investigation log pengethley manor


of Pengethley Manor 2nd December 2011

Time of Vigil: 10pm - 3am

Weather: Cold / damp

1st Vigil: 
Sarah's group were in the music room doing the energy rope. The rope was lifting by itself and people were feeling very hot. One felt itchy and cold and had a whispering or breath in her right ear. Others became dizzy and were swaying to and fro. They were feeling hot on the top half of their bodies but cold on their lower halves. They had tingling feet.

Darrans group were upstairs using rooms 2 and 4. In room 2, a Charlie was coming through as well as guests seeing flashing lights. Where were taps being heard and the feeling of cobwebs across people's faces. There were also cold spots in the room. Also a shadow could be seen between the radiator and the wardrobe.

In room 4, flashing lights could be seen coming from the bathroom area and the spirit of a Jacob came through. Guests were feeling hot and cold. Jacob was responding to guests tapping. Also Harriett was picked up who were making people go hot, then cold. The K2 meter would go off up to amber 6 or times. The camera picked up a number of orbs travelling across the room when guests were in there. Also, when no ones in this room, a number of taps can be heard on the EVP.Guests picked up on the smell of flowers described as sweet and possibly Lillies. They also felt very hot. Around 3hrs into the recordings, a female whimper can be heard.

Everyone then went onto their own lone vigils using the planchettes, dowsers, pendulums. They were able to use each room in the building in which to do their own investigations for an hour.

Room 8:  2 spirits were felt by the first guests in this room. A little boy was picked up who was under 5 yrs old. He died in the building and was mostly kept "below stairs ". Although allowed outside, he wouldn't go out to play. He stated that his name began with an L. His parents didn't work at the Manor. He likes to play games (but not tricks). He was happy to speak to the guests... he was making the guests legs feel cold. He stated that he wasn't really fed enough. There was a queen on the throne but not Victoria or Elizabeth. He then stated that he was getting too tired and couldn't talk anymore, in the same room, a female then came forward to the same guests. She stated that she was between 10 - 15yrs. She worked in the kitchen and was ill before passing with an intestinal problem. She had a cat with her. King Edward was on the throne. She had brothers but no sisters. She wasn't allowed out very often but did like to play outside. She gave her name as Catherine and stated that it's her that switches the clock radio on and off in the room. She touched one of the female guest's legs a couple of times. Although both children appear in the same room, they don't actually know each other as they are from different eras. Anne was on the throne.

Room 1: never gets warm no matter how hot the weather or the heating being on. All evening prior to midnight, the room was airy and there were no smells in the room at at all. However, during a lone vigil in this room, an overwhelming smell of mothballs could be smelt. It was especially bad in one corner near the bed. Throughout this hour, the smell would fade and then return, even more pungent, wafting into the landing area outside and the corridors. The spirit in this room, gave the name Richard and was of the Tudor era. He was working well with guests with pendulums actually spinning the pendulums so fast and so violently that they were almost horizontal as they spun. At times, it did manage to spin upwards on its side like a Catherine wheel. At the same time, a male guest in the room felt hot down one side but cold down the other. Flashing lights could be seen by the bathroom door. Richard was following Darran around with the smell of the mothballs.

Room 5: One female worker at the hotel had a Thomas with them who moved the planchette on his own without it being touched. He sat between two of the girls and knocked on the window. He confirmed that it had been him on the board and then repeated it. He moved the board quickly to one female worker at the hotel.  Also Tobias and Harriet came through. A rubber ball that flashes when bounced on the floor was lighting up just when being held. Thomas likes football and stated his surname began with a P; they were picking up possibly Powell.

In the bar: Spirit would only speak to a certain guest and stated that they worked in the bar area of the hotel. She was between 15 and 20yrs old and worked as a servant. Other guests in the bar picked up on a male around the same age 15-20 who didn't want them to be in the bar and wanted them to leave. One of these guests felt someone touch their leg.

Garden: orbs were being picked up in the garden by the bench. Two male guests asked spirit to join them and on taking the photo, the orb appeared next to them. There were good reactions with the dowsing rods.

Room 4: Other guests had good reactions with the planchette,being able to speak with Harriet. At one point, 5 or 6 guests all had one hand on the planchette and were walking round in circles as the planchette moved around the table it would then turn itself around and spin them in the opposite direction on request.

Room 10: people felt their legs going cold and had good reactions with the K2 meters.

Music Room: the planchette was very successful in this room

Room 3: 8 spirits were picked up including 3 children.

Room 2: this room also later on, smelt of mothballs. Pendulum reactions were good as guests picked up on a male called Charlie. Scrawls were drawn on the planchette and tapping could be heard on the back of the wardrobe. One female guest felt a pressure against her back before being pushed forward. A Richard with possible name Thomas also came through.

Room 11: the sound of breathing / whispering can be heard on the EVP as well as loud taps when no ones in the room. Everyone using this room, each time on coming in, stated how cold the room felt to them.

Second Vigil. Darrans group were in Room 4: Jacob was picked up. He had been married previously but now had a sweetheart. One of the females in the room reminded him of that sweetheart. He had a baby with his wife who had died at 9 months from a bad chest (at this, Darran started coughing and spluttering.) His name was Leonard. Catherine also came through. Jacob spoke of someone escaping through a tunnel to a church. The tunnel is now bricked up (unbeknownst to any of the guests, there is in fact a tunnel in the cellar, long bricked up which did used to lead to the nearby church.)  Margaret also came through. Jacob, a Royalist, had died during the civil war after having his throat cut. He tends to travel between the manor and the church through the tunnel. Because, he was talking so
much, Harriet, the child, became jealous as she was being ignored. She began
banging on the floor.

Sarah's group were in the library doing the energy rope. Again, it began to lift and people felt that their necks were being tickled. Some were swaying and others began to feel very hot. The rope twisted inwards towards the centre of the circle. The K2 was going up to amber and staying there on more than one occasion.