pengethley manor hotel

   Investigation Pengethley Manor Hotel Ross-On-Wye 28th October 2011

Vigil Time 10 pm - 4am

Weather:  Light breeze, rain showers

First vigil:

Sarah's group were in the music room with the energy rope. Spirits of 4 children were felt who gave the names of Katherine, Tobias, Eloise and Thomas. Each child was interacting with some of the guests. All members of the group either felt the temperature change or tugging on their trousers. The rope moved upwards twice. The group then sat on the floor and felt the cold spots around them. On taking photos, orbs can be seen between the guests.

Karina and Darrans group: were in the front bar area. A male came onto the planchette
table calling himself Geraint Davies. He had worked at the Manor prior to the fire. He didn't like anyone mentioning the civil war. One of the guests present reminded Geraint of his wife Emily who had died during the civil war. The dowsing rods kept pointing towards this particular guest and a female mother figure was following her around.


Second Vigil:

Sarah's Group; were in room 2 where the atmosphere felt heavy and oppressive. The rope again moved upwards and one female guest felt sick and dizzy and was forced to leave the
circle. People felt their clothes being tugged again. The K2 meter lights would go for green to amber especially around the bottom end of the bed when moved. A Charles and Elizabeth were picked up.

Karina and Darrans group were in the garden where he picked up on residual energies of civil war soldiers pacing the grounds. A female possibly with the name Margaret was
pacing the garden looking for the children. Karina had also picked up on Margaret whilst in the music room. This lady seemed to be wandering throughout the building. Darran then joined staff in the front bar where they were using the planchette and were getting excellent results, being in contact with a young child called Thomas. He was answering their questions, interacting with them and cold spots were being felt. Guests were also being touched. The K2 meter was having positive results and one guest felt as though she was being hugged.

Third vigil:

Sarah's group did some table tipping in the library which had some good results. Spirits coming forward were a Thomas, Joan, Margaret, Charles and a Katherine

Karina andDarrans group went into Room 6 whereby he did a calling out session. This room proved to be pretty quiet and not a lot of activity occurred apart from a few K2 hits. On moving onto Room 5, he had the same result.

On going into the dining room, a female came through to them as well as a 6yr old girl. She stated that she liked living in the housel she wasn't able to spell out her name on the planchette . Also on the planchette, a male called Bernard came through who stated that he was 68 yrs old when he passed in 1871. He was married with children including a little boy called Thomas who died in the fire. Bernard was a servant

In the corridor on the 1st floor, a static night vision camera was set up. This part of the corridor wasn't used for vigils during the night. A ball was placed on the floor in this corridor as a trigger object by Darran who informed spirit that should they wish to move the ball or play with it, they were welcome to. He placed the ball near the skirting board.
Twice during the night, this ball moved from its original spot, moving 2ft and on the second occasion, 6ft. we believe that this footage has been caught on the camera.                                                                                                                                      Also on this corridor, on camera, we have captured a bright orb of light moving from around the area of the ball, away from us down the corridor, this light then rises around a foot off the ground, and then quickly comes straight towards the camera and past it. This is not the ball as first thought by myself but something else. A little girl called Harriett died in the fire in the Manor house. She is known to be in the location of around Room 11 which happens to be just behind where the camera is placed. Could this have been Harriett??

The main staircase was also a hive of activity with bright lights being caught on the cameras and orbs going up and down the stairs, being seen to level out on the turning landing and then ascend the second flight as well as doing the same on the way down. This was happening time and time again throughout the night. Our new cameras can now filter out dust and doesn't tend to pick up on particles. To the trained eye, these do actually appear to be genuine orbs rather than dust.

One good thing on this event was that the cameras were set up in areas that weren't being used in vigils. Two reasons for this being that firstly, the chance of noise contamination is dramatically decreased if everyone is in different parts of the building and so anything captured on EVP may genuinely be paranormal. Secondly as no one is constantly walking around in those areas, no dust is being thrown up anywhere, cutting down the risk of
"dust orbs" occurring

This is a stunning building with such a pleasant/ friendly and warm feeling both before and after dark. We don't believe that there is anything sinister in this building and everyone within it is friendly whether they are living or not. What a fabulous place