Private Investigation Log Bristol November 9th  2013

We were given the opportunity to investigate one of Bristol's gems that we wouldn't usually be able to investigate and so we couldn't wait to get started.

Before we even started properly whilst JJ and I were talking about the apparition of a lady which has been seen on numerous times around the building in the main hall, Colin kept getting the name Gwendolyn. We aren't sure if this is the same lady. Darran and Kev were down the other end of the hall setting up the CCTV when Rich and Liz saw and picked up an elderly gent who they describe as being large build, not very tall wearing smart clothes. He had little hair on his head and what he did have was white and around the edges only. He seemed to be watching Darran and what he was doing. They had the impression that he was some type of caretaker. When we told Darran, he stated that this had been the same man he had seen up on the balcony earlier on.

JJ then went into the reception room and could smell freshly cut grass and had the impression of small white flowers. As she was telling Kerry Ann about this, and saying about the flowers, she heard a female say "white flowers".

Not long after, Tracey came bounding up the stairs out of breath and in shock. She had gone down to the loos with another of the team and when they were on their way back, she states that she had looked left through a set of glass doors and up against the wall, she saw a man leaning looking at her. She could only describe him as looking like a drawing as in he had a black outline and she could make out clothes, but there was no density to him and was transparent. She hadn't stayed there long enough to make out anything else as
it had her spooked.

Quite a few of the group picked up  a male sat at the top of the balcony over the main hall sitting in one of the seats near the back and Tas picked up on a female in the projection booth.

Myself and Darran then went into the reception room to do a quiet evp session and the K2 drained as soon as it was turned on despite it having a brand new battery in it. We had a couple of K2 hits and there was a clicking sound coming from near the door. We could also hear someone moving around outside the doors even though everyone else at this time was downstairs having a coffee. Darran picked up on a female energy in the room called
Christine who confirmed her name by tapping on request for us.

We then met up with the others and went down to the basement. A male with wearing glasses and having wild white hair was picked up. It's believed that he is an old professor who passed a few years ago. Darran picked up on a Malcolm Rogers who was around by the vault area. He is from the era of before the current building was there. He was lost and frightened and wandering around the building. He was blind due to the tumour in the
brain.  Liz also picked up on him and they discovered that he is aged around late 30s and is the one who gives people visiting this part of the building the bad headaches. It's believed that he may have something wrong with his brain which is giving the headaches such as a
tumour. He also has some kind of deformity to his face where he has a lump on one side of it but also that it has slipped. Liz then picked up the possibility of specimen jars containing such oddities such as deformed heads / babies etc and had the feeling that Malcolm may have been kept there as a living specimen.  He is still attached to the building as part of him was kept after his death as a specimen and he therefore isn't whole.  It was decided that Liz and Darran would cross him over as that's what he was asking for. Darran asked for his mother Rose and his sister to come and collect him.

We then went up to the 5th floor to one of the seminar rooms. Tracey picked up on a male with a tall hat, not unlike the pope would wear. Masons were also being picked up by Darran as well as the name Richard Ashcroft  ( Darran has since done some digging and has found : Professor Richard Ashcroft teaches medical law and ethics at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the Department of Law at Queen Mary, University of London. Previously he was Professor of Biomedical Ethics in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and before that he worked at Imperial College London, Bristol University and Liverpool University)

Kev picked up that some unpleasant things happened in that particular room. Possibly something to do with slavery. Did such discussions take place in this room? JJ was picking up on keys. Others were getting pains in their bodies. A few of us then heard a deep sigh coming from the other side of the room. JJ was then touched.

Myself and Darran then went to the stage area while the others went off for a coffee. A few taps were heard and rustling around at the front of the stage. Darran picked up on a David whilst I had the name Phillip

On going into the chamber, some of us did some scrying using a mirror which is in there. Rich went first and started to look younger. His goatee seemed to disappear and he had a full blown moustache instead. His face became very determined as a strong male energy came through. This energy didn't like us being in the room.

I then had a go and could straight away see my neck lengthen and I looked younger. My nose began to grow a hooked end and I started to get a cleft in my chin. I then went completely bald and my eyes blurred so that I couldn't even see the mirror.

Liz on having a go had two different sides to her face. One side appeared drooped as though she had had a stroke and also looked older. The other side looked much younger and fuller.

Tracey picked up on a female energy called Miriam. She's aged around 50 and was married to the male on the stairs who had been seen earlier on.  Possibly the same male Darran / Liz and Rich had seen) she liked to be in this room even though it's a male dominated room and women wouldn't been welcome in there. She wore a black robe and a judge's wig as well as small half moon glasses perched on the end of her nose. She came across as being a strong character


Me Darran Colin and Kev then went and sat backstage for a quiet evp session. We were getting lots of K2 hits and could hear knocks and taps coming from behind one of the doors. Colin then used his ovilus and on asking some questions got the reply to one of them of "we're old "and the name "Paul". Darran was getting pinpricks on the back of his head

On going into the main hall, Colin sat in the female chair to the side of the stage and immediately felt agitated and angry and had to get out of it straight away.

EVPs picked up are:

In the main hall, there's the sound of two chair legs clanging together when no ones in the room and when some of us are on the stage talking among ourselves, a loud sigh is picked up. Later on in the background there's a female humming in the distance when we are together in the main hall. It sounds as though it's coming from elsewhere in the building.

In the 5th floor seminar room, although no ones in the room and none of us actually went up there the whole night, there's the sound of someone moving around the room, taps and banging about as well as the sound of someone humming. The door to this room squeaks a bit when you open it so you would hear if someone came into the room but no one did.

In the reception room, it doesn't look as though we picked up the female saying "white flowers "in JJs ear. I hear JJ talking about them but can't pick up anything afterward unfortunately. There's also various knocks and taps on wood when no ones in the room.


In the basement, there was a squeak but this could have been a rat or mouse. Also there was a loud clicking sound and also a childs voice when Liz asks spirit to speak

In the council chambers, theres a faint laughing when one of the girls starts giggling and says she cant stop laughing and doesn't know why. Its not her or anyone else laughing, it's a tone under her own and separate from it. also theres a faint whistle.

Behind the stage on asking spirit to make a noise we had two taps and on Colin asking who they are, "Paul " is heard. .

As for video footage:

In the reception room, when Darran picks up on Christine and mentions her name, an Orb appears in front of the camera. Later on when Rich's group do a table tipping session in the room, we have only managed to capture some of it. We have captured the part where the table starts to turn and move around the room but the most part where its moving to and fro is just off shot.

In the corridor, there are two flashes at two different times. An orb or similar seems to pop out from in between two stacks of chairs and then goes. A bit later on, another brighter flash is seen between the front two stacks closer to the camera as if it's moving closer to have a nose at the camera.

In the main hall, there's two bright flashes over by the doors closest to the stage on the left side ( near the main stairs going up to the back entrance of the building) one is so bright that actually reflects on the banister rail going up to the stage. However when you zoom in on it, it's not actually a flash coming in through any glass in the doors but from the side
of the doors from the wall. 

On viewing the camera in front of the stage looking at the balcony. At one point when we are all up on the 5th floor doing an investigation up there. The lights leading to the balcony outside the doors turn on. No one passes these doors. Darran had not long been down to the main hall to get a jacket and he can confirm that when he went back up, he didn't
deviate, went straight up the stairs, didn't see any security around and therefore there shouldn't be any reason for them to go on. Later on, something glows up in the doorway which would be in the main corridor leading to the main staircase. It's not clear enough to see any form or shape. Again we are all still up on the fifth floor. It's also not a torch beam as not clear enough for that.

Nothing appeared in the chamber.

Great night with some great people. See you again soon