Investigation log of Redcliffe Caves 15th February 2013

Investigation times:8pm - midnight

Weather:  dry and still.

When the guests arrived, we took them for their first vigil in the skull cave. They all stood in a circle with hands held whilst the team asked the spirits to put impressions on them. One guest felt sick whilst another felt freezing cold but their head was hot. A male's voice saying "mmm" could be heard as well as distant voices although we were in the deepest part accessible to us and wouldn't hear anyone outside. Other guests standing the other side of the circle had the feeling that someone was standing behind them watching what we were doing. Others were feeling really cold whilst others felt cobwebs on their faces. Lorraine picked up on a female energy called Catherine who was giving the smell of tobacco. She was looking for someone. She was mid 30s and of the 1800s.she has dark long scraggly hair.

Something a bit strange happened during this vigil, we can't work out why. At the beginning of the séance, I went around and turned off everyone's torches. One of them was a large one with the handle on top. This was placed in front of the guest whose torch it was on the floor. It had a flattish bottom and so wouldn't roll. During the séance, although at one point some were spooked and had a screaming couple of minutes and moved, the team didn't see anyone actually leave the circle. (Everyone still holding hands) however at the
end, this torch was no longer there. The guest found it up around the corner a good ten feet away. During the séance, we DID hear the sound which we all assumed was someone just scraping their foot back and fore. When the torch was found however, trying to work out how it got there was difficult. If the circle wasn't broken, no one could've moved the torch with their foot backwards to the place it was found unless they had legs 15ft long. No one disappeared around the corner. If the torch had been kicked, we would've heard it rolling   / bouncing along the floor which we didn't. When we then got the torch and scraped it along the floor ourselves, it made the same sound as the "scraping foot". However, NOONE in the group actually HAD been scraping their foot as everyone just assumed it was someone else. Like I say, can't explain that one.

Everyone then went off to conduct their lone vigils. In the skull room, guests had Catherine come onto the planchette. She isn't happy and is looking for her man who works in the caves storing goods. She isn't married and doesn't want to marry. She is illiterate and in her 30s. She's not a local but came to Bristol to find work. She doesn't work in the caves herself. She tends to stay in that particular part of the caves as it feels safe. On Alan
then joining the table, she stated that she knows Alan as she watches him when he's
around. She doesn't follow him, just watches him. She likes his energy.

The dowsing rods started spinning around the corner near the "Christopher robin "wall.

Just inside the entrance, on the planchette, the K2 was going mad and going up to red. A little boy called Thomas aged 6 came through again. (We have had him previously.)

In the hermitage, the planchette was moving very slowly around in a circle.

For the second vigil, we all went to the hermitage. Whilst here, I heard the clicking sound like a bat further down the tunnel. Alan confirmed that there are no bats anywhere within the cave system. One of the female guests was hit in the back which made her yelp a bit!! Whilst others felt their legs go cold and had the feeling of their trousers being pulled.
Another MMM was heard along with the guests feeling freezing cold at the same time. On looking from the hermitage back down the tunnel, I was trying to take photos. I saw the tunnel in the viewer as clear as day but as I went to take the photo, a thick fog came in front of the lens blocking out everything. I assumed that for some reason the lens had misted up and wiped it quickly but it made no difference. As I turned to my right to take another photo, I had the same fog. However within 10 seconds or so, I went to take the same photos of the same locations and it was clear as day again. (Not only I had this
experience through the night, guests were also experiencing the same fogs and mists in the main chamber.) Knocks and bangs were also coming from further down the tunnel in the same direction. The name john was picked up as well as a Christopher who actually helped to dig out the caves. The guests were holding hands and without calling out and requesting it as we sometimes do, their arms began to rise. There was also the smell of old dirty rags and tobacco and guests were feeling their faces being tickled.

Again, they all went off to conduct their own lone vigils. Again near the entrance on the first planchette, an energy on the board stated that it wanted a male in that particular group to leave the table. The K2 was also going up to red in response to questions being asked. Thomas was again in this area and rather than answering questions via the planchette, was doing it on the K2, lighting it up in response to questions.

Others kept smelling the smell of sweets between the main chamber and the skull room. Some stated that it smelt a bit like Parma violets. Earlier in the week, an advert for cider had been filmed in the caves and so we assumed that possibly it was the remnants of that being kicked up off the floor and letting off the odour. However, at the end of the night when Alan himself went down to the skull room to collect the table, he stated that he too had then smelt it. He assumed earlier too that it was the smell of cider not sweets
however on this occasion, was now stating that it was the smell of sweets and not cider he could smell.

For the final vigil, we all went into the main chamber.
Whilst here, I tried out the French sentences I've been given and whilst doing this and asking for a sign to be given, the torch on the wall behind me, turned on. We then sent one of the guests down to the skull room on his own. Whilst there we all asked spirit to do things to him. One of these was to pull on his ponytail. When he returned to the group, we asked if he had experienced anything. He informed us that he felt a presence next to him and so flicked on his torch to see a mist. On turning off his torch, he then felt a sharp tug on his ponytail. Spirit obviously wanted to play with us tonight!! But it was good
confirmation. Another guest also had her hand touched when we continued to ask spirit to touch the guests.

EVPs picked up were, in the hermitage, a strange sound almost like a door creaking can be heard. Also during the vigil in the hermitage, a male groan is picked up in response to a question being asked. The group actually hear it.

In the first part of the cave by the first planchette, there's the sound of a child's giggle (this is where we pick up on Thomas)

In the skull cave, straight after I ask the group if they can hear voices. when we enhanced the evp, you can hear a female voice say "thankyou ladies and gentlemen ". 

On photos being taken. At one point during the final vigil in the main chamber, Lorraine kept saying that she had the feeling that we were being watched by someone further up the cave in the next chamber. I began taking photos in this area and on one of them; I've captured what looks like a male hunched up against the wall. I can guarantee that there was no one in this part of the cave as we were all in the main chamber and only I went off
into the next chamber in order to take photos. I'll try and get Darran to enhance the photo and get it onto the website.