one replied. This is also picked up on the EVP that she shouts out but nothing is heard in the vicinity and no one walks through the restaurant as you would hear them on the other evp machines. Just after this, Darran comes down to the loos to take photos and on turning around, sees someone / something coming down the bottom stairs and turn left into the restaurant. On him going out there to see who it
was, no one was there. He had seen a black shadow of a female.

In the restaurant, two guests picked up on a Thomas. The K2 was going up to red and the planchette moved for them.

In the blue room, a couple of guests used a ghost box and had the following conversation

"its cold in here, mind you the attic hatch is above us"    "CORRECT"

Its really cold, it shouldn't be this cold in here for march  "DISEMBODIED"   "MOVE"

Why? I don't want to move "

For the second vigil, we took the group to the main restaurant to do a calling out session. We decided to use the ghost box as previously we have had good results with it in locations. We had as follows:

What's your name?  "TOM"

Do you want to say anything? " NO"

Is Jarman here? "NO" "HELP"

Did you cry for help? " HELP"

The name of Maude then came through with the feeling of laughing and talking. We could also hear chairs rattling however this was behind the group in areas we were not sat. The chairs were also on flagstones rather than floorboards and in the dim light; we could see that no one was moving. In fact we got a couple of people to wriggle in their chairs to see if
we could recreate it. We couldn't. The K2s were also going off.

Around the same time, we could hear the Inn owner in the kitchen.Philipppe was the only member of staff around. However at the same time, we could hear banging coming from the main bar. Lorraine went out there to check and no one was there apart from when she was then joined by him and he informed her that he had been in the kitchen which we already knew. Around the same time, we could also hear footsteps going up to the office upstairs. The only route to the office is through the restaurant, first, however Philippe was
still in the bar with Lorraine when we heard it. Last time we there, we heard exactly the same thing including rustling of papers when we know Philippe was in the kitchen so that's twice we've had something similar occur. Darran picked up on a brother / father Michael as well as a possible priest hole.

Again everyone went off to conduct their own vigils. I went into the blue room to do a planchette session with one of the guests. On the planchette on asking various questions and ascertaining that we were speaking to Mr Jarman himself, he stated that he killed 63 people. He had no regrets and was happy with his decision. He would have carried on if he hadn't been caught. He isn't worried about being judged on his passing. His own childhood was a violent one and he was angry with the world. He doesn't want forgiveness but he's
not happy being n between worlds. He states that Mary his wife was the evil one. Even though the contraption was his idea, she was the main culprit. He feels safe in the inn and doesn't want to cross over. He doesn't want to meet those he killed. He isn't a religious man. He confirmed that there was a type priest hole and that he knew a father Michael. He came to visit the inn. However, the "Secret room / priest hole "wasn't used whilst he was living at the pub.

Meanwhile, Darran / Paul and Lorraine were in the music room next door. I heard them talking to each other saying " was that your stomach ? " etc but then they came into the room and stated that they had all heard a really loud growl while they were stood by the fire. Typically, they didn't have an evp running!!

For the last vigil, we initially took the group into the kitchen. We had seen a male shadow person walking through here last time. On going in, we picked up on a male energy in the room. We could also hear rustling of tin foil which was on a counter in front of us despite none of us being stood by it or rustling it. We also had a lot of tapping down the far end
of the room and on some going down to that end, they had feelings of disorientation and as if their feet were sinking into the floor and that they were rocking. We then went down to the downstairs loo where again, Paul picked up on Albert. Albert despite the name isn't an old man, but in his late 20s early 30s.   By asking questions, Albert stated that he had been married to Lucy but she had betrayed him.  The torch placed on the window ledge turned itself on and off around 5 times. One of the guests sitting on as chair in the room felt as though the chair was rocking. A female energy was picked up by Lorraine who was very pretty however she was too ashamed to show her face as she had been beaten and had marks and injuries on it. However, she had fought back and in turn had also injured him.  Albert was replying to questions asked by lighting up the K2 in response to the questions.
From this he informed us that he wanted the group to leave him a glass of ale and a cigarette. Albert wasn't of the time when the highwaymen were visiting the inn but he was aware of the murders that took place there. Talking could also be heard coming from outside the room when no one was there.

EVPs captured are:

Restaurant ladies toilet, lots of footsteps could be heard coming from above when we know full well that Philippe was sitting at a table in the bar and no one else was up there. Also we had a growling sound and a tapping on wood

Restaurant, loud bang coming from the bar area when no one was anywhere near it as well as a loud female sigh

Blue room:  various taps and knocks. Also theres a loud sigh that can be heard as well as the sound as if someone is moving around in the room but no one is in there at the time.  

Video footage picked up.

The camera at the top of the stairs facing the ladies loo, at twenty past midnight, you see an orb / shape come from in front of the toilet door. This orb then floats up the stairs getting bigger as it gets closer to the camera before turning right as if to come towards the music room. We then followed it onto the next camera where the orb was seen to float down the top corridor. At the same time, these cameras had "act "come up on them
short for activity. There were no "human "persons on the stairs and therefore no reason for the cameras to pick up anything unless something came within their range

Various orbs were seen in the music room at the far end ( secret room end ) as well as a couple seen to come from the corridor near the restaurant toilets into the restaurant 
and towards the camera.

Another interesting night, until September………………….