pengethley manor

Investigation log, Pengethley Manor 18th May 2012 

Vigil Times: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Raining

Before the night started and as the team drove up to the hotel, Paul saw a female at the window of room 11. He described her as wearing formal clothes and having her hair in a bun. She was also picked up later on in the night when the vigils were taking place,

Once the guests had arrived and settled themselves, they were split into two groups. One group with Darran and Paul and the other with Lorraine and Fran.

Darran and Paul initially took their group up to room 4 where they picked up a Henry. He was watching from the sidelines and wouldn't come forward. A little boy named James then came forward.

There were a few K2 hits with him in answer to questions and also taps and knocks on request. Charlotte Grey also came forward and was very upset. This affected one of the hotels members of staff who became emotional and felt her heart racing and was teary eyed. Also one of the male guests felt same. Cold spots were felt around the room and one of the guests saw a light orb fly across the room by the bed. A few noises were caught on the EVP which was on the dressing table and strange whirling noises. The smell of coconut could be smelt and flashing lights were seen

On going into room 11, a Sarah-Louise thought to possibly be a children's nanny came through. She was at the house between 1830 - 1840. A few knocks, groans and distant voices could be heard by various guests. K2 hits were occurring and the torch switched itself on just after there was a K2 hit. Also the smell of burning could be smelt.

Meanwhile, Fran and Lorraine went into room 2 where they picked up a Geoffrey who was the owner's son who died in 1948. Annie was also picked up as well as good K2 hits. Murmurs could also be heard.

They then went into room 3 where they had feelings of injured persons. Coldness and taps could be heard. The EVP batteries drained and there were constant K2 hits. A little boy Eddie came onto the planchette which moved by itself without anyone using it. One guest picked up a nurse called Ellen. Eddie was 5 yrs old and his father was a soldier being treated there. Eddie was frightened of seeing his dad in such a bad way and was very
wary of the group

The guests then went off to do their lone vigils.

In room 2, a teenage girl named Victoria was picked up on the planchette. She had a sister who was 10 yrs old called Olive. Harriett also came through and was wearing her best blue dress with white lace trim. She goes up and down the stairs but didn't want to talk about the lady that is in the library. She has a sister named Emily. Harriet likes to read. Harriet also confirmed that there had been a fire in the building.

In room 3, guests using the planchette picked up a small boy named Peter aged 5 (he drew a V for his age) his father died in the civil war. He drew some pictures and wanted a cuddle from one of the female guests. His mother Audrey also came through. They are both still there because of the father who also came through. He gave his name as Jacob and stated that he had been shot in the left side of his face by a musket. It was 3 days before he
died. The house was used as a hospital. He was stuck and wanted to move over (which
the team helped him with later)

Another soldier then came through called Robert. He also died around the same time and was also stuck. He had seen what the team did for Jacob and asked them to do the same for him.

On the second vigil, Darran and Paul returned to room 4 where again they heard knocks and bangs. There was temperature changes which were felt by guests sat on the bed. A few small red and blue flashes of light were also seen. A male servant "Jenks" also came forward (name Arthur Jenkins) who gave a few K2 hits.

Fran and Lorraine took their group down to the basement. A Henry or Harry came through who had lots of energy and gave the feeling of being strangled. He had mental health problems and his job was to watch the tunnels and the hiding of goods in them. He would walk through them to the church. He wanted to be a monk

They then went up to room 7 where Fran got feeling of being punched in the eye. Her red was red and swollen. There were good K2 hits but not a lot of interaction.

On the landing a Harriet came through who was around 12 yrs old. She answered a lot of questions via the K2. A children's nanny Sarah - Louise also came through as well as a Jack who liked his whiskey and gave the guests feelings of being drunk. He was a friend of the family. Geoffrey also came back through and gave the impression of going shooting.

Going back to room 2, the names Mary a children's nanny, Eddie aged 5, and again Sarah Louise. Sarah had died in her 40s through illness. She was happy to talk to them. Anne a chambermaid also came through and shadows were seen

EVPs brought up a few taps and knocks as well as the sound of someone sitting in one of the chairs in one of the rooms when no one had gone into the room. In room 11, during a vigil, you hear a male voice saying MMMMMM. People thought it was Darran but on the EVP he is adamant that isn't. It also sounds as though someone is in the room later on. However, just outside the room, the floor creaks as does the door. You don't hear any creaking footsteps or the door just sounds from within the room.

The videos showed a lot of orbs especially along the corridor and in a couple of the bedrooms. Some seem to come towards the camera, stop and then go off in another direction. Others as they come towards the camera, appear to be flashing. What I can say is that although you would usually discount 9 out of 10 orbs as being dust particles, we have updated the cameras and these ones don't tend to pick it up as other cameras do. Plus the fact that this particular hotel is a nightmare to try and get any dust floating around as we can't even get gaffer tape to stick to the skirting boards as they are so highly

All in all another interesting night at Pengethley. Hope we can go back next year. Thanks to all the staff who also had a fun night with us.