Investigation log of redcliffe Caves Bristol 23rd August 2013  

Investigation times: 8pm - midnight

Weather:  mild with showers


Its back to the caves again where we get something different every time. And this time different things were happening again to different people with us having "firsts "down there including Mary the prostitute for some reason not liking me today.

Our first investigation was in the hermitage. We were joined tonight by Kevin and Colin from Vortex paranormal who brought along with them their kit also so that we had two teams gathering differing results which proved to work brilliantly on this occasion. We were getting children giggling and murmuring from further down the tunnels again as we have had before as they seem to keep their distance when we are in this area. There have been a few film crews down in the caves recently and when I asked them if they liked the film crews being down there, there were loud murmurs. There is also a Response after we say let us hear your voice

Darran picked upon a Victoria who was in her 50s and worked in the caves. One of the guests in the circle whilst everyone held hands stated that he felt extremely hot from the shoulders up. So hot that he stated that sweat was dripping off his chin. It wasn't hot down there by any means. As soon as they all broke hands, the sweating stopped. Kevin and Colin were getting fantastic results on their thermals during this investigation, as well as
hearing the giggling, they were picking up shadows moving in the corners where the giggles were coming from and also when focusing through a hole into the inner chamber, light forms and shadows in there as well.

Everyone then went off to do their own lone vigils. This is where things started to get interesting and abusive. In the inner chamber, myself, Kev and Colin decided to have a quick ten minutes to see what we could pick up on in there as Kev had been followed by footsteps behind him whilst he was in there on his own. Initially, we picked up on a childlike energy. When I asked if they could come forward and touch me, my right forearm was stroked ever so lightly. They then turned their Ovilus which is when things kicked off.
At first, things seemed quite civil when I was speaking to spirit through it as it was coming up with the words of "Africa / Country "I asked if he was an African sailor who had come here with cargo. I then asked if he had been kept here as a prisoner to which he replied "sunrise and light". We carried on the conversation of whether he was kept there and didn't see another sunrise.  Within a minute or so of quietness, things started again but this time things were much different. We initially thought that it was the same male, but it later transpired that we were talking to Mary the prostitute. At first came up the word "KISS ". As I was a bit confused at first thinking we were still talking to the male, and asked if he wanted to kiss me. The answer was "D". This is what I call Darran when we're at home. I asked spirit to confirm the last and again "D". And then the word "FIDDLE". I started
to ask their name but rather than getting a name, the ovilus started kicking out random words. I stated "you're just talking rubbish now, come on let's talk properly, to which it replied "F**K YOU". Taken aback I asked them to confirm what they'd just said. And got the reply "B*TCH". Not nice I must admit. And so the conversation went on in the same vein. I again asked for the name and was told "BALLS " and again called a "BI*CH"
I asked if this spirit wanted Darran and again got "D" so off I trundled to get him.

When Darran then arrived to do a lone vigil with Mary, he had the following. Initially when he arrived, the ovilus stated that they wanted Darran alone.  He then asked "who am I". to which she replied "D".

Dave then asked "who are you? "Nothing was said in reply.

He then asked "What's your name?" again nothing.

He then said, "I'm Dave "the ovilus replied "OH ……. YOU ARE DICKHEAD".

And so off Dave went, leaving Darran alone with her. When he asked Mary if she wanted him she replied "YEP". he managed to get out of her that her name is Mary Redhill.  He then asked Are you around the skull cave " Yeh"

Kev says he's going to walk to the other end of the cave you can touch me if you want, Somethings said but can't make it out.

darran asks "What do you do down here.? "  Can t make the response out.

"Are you a prostitute? "Can't work out the response.

She then said to Darran "YOU ARE SWEET "

Meanwhile, by the entrance at the first planchette table, guests were getting the torch to turn on and off on request.

Other guests picked up on an Albert in the cave system via their pendulum. He worked in the caves, digging them out as did his father. He said that it was more like being kept prisoner down there than work. That's how he felt about it as he was trapped. He enjoys talking to people. He was married with 4 children. He was stopping the pendulum on command. He was a Bristol man. He died in his 30s of a work related illness as many of the men did down there. He was sad that he had to leave his wife and children.

For the second investigation, we went into the skull room. In here we had two separate torches turning themselves on and off on command and dimming and brightening on command also. When Paul asked spirit to show themselves in light form, at the same time over in the corner, Colin caught a fantastic light shape floating around. (Darrans loading these onto the facebook and you tube)

There were tappings and knockings again. One of the guests had an EMF meter on him which was going off. Again, we heard murmurs and humming coming from further down the caves as well as a rumbling sound. Darran brought the Ovilus back round with him and within a couple of minutes of him joining the group, he asked Mary if she'd followed him round there to which it replied "COURSE"

I then asked her to come closer to the Mel meter and ovilus and again was called a "BI*CH" then the MEL meter and went mental and completely drained itself as well as the ovilus saying "JIM" at the same time.

When I asked Mary what she had called me, she said "BI*CH " again and then "YOU

 I then asked her "who do you want? " to which she replied "YOU,
"  I asked her " who am I? " she said
"LEN" ( this is what I'm known as by friends )

 I asked her " do you want me here alone? " and then got " YOU BITCH ".

 I asked why I was a bitch and whether she was jealous and wanted "D" for herself and then Colin asked if Darran reminded her of someone. Her reply was "PETER BURNETT"

 I tried asking her if I also reminded her of someone who maybe took Peter away from her. She then called me a bully.

Paul then asked who he was, and she replied "BALDY" (Which was fantastic as that's what his granddaughter calls him and we all had a good laugh at that)

Again, we sent everyone off to do their lone vigils. Some guests went to the skull cave where they communicated with a child and wanted to draw a picture. They drew a face. However it wasn't ascertained whether this child was male or female. They were also lighting and dimming the torch on answer to questions as well as on request. This child doesn't get lonely in the caves as there's plenty of spirits down there.

For the last vigil, we went to the main chamber where Dave picked up on a Martha just as Darran had someone whisper Martha in his ear. A few distant voices are heard of either child or woman. On asking spirit to tell them their name, there is a response but at the moment we can't make it out. There is also a very faint whistle when Lorraine asks for them to whistle

EVPs picked up were

 In the skull cave, when we comment about someone humming, it's picked up on the evp

In the inner chamber, there's a scrape across the floor, also a faint whistle. When Darran is there on his own, he picks up the sound of someone whistling ring o roses. Id sung this earlier when me Colin and Kev had picked up on a child in there.

The main chamber the evp had stopped recording after 55 mins despite it remaining turned on. No one had been near it and as the light was still on on it, we assumed that it was still recording which is something to remember and check in the future.

As for the evp in the hermitage, for some reason, we now can't get it to switch on so if we've got anything on there, we've lost it.

Camera footage was a few good orbs in the inner chamber and tunnels leading down from the hermitage. Also light anomalies in the skull cave and tunnel by the hermitage as well as shadows moving across the screen every now and then.

All in all, a fantastic night despite there being quite a lot of bad language from Mary. I just hope she forgives me by next time and that we can have a bit of a girlie chat and make amends.