Investigation Log Redcliffe Caves Bristol Saturday 18th
August 2012

Investigation times: 7pm - 2345pm

Weather:  warm and Dry

On starting the night, we split the guests into two groups,the first group going with Darran and Paul into the skull room and the second with myself and Lorraine to the main chamber.

Whilst in the main chamber, we picked up on the spirits of two males. One was black and the other white. They were in charge of the prisoners kept in the cave. Guests picked up that they wore leather collars around their necks. The smell of wet leather could also be smelt. A Joseph was also picked up. Whistling and heavy footsteps were also heard. We were told later by Darran that at the time we had head the footsteps, they had requested
spirit to make themselves heard by using their steps as a way of communicating. Although they hadn't heard them where they were, we picked them up where we were stood, further along the cave. On trying a planchette, a male was picked up with the initial D and A. he was 60 yrs old and a sailor. He wouldn't or couldn't give us his full name

Meanwhile, Darran and Paul were in the skull room and although all torches were off, there was a green glow on one of the walls, quite high up. At first, they thought that it could be the glow emitting from the K2 that they had with them but then suddenly, the glow went and the chamber was plunged into darkness. However, the green light on the K2 was still on. They couldn't explain it. Paul had the feeling of lice crawling all over him which was then felt by one of the guests.  The names Mary / Philippe and a Richard were picked up. When Darran asked the female if her name was Mary, a "Yes "can be heard on the EVP. Guests had the feeling of being off balance and were rocking after having the feeling of
being pushed forward.

The guests then went off to conduct their own lone investigations. Whilst in the skull room, some did a planchette and picked up on a Steven. He was married and under 30 yrs old but had no children. He didn't work in the caves but met his death there.He was drawn to one of the female guests at the table. He liked us being there.

Further on down the caves, in the hermit cave, others picked up on a French prisoner of war who had died of disease. He was made to fight in the early 1800s; he hadn't chosen to do it. An Irish prisoner of war also came through. His name was Cuthbert and had fought on the French side. In all, there were 6 different spirits in that part at that time. They were all POWs

A male named Stanley Joseph Baxter was also picked up by Darran whilst walking past the main chamber back towards the entrance of the caves.

During the second vigil, Darran and I took our group to the skull room where a little blonde boy whom id picked up earlier in the main chamber seemed to have followed me. He wouldn't give any details however he was around 5 or 6 yrs old. Also a Mary was again picked up. She was a prostitute and doesn't like women. She didn't particularly want to communicate with the women in the group. She would pick up her customers in the nearby Ostrich Inn and bring them into the caves. She would sometimes take their money from them.

On the planchette, a Richard came through. He was one of the jailers in charge of the prisoners but he didn't mistreat them. He was French. One guest picked up that he wore a key around his neck. Irish mercenaries were also picked up.

Meanwhile in the main chamber, Paul and Lorraine's group could hear taps and the twist torch lit up on being requested. Groans were also heard and a large flash of light shot across the ceiling which looked like torch light however, no one had their torches on and were stood in complete darkness. All guests and staff were accounted for and were stood in the circle. A Mr Thompson was picked up as well as a little boy called Thomas. They also
had K2 hits in this area despite there being no electricity at all inside the cave system.

For the last vigil, we took all the guests to the hermitage at the far end of the caves. Whilst in this area, we could hear taps and low screams coming from down the cave system. Shadows could also be seen and the temperature kept dropping a degree every two seconds.

As for EVPs. because of the location, its hard to decipher where sounds came from due to the echos. you can hear a Yes being whispered by a female voice when asked if her name is Mary, and you can hear various taps and knocks. unfortunately, although we had a night vision camera set up in the skull room, it is so dark even with the light on, we are unable to pick up anything from it.

The EVP in the chamber nearest the entrance picked up the sound of footsteps and shuffling around. At this point, everyone was at the far end in the hermitage nowhere near this area and as the gates were locked, no other person could enter the caves. An echoed males laugh can also be heard in the distance