Investigation log of Redcliffe Caves Saturday 3rd September 2016

Investigation times:  8pm - midnight

Weather: wet and mild


Due to us having a small group, we decided to first take them tothe wellwhich is a place that we don't usually investigate due to the lack of space and headroom.

In here, we heard a male groan and a slight whistle from further out in the caves. The K2 ted was going off on request as were the other K2s. one guest felt herself being tickled and Darran picked up on the name of Emily.  A couple of us were getting the feeling of static on our faces whilst others were getting cold breezes across their faces. The trifield went right up to the full red and then the knocking block which was placed out of everyone's way on the side, went off. One guest had her head touched and Kev and one of the guests picked up on someone being just outside the circle. Darn had the thermal camera on and saw a head in between two guests with long flowing hair behind them. On double checking with the guests there, neither of them had long hair which was down. One had shorter hair and the other had hers up in a bun. On looking back, this third "head "was no longer on the camera

I picked up that Emily was around 32 and worked as a prostitute. She's a very pleasant lady with a nice nature. Darran picked up on a male also being present and a couple of us had the name of George. I picked up that he's not a nice character. He's not a punter but more of a pimp. We picked up that Emily was the one thrown in the well and that George may well have done it. George wasn't a happy man, he wanted a relationship with her but she didn't want to know. We then heard a dragging noise as well as far off female voices having a conversation. A guest had the smell of wet clay and copper and then three of us suddenly had the smell of fish for some reason.


Everyone then went off to do their own investigations

Entrance area- guests of a board picked up on a Thomas and the year 1821. He was 24 and is quite happy in the cave. There is an Emily with him. She is the same one who was in the well area. Although she WAS pushed, it wasn't George who pushed her. A second female energy was picked up. This one was a little girl also called Emily. She's aged 7 and isn't very happy. Thomas was giving all the guests on the board their ages and wanted to talk to one of the group. A female aged 80 also came through and stated that she's aged 80

Skull cave- guests picked up on a Mary and she's not happy. She won't give them her age.


For the second vigil, we firstly took everyone tothe hermitage. In here, we had the on/off torches going off and could hear moans and voices come from further down the tunnel. K2 ted moved twice and the other K2s were also going off. Guests were having their faces and legs touched. A female voice saying MMMM was also heard by a few of us.

We then went into theinner chamber. Just after we all settled, Darran put on the spirit box to try and see if we could get any spirits to speak to us through it and instead, all went haywire. The knocking block went off / the on off torches went on, and then the spirit box completely drained. We picked up on a child's energy that was playing. Darran turned the spirit box off completely but it carried on making a noise turning on. He even unplugged the speaker from the box and still noise was coming from the speaker. It wasn't turning on particularly as there's a males voice on the start-up but it kept beeping for no reason. K2 Dolly (I've now named Jennifer) then came on. We picked up a little boy who says that he gets lonely.


Everyone again went off to do their own investigation

Entrance area- again on the board, a group picked up on an Emily who gave the year as being 1700. A second spirit called Freddie was also picked up

Inner chamber- a guest picked up on a young girl called Elizabeth aged 112. She has long curly hair and wears a dress. She's on her own but knows of Thomas who is also in the caves.

Skull Cave- a 22 yr old female was picked up. She wouldn't say anything else other than goodbye


For the final vigils, we firstly took everyone to themain chamberwhereby we heard low groans and footsteps down the tunnel as well as conversations. The on off torches also turned on


Finally we took everyone to theskull cavewhere we spoke once again to Francois (had him a number of times). The green torch would turn on when we asked if he was there and guests were having the feeling of cobwebs across their faces. We also had sounds of someone walking around and over a metal board which is actually further up the cave towards the main chamber on the corner. K2s were going off, some guests were feeling chills and the trifield was going up . there were also glowing lights that we could see coming from the other chambers in the caves despite us all being together. A female voice was also heard but further on down the caves.



Front entrance area- two guests whilst we were in the well, didn't want to go in there due to the small area and decided to have a walk around. However for a little while, they stood by this entrance chatting. However, just after they finished part of their conversation, a little girl's voice is heard. I can't quite make out the first part of the sentence however the last part sounds like either "and go now, OR you can go now "

Hermitage - footsteps are heard in the chamber when no one's around In this area.

Whilst we are doing our vigil, there's a female voice picked up. A few of us hear it but it's no one in the group. We then hear another voice and I ask "can you say that again? "Straight after, there's a small voice. It sounds like it says NO

Skull Cave - whilst we were doing the last vigil, the footsteps over the metal sheet further on down the tunnel has been picked up.